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Heidi, I swear I was JUST thinking about you this morning and wondering if the baby had decided to make his appearance! Good God woman, you must be miserable! I can't imagine the agnoy of a nearly 10 pound baby would feel like! What in hell are they waiting for? I mean, his lungs are certainly mature enough and he's BIG enough, let's bring him on out! I would hate to see the doctors have you labor for hours on end only to determine he's too big to pass and a c-section is needed. I'm assuming here, but I'm guessing you've done all the standard stuff to bring labor on? I'm facing west and sending you all the positive labor vibes I can muster!

Awwwww poor Heidi. By all means be self indulgent. You are entitled under the circumstances. You must be so uncomfortable carrying such a big baby.

My kids were 10 and 11 days overdue. Both were born the night before they were scheduled to be induced. So you might want to ask your dr to schedule you to be induced tomorrow Wink Worked for me!!

Im sending you 'go into labor' vibes as we speak!
Breathe!! Push!!!!!
You know, it's too bad those doctors can't put a gizmo on their head like in that movie Brainstorm and actually FEEL your pain!!!

I don't see the reason to wait either, if he's big enough, then go ahead with induction! Crummy doctors!

Hang in there, Heidi, we're all thinking about you and sending you well-wishes!
Well, a lot of us have big 'uns the natural way, So I wouldn't necessarily be concerned if your doctors are not. If the doctors agree to induce you, that's great, but I think there's a trend these days to not letting ladies go very many days over their due dates. Which I'm not sure about because nobody knows what really triggers labor. My personal belief is that absent any danger signs you're better off letting nature take its sweet slow course.

My daughter (who was a mere 8lbs 15 oz) was two weeks late! Longest two weeks of my life. But I gotta say, she was evidently putting the time to good use: She's going to UCLA this fall.

Hang in there. Don't try any laxative home-labor-inducers - not pretty from what I hear! Make everybody pamper you. Cry hard if they do not. I'm thinking of you!
GO HEIDI, GO!! Squeeze him, push him out, WAAAAY OUT!!

Thought you might need a little "cheer"!!

In the last couple of years doctors have been getting crap about performing too many "unnecessary" c-sections. Especially from insurance companies, who have to pay for the procedure that is almost 10 times the cost of a natural birth. So current ideology is to give the patient every opportunity to give birth naturally. HA......I knew 24 hours before my doctors did that induction wasn't going to work. Maisie needed help! I hope that your birthing experience is easier and SHORTER than mine was! Can't wait to see Ian!

Four words: TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH JANE. Frowner (And no offense, but anyone with that vein of advice lately isn't getting the nicest response from me. I'll certainly be more courteous here.)

All they're doing by prolonging this (AGAIN) is allowing him to get bigger, which increases the risk to both of us. And Wednesday, not only were they still completely devoid of any common sense whatsoever, but they essentially also called me stupid, a liar, a whiner, and a bully.

FACT: If their sole argument up to this point has been based on a calendar that they refuse to deviate from, then there's something wrong if the excuse now becomes "what if the calendar is a few days off in the wrong direction." It proves their calendar has been full of CRAP all along, and that this is ONLY about liability and not about Ian or about me. They can't have it both ways.

FACT: Even with my other two kids, my cervix didn't dillate any further than 3cm by itself, without pitocin. I was in hard labor, both times, without being "ripe," which is why my other two labors were 19 hours and 22 hours respectively, even WITHOUT the complication and higher risk of increased size.

FACT: My body is getting to a point where it can't handle this anymore. I'm starting to *lose* weight, among several other worsening issues (dizzy spells, only being able to stay awake for 3 hours at a time, inability to be upright for longer than 15 minutes without swelling up like a huge hostile souffle) which make my quality of life pretty close to zero.

FACT: Nobody has heard from me because I'm so frustrated and upset, and so absolutely incapable of remaining positive or optimistic, that I'm hiding under a rock.
Get a new doctor, and if you can, try someone wholistic. I don't do Western Medicine, and you can probably see why at this point. Too much guessing and too much manipulation of people just to have things measure up with charts and books even if those totally disconnect from logic or even the patient's need.

