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We had another doctor appointment yesterday, the last one of our second trimester (which ends Friday!). My winter coat doesn't close anymore, and I now experience round-the-clock kicking. It's happy kicking, though. (Annie's kicking was jujitsu, Simon's was kinda lackadaisical and curious...Ian seems happy, like he's dancing.)

Blood pressure is low, total weight gained is only 9 pounds, though you sure wouldn't know it to look at is very happy about both of these facts. Sonogram last month looked normal in every regard.

Ian kicked the doctor. The jelly she was using with the Doppler was really cold and when she pushed down on it, Ian kicked her. He wasn't having it!

One thing discovered is that my uterus is measuring too large for my due date. This means either that our due date will be moved up (we don't know by how much), or more likely, that Ian is a BIG baby. I was about 9 pounds and Jay was around 10 (and is now 6 feet tall to my 5'4"...)...Can you say "drugs?"
I've been deliberately ignoring this thread because things have started going not so well. I'm really upset and frustrated, and it's only going to get worse. I don't want to bring everybody down...however...what I could use right now is support and advice from any other moms out there who this might have happened to. I need to hear stories of cases where things turned out OK.

Tomorrow, I have to spend most of the day in the hospital getting the 3-hour glucose tolerance test because they need to "officially diagnose" me with gestational diabetes. I am now considered high-risk, and depending on Ian's size, have to realistically prepare myself for a C-section. Because of liability issues they refuse to change my (April 11) due date...although, truth told here, if we think he's coming in April and not March, we are kidding ourselves. (All through this process our symptoms and my size have been charting 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule, and we were already told he's big.)

I am now 2/3 more likely to develop diabetes within the next 20 years, and that figure increases if a) I'm overweight or b) I have a major family history of diabetes...which of course...both apply. I am 50% more likely to have this problem repeat itself in subsequent pregnancies and now, will incur high risk if I ever want to have another one (since I'll be 34 in May and they say that over 35 is difficult anyway...). Not that I'm saying I WANT to go have another one right away, but the idea that I don't have that choice REALLY bothers me.

The diet they're about to put me on (a specific list of foods that must be eaten at certain times) is not just horrible to deal with, but given my daily responsibilities is far from realistic. At a time when I'm absolutely stressing out about my inability to meet the requirements of my life (work, politics, taking care of my existing two), the BS factor will have just doubled because of the diet stuff and tons of extra tests and doctor appointments (which are incredibly inconveniently located). So I'm pretty beside myself.

Last Wednesday, I had small contractions for about 7 straight hours, which went away with bed rest. The doctor said it happened because I had done too much earlier that day. If "too much" consists of walking around for 10 minutes, I'm in real trouble. (I led a workshop that morning, and cut down on my activity to the point of only needing to stand up for 10 minutes. That should NOT have been "too much.") I mean, women I know worked until the day before they had the baby, and generations as recent as my grandmother would have babies while they were working in the fields. So what the hell is MY problem?

Everybody says, "You need to slow down and take care of YOU." But that's not realistic or simple because financially, I HAVE to work at least until March 15, and there's nothing I can really do about it if I watch my other two all afternoon and they misbehave and/or refuse to let me nap (which lately, has been like, every day). I've ALREADY slowed down as much as I can, I've ALREADY cut down my sugar intake, but it's not enough...and I'm at the point of having a nervous breakdown. I feel useless, overwhelmed, and like a failure.

Having found this out on Friday, and realizing that tomorrow I won't be able to eat or drink anything I want, or like, for months...I've spent the past couple of days eating whatever the hell I want. Moio's cake for breakfast. And probably one last trip to Damon's House of Ribs tonight.
Heidi, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with some of the recent developments. I never gave birth (and never will), so I can't speak from any experiences.

I can only tell you that from the little I know about you, you love your kids really deeply. When that little guy shows up, you will love him so much that you will know that anything annoying you had to do to protect yourself and him was worth it. It will be worth it. I'm sure people who give up smoking for pregnancies are stressed out and pissed off, but they know it's right.

Now, you may also remember that I don't do Western medicine, so if I say anything that goes against your beliefs, just ignore me. But in my experience and opinion, you can't always rely on Western medicine for poop. Julie P here on our forum was, I believe, basically told she'd never get pregnant. And she did.

