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I have a question. Does anyone have a clip of Tim playing electric guitar? I know that he is mostly associated with the acoustic guitar or keyboards but there's no way Tim doesn't play electric guitar. I have tried finding them but most live clips including Tim have him playing the acoustic guitar.

Thanks a lot guys!


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Tim plays some electric guitar on his "Steel City" soundtrack from 98. Glide is a good showcase for him playing electric.

Saw Tim live in Auckland 99 at Tabac (Finn owned bar) and to my surprise and delight Tim played by himself and with an electric rather than acoustic guitar. He even did a guitar solo on "Fraction To Much Friction". I think Tim's perfectly capable on electric guitar and could do basic guitar solos if he wanted. He obviously likes playing acoustic better. He's definitely a great rhythm guitarist.

There's a recent Andy/Tim interview on YouTube promoting the AT album. And Tim talks about playing electric guitar and his first guitar solo (on an album) on The Happiness Index.

Gotta say the first time I heard The Happiness Index I thought that's the riff from Remember And Forget. Which was on club CD I Like It Rare 1. I think it was recorded around 92/93. Maybe as part of the Before And After sessions.

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