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The Rootin' Tootin' Luton tracks:

Hermit McDermitt; I See Red; Next Exit; Semi-Detached; Hypnotised; Marooned; Carried Away; Serge (Late In Rome); Frenzy; Evelyn; Betty; Message Boy; She Got Body..;Mind Over Matter; Hollow Victory; Famous People; Holy Smoke; Miss Hap; Straight Talk; Home Comforts; Animal Lover; Remember When; Abu Dhabi; Livin' it Up

These are the songs on a recording labelled "Luton" lent to me by Mike Chunn.

Some of these recordings were released on B-sides and various compilations.
Other songs were performed live in '77-'79 but weren't released on record.

Someday someone at Mushroom (or Raven?) will recognize the musical value of these great recordings and finally release the Luton album.

For more info, go to

Jeremy's dead right when he said perhaps somebody at Raven might have recognised the value of re-releasing some or all of the Rootin' Tootin' Luton sessions. I would have thought Other Enz was the perfect opportunity, and I was sure that some Luton material would appear there.

So it's kind of a shame that it didn't, although I'd rather have Other Enz than not.

Is there a bootleg out there with the Luton demos on there? I'd love a copy! I've since tried looking for the demos on Napster but to no avail. Nevermind.
I didn't realise Mind over matter was a Split Enz song - I got a live version by Crowded House off Napster. I thought it was an unreleased Ch tune, but listening to it now I can definitely tell it's a Split Enz tune.
The original Canadian release of Frenzy (on vinyl and tape) is almost half made up of Luton tracks. I believe the following are all from the Luton sessions:

Hermit McDermitt
Holy Smoke
Semi Detached
Carried Away
Mind Over Matter
Livin' It Up

I'm not sure if this was Canadian-only or if the US edition also had these.

Now that I think about it, I should make MP3s of these before my tape breaks and I lose these... :-/


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