And with today's average American diet, I think EVERYBODY is facing high risk for some sort of diabetes or major disease! We work too much, sleep too little, eat total crap that in some cases we first expose to radiation, and our idea of exercise is walking to and from the car. Smiler There's nothing that out of the ordinary about someone in her mid-50s developing diabetes just due to diet and lifestyle, so please don't assign any blame to the pregnancy or baby. That's an energy that I just know you don't want to put out there.

Just remember that you're loved and this will all work out. If you want another baby, you'll have it. If you don't, that's fine. If you're at risk for a disease, then you're at risk for a disease. Some people spend their whole lives at risk for a disease and never seem to get it! These are our lives. I can only suggest that you stick to the love and positive thoughts of the new member of the family and just know that it will all work out. You will be back to the House O Ribs. Smiler

I - of course - have never or will never have a baby but neither of my wife's pregnancies went very smoothly and both of our kids turned out perfectly healthy. The only thing I do know is that worrying about it can only make things worse so try not to (I know, I know - easier said than done). And don't sweat it over the statistics that were quoted - 2/3 more risk than average is still probably quite low overall. I'm with Deb - I think that in the end it will work out fine and that if you want to have more babies in the future it will happen. We'll be thinking about you...
I'll second the hugs.

They made me take the 3-hr glucose test too but it turned out fine. Is there a chance this could happen to you? I got really depressed about having to take the test too, so I know part of what you're going through. But I know that you're a strong person and you will get through this just fine, even if it seems daunting now. You're very resourceful and imaginative, so I have every confidence that you can make things work out for the best!
I was high risk too Heidi, and was hospitalized about 2 weeks before my due date--they were welcome to do all the tests they wanted so long as through these tests, information became available that helped the pregnancy along to a satisfactory conclusion.

It's depressing and it's rough and it sucks and I agree with others asking you to try to keep the stressing out over it at a minimum---the panic, paranoia and disappointment will only hinder you (far easier said then done, I know--have a good cry if you need to)

I would hate to see your joy with this pregnancy turn into fear---you are in the hands of the best that western medicine has to offer I'm sure and you strike me as a very strong person---you will get through it and if you need to go on maternity leave early--then you have to--you and Pfellah will find a way through that.

There was a young lady on my ward who was a diabetic (juvenile) and we had the same ob. He was inducing her during her 38th week as you say because the baby would have grown too large by week 40 to deliver in the usual way. She delivered in the usual way--but I remember her crying in the lounge and being so afraid. The best thing for her was her family and friends and gentle kind words of the other mothers in waiting on the ward---everything turned out fine for her and you have to know that everyone here is also sending you good vibes.....and best wishes. Wink
Originally posted by Heidi in Pittsburgh:
I mean, women I know worked until the day before they had the baby, and generations as recent as my grandmother would have babies while they were working in the fields. So what the hell is MY problem?

Everybody says, "You need to slow down and take care of YOU." But that's not realistic or simple because financially, I HAVE to work at least until March 15, and there's nothing I can really do about it if I watch my other two all afternoon and they misbehave and/or refuse to let me nap (which lately, has been like, every day). I've ALREADY slowed down as much as I can, I've ALREADY cut down my sugar intake, but it's not enough...and I'm at the point of having a nervous breakdown. I feel useless, overwhelmed, and like a failure.
Heidi, please don't feel a failure. Some women may work up to the day the baby is born, but I'm sure not many. There are very good reasons that we stop working some time before the baby is due - it's much better for mother and baby. Childbirth was a much more risky business in our grandparents' day, which is why things have changed. Women who sail through pregnancy with no problems create unrealistic expectations for every one else. We're not all superwomen.

I took the sugar test five years ago - it was standard practice at the hospital, though not I gather in the UK, and it was OK.

One women in our family felt a failure because she had a C-section. It was because of pre-eclampsia - really a matter of life and death (as opposed to women who are said to be 'too posh to push'). Somehow I doubt that you would agree with her, that she had 'failed' by not having a natural birth in those circumstances. Mother and one year old baby are fine now.

Hope all goes well.


[Edited to clarify points.]
Two large, friendly words for you: DON'T PANIC!

