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I saw a CD on that has a 1992 version of "Reccuring Dream" and "Hole In The River". I know there was a 1999 version of "RD" on the CH "Afterglow" album. What's the difference between that version and the 1992 version. Finally is there more than 1 version of "HITR"?
Thanks for the info in advance Cool
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I know there are 2 versions of Recurring Dream - there's the one on Afterglow and a B-side or two, and there's an earlier version with Eddie Rayner producing and possibly Craig Hooper playing on it. The only place I know that one turned up is on the soundtrack to 'Rikky and Pete'. It's definitely different, but not quite as good as the other one.
As for HITR? I've not heard of one... And as for what they're advertising on ebay, you've got me stumped. I think Recurring Dream was a b-side to FSIOD tho', so that should put it in '92 I guess. I can't remember the other b-sides right now, but I guess one of them could have been HITR live...
RD#1 was released as a b-side to the Australian Now We're Getting Somewhere. I believe it was recorded in Australia after the US recording sessions for the first album were completed at the same time as Can't Carry On. (The band didn't want to realease the album with I Walk Away on it as it was for the rest of the world cos Neil didn't want to have to deal with comparisons to the Split Enz version.) I doubt that Craig Hooper played on this recording though he is sometimes credited as a co-writer (along with Paul, Neil, and Nick) cos it was the very first song they wrote together when they were rehearsing as the Mullanes. And yes, this version was in Rikky & Pete.

RD#2 was originally on the Tequila Sunrise soundtrack. I could be wrong but I believe it's the same basic recording with a new, "tougher" vocal track on top + recut to allow for a new, second verse.

Maybe it depends on which version you hear first cos I heard RD#1 first and to my ears, it's by far the better version.

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