I have an idea that I think would be killer! (Hear me out before you role your eyes)

Imagine a mock trailer for the next Avengers movie (Infinity War) which comes out next year, featuring none other than Don't Dream It's Over, playing in the background.

It starts with the opening chords and a pitch-black screen. Then a collage of some of the most memorable scenes from all of Marvel’s previous movies begins playing in slow motion, while the song builds and eventually bursts into regular action scenes right at the chorus.

Just think of what this might do for Neil and the gang, in terms of getting some well-deserved exposure; going by what they’ve used for the Guardian of the Galaxy soundtracks, it wouldn’t seem too far-fetched if Marvel/Disney made the song part of the official movie.

 All we need is some handy editing and to put something up on Youtube; there are enough fans out there that would geek out at something like this, and I think we could probably make this viral (even for a day or two).

I don't have the expertise to put this together, but I have a very clear idea of what it would look/sound like.

Any takers???

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