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where is the weirdest place you have ever heard a CH song?
I heard "Into Temptation" in Boston Pizza yesterday. They never play ANYTHING remotely close to CH, and I almost choked on my spaghetti when I heard Neil's voice. If any CH at all, I'd thought they would play DDIO!!! My friend (who is also a CH/NF/SE/TF fan) and I sang a bit after we'd finished having an excited nervy spaz! It made my day, let me tell you!

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Yesh, this topic has been covered already, but that's okay since we Frenz never seem to tire of repeating ourselves. Big Grin

I heard "Into Temptation" in Boston Pizza yesterday.
Boston Pizza, eh? I haven't been there in ages. Hmmm, maybe it's time to support my local BP for their excellent musical selection.

I wouldn't call it my weirdest, but rather my most surprising moment where I heard CH being played. This was in a bike shop in Prince George, British Columbia in 1998. For those not in the know, PG (the city, that is) is a bit of a rough n' tumble, big truck drivin', hard drinkin' forestry town up north. I can say this because I was one of those big truck drivin' forestry gals Wink . Although concerts (at the time) were relatively few, when a show came to town, it was literally Motley Crue or Shania Twain. Big Grin

Anyway, I took my bike for a tuneup to my local shop and as I walked in the back, I heard the wafting notes of one of the more obscure songs from "Woodface" coming from a stereo (can't remember which). After looking wildly about and wondering if I had entered Heaven or the Twilight Zone, I heard one of the mechanics speaking with an Aussie accent. Which explained everything . Big Grin

Needless to say, I was very happy to learn that I wasn't the only fan of Neil/CH/SE in PG Smiler
This topic is relevant for me because I was in a tiny Indian restaurant today called Kati Roll (?) in the Greenwich Village. Just as I sat down to eat my paneer roll with a friend, a live version of WWY came on (didn't sound like a studio version - ended a little different and their voices had a live concert sound). The opening sitar-guitar bit sounded perfect for the setting. I was surprised by a live version - who would have guessed at an Indian restaurant?
I recently heard a live version of It's Only Natural at a hardware store in the Virginia-Highlands area of Atlanta, and I Hope I Never (I know, not CH) last year in the produce section of a local grocery store. Both obviously surprised me, but I try not to act too nuts, lest my wife or friends think me more obsessed than they already do.
Could have knocked me over with a bag of feathers when flying on American Airlines from New York to London a couple of years ago when flicking through the audio channels - for the month of September an entire channel dedicated to all things Finn - CH, Split Enz, Finn Brothers and Neil and Tim's solo work!!

On an American airline no less! Bearing in mind that the Finns can't get arrested musically in the US it was a bit of a surprise but a very welcome one! Must have been one of our American frenz in charge of in-flight entertainment at American Airlines!!
Whilst watching the British series "Wycliffe" last night, I got a very small dose of CH. The program is a crime-drama kind of thing, was originally on in mid-to-late 1990's, and is about a quirky detective solving crime on the Cornish coast. Anyway, this show was about a guy tainting baby food, leaving a trail of taunting, taped messages and phone calls, with the cops trying to track him down. At one point, the "tainter" calls a radio station to pass on some cryptic message to Wycliffe and friends. So, just before he calls the station, the DJ announces she's going to play Crowded House by name and voila! The first few notes of "Weather With You".

Although this doesn't really count, I also heard Jesse Cook's rendition of "Fall at Your Feet" on the radio today. I definitely could do without that cover. Razzer
While filling out a job application at The Cooker, a Local restaurant I heard She Will Have Her Way, I was so shocked that I stopped filling it out and, shortly after the song went into the first choris the manager walked up and asked if I had finished filling out my application and if I was ready for the interview, Damn, an Awesome finn moment ruined by the call of reality.
The strangest place where I've heared a CH song is in the hotel where I work as a waiter at the weekends.
Pinapple Head was being played in that errr, can't remember the English for that musical service that is like a radio station playing music 24h, with 3 or 4 channels, usually at hotel rooms. There is nobody introducing the songs, just music.

Well, I entered a saloon that we still had to clean up after a wedding meal and party. I stopped and made everyone stop to hear the song. They didn't like and continue cleaning the place, I just sat down on a chair. My boss, the maitre, came up and told me off, but I told him to wait, cause I was tired. I really needed that musical energy pill during my worktime to carry on working.

twas a special moment. I've never heared any other CH song on that "musical service" after 2 years.
Today I heard Neil Finn's Anytime at Gloria Jeans Coffee Cafe. It was weird, there was no music being played for about 5 to 10 minutes, then halfway through Anytime blurts throughout the cafe. I thought it was the One Nil CD, but the next songs were from various different artists, inluding Travis's 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me...and other artists I couldn't identify. This went on for about 15 minutes. Does anyone know if GJCC Adelaide, Australia have their own radio broadcast ???. I know HMV, Subway, Big W, Kmart & Target do...

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