I won't get started beyond that, but I will say to go to someone else. Or go to the emergency room and explain that you need to be induced because the continued pregnancy is starting to put multiple lives at risk. Not sure if these work but these are just some ideas.
Heidi - I'm so sorry that this has turned into such an ordeal for you. Don't let the doctors treat you like you're stupid - remind them that it's your body and child and that you know what they are telling you! My kids were born at 36 & 37 weeks and they were fine - other than my daughter having to spend a single night in the hospital under the bili lights for a moderate case of jaundice. And they were 7 lbs. 2 oz and 8 lbs. even respectively. If they had gone any longer, I'm sure my wife would have had to have a C-section. Tell them you'll sign a waiver or whatever but insist on what you know is right for you and your baby! I NEVER doubt that maternal instinct!

perhaps you should remind them that the relationship that you have with them is one of a fiduciary nature. They may advise you, they are to give you your options, but the decision is up to you, and your husband, and if you demand to be induced, then they have a duty to do so. Doctors so often forget that it is the patient's decision. End of advice.

Best to you from me, it can't be much longer either way, and I am trying to send good vibes to you all.
i've adopted a new attitude since the weekend: BRING IT ON!!!!!!

i've been deliberately doing ridiculous things to try to shake him loose, like cleaning and bending over too much, walking around a lot, eating foods i know upset my constitution (stopping just short of castor oil, thank you!), jumping up and down, generally doing WAY too much running around. on my third lap around babies r' us (which i selected because it's someplace pregnant ladies are expected to be, plus they have rest rooms and water fountains and comfy rocking chairs all over in case i need to sit...) someone was like, uh, should you be walking around so much? i was like YES, DAMMIT!!! i've even been listening to rap. any time i have an ache or pain i clench my teeth and yell, "BRING IT, BITCH!!!" my husband is hoping that this manic behavior means something. Wink

believe me, i'd love nothing more than to adopt sue's credo...but fiduciary as it may be, these clowns still have the power to determine what gets passed on to insurance and what we get stuck for (which could be in the thousands and screw us up pretty good...) same case with deb's idea...we can't afford anything not covered by our insurance.

depending on what they say at my appointment tomorrow morning, i'm likely to be, shall we say, UNPLEASANT unless they effing DO something. even if that means i have a little april fool on my hands. i promise, by the way, that i will resist the urge to play the "i had the baby...april fool!" joke on'll be hard...but you guys have been way too nice to me in spite of my latent, hostile, "momzilla" tendencies.
Greg has the right idea, I know many a baby that was encouraged to make their appearance after mom & dad had a nice bout of bed dancing! I use to be a host for a couple of years over on and I think I have read it all regarding pregnancy and birth. It's very frightening, especially when you are informed and educated. Seriously! I use to wish I could be as blindly innocent about pregnancy as these newbies that posted on the msg boards. People think that once you get to the end of 9 months that it's all in the bag and it's not. Woman have to constantly fight & stand up for themselves when it comes to the ob/gyn and midwives. You end up pestering and fighting for the reassuring ultrasounds, the quanatative hcg levels and for a safe delivery at all cost. I mean, we all know that it's not like they want make us miserable and fearful of our baby's safety, but I think too often they get too desensitized to the whole process and forget that us mothers are privately freaking out in our minds about a million things and we know we have no control over any of it! We need comfort, reassurance and someone to be proactive and take control, not someone to dismiss us as a hormonal sleep deprived pain in the rear.
well, unless 1) baby measures over 4500g at tomorrow morning's sonogram (he was 4150 on the 23rd), or 2) there is some kind of issue with the amount of amniotic fluid (it was borderline on the 23rd), i'm now being required to continue *past* my due date: april 11 is easter, but they "generously" offered to induce me on the 12th. so much for common sense.

i knew, as soon as he said, "i just attended a conference last week where doctors from yale presented new data..." that i was totally screwed. at least he was nice about it this time, but there are no words to describe how i feel about being jerked around by this practice for six weeks, only to now be presented with *this* course of action.

i'm going back to bed now.
Nope. Nuthin'.

The ultrasound person refused to measure the baby because they have an "office policy" stating they can only measure babies once every 14 days (and I had been there a week earlier, and you'd think my OB's would have known about this "rule" because they work with the ultrasound office all the time...). Needless to say, once my OB's were unable to get a new measurement, they refuse to induce me until April 12 at 7am, because it's the day after my "official" due date.

"Unless you go sooner," they cheerfully say.

I want to punch someone.

The good news is, no matter how upet I am with my doctors at this point, the waiting period appears to be finite even though by April 12, Ian is pacing to weigh 11 pounds and we are concerned about the risks.

Sooo....a couple people have asked what they can do for me...hope he comes soon; wish me patience and strength; this Easter week, focus on new life and new beginnings; send me good visions and happy thoughts for me to focus on because my deliveries are never short.

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