I, too had to have that stupid glucose test. Ugh....I almost passed out from lack of food! I was SO CERTAIN that I would be diagnosed with gestational diabetes (in my 8th month) that I ate the appropriate menu for several days. I was depressed at first, but then I thought about all the other issues I'd experienced during the pregnancy, and just chalked it up to the whole experience. The worst part was the increased risk of it developing into Type II diabetes after birth....the thought of PERMANENT menu restrictions was horrifying. The way I came to terms with it was thinking, HELL...not only would it not kill me to eat a healthy diet, I just might get myself back into shape and be a positive/healthy influence on Maisie. This approach may not work for you, but it totally made it OK for me. So when I got the results after the test and my levels were NORMAL, I was totally surprised. I'm HOPING that'll be the case for you!!

As for the "taking-it-easy" part, it's amazing how, when complications start to arise, your area of concern gets more and more narrow. I was just barely 6 months pregnant when the pain on my right side started, and I had to leave work. Not only that, but I couldn't walk for more than 5 minutes at a time....I remember trying to go grocery shopping and leaving the store with tears streaming down my face because of the pain. After that, Chris went with me and he made me ride around in those motorized carts! My point here is that you are capable of adapting to much more than you would've thought possible when you simplify your area of concern. Right now, it should go something like this:

#1 Ian
#2 YOU (because you're carrying little Ian)
#3 Family (sorry to lump them together, but you get the point...)
#4 Everything else

It's been my experience that things have a way of working themselves out. When I couldn't walk, my friends took me where I needed to go. When I couldn't work, I found a WA State law granting unlimited leave to pregnant women with complications. When we couldn't afford for me to leave work, I got disability. (I'm STILL not sure how that happened....I don't remember applying for it, and I didn't think that WA was one of the states that pays for pregnancy disability.) Things worked out in the end, but I was still stressed out! I tried REALLY HARD to NOT be stressed, but from the time my Triple-Screen test results came back positive for Down-Syndrome in my 3rd month until the day I gave birth, things were wacky. Just keep your eyes on the prize!!

I totally know where you're coming from....I felt totally useless and like a failure, too. I actually worked in extreme pain for almost a week before I went to the doctor. Part of it was money...I couldn't see how we could manage without my salary. And part of it was I didn't wanna be a wuss. I mean, I'm a hockey player for God's sake! I'm tough! Like you said, women used to give birth in fields! So what the hell was wrong with me? Well, people are different. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on EVERY SYSTEM in your body. It was especially hard on me because I've always been such an independent person, and suddenly I could barely stand in the shower. YIKES! But it takes a different kind of strength to make it through......and I KNOW you're a strong woman. It's tough psychologically, and I know it sounds cliche, but you've got to TELL yourself that you can do it. You've got the added advantage of Jason and the kids to help you with that!

If you need any words of encouragement, or are just feeling down, PLEASE e-mail or IM me....I've been through the tunnel and the other side is great!

Wow. You guys are fantastic do you know that?

I hope these words on this thread help you along Heidi. It is very hard to see the positive side when there are so many stressful things going on all at once.

Any advice I would have given has already been mentioned. Try not to look too far ahead, listen to your body and accept all the help you are offered. You don't need to try and be superwoman because you already are.

Love and hugs x
RE: what happened today. The way the test is SUPPOSED to work: you fast all night, they take your blood before drinking the orange soda, you drink the soda, then they check your blood after an hour...then you repeat the soda and blood check part twice more.

The way it WENT, however: the initial blood check was NORMAL. Then I was told to drink the stuff. Now, when I took the 1-hour test, the stuff was orange soda...not so bad. This time, they handed me a large cup of refrigerated corn syrup and asked me to drink it. After about 15 minutes, I totally threw up...which wrecked my ability to take the rest of the test. (Even I can find the irony and humor in this...though I certainly didn't feel well...)

They gave me two choices, either come back another day, or leave, go eat breakfast someplace that serves pancakes with syrup, and then come back in two hours to get my blood checked. I was not going to take more time off work just so I could come back and throw up, how many times are you actually under doctor's ORDERS to eat at Bob Evans?

So they took my blood again after two hours and said the doctor's office would call me if the results were amiss. We got no phone call. Tomorrow afternoon is my next doctor appointment, but I'll hear for sure what those results are...and since the first draw was good and I got no phone call, we are actually optimistic.

I have to say I really appreciate all the support I've received here in the meantime...particularly those of you who shared your stories and know how godawful hard this part of it can be. Youz guys are the greatest!!!!!!!
Jay and I are both FURIOUS with our OB practice right now. The appointment before last, I waited in their office for an hour and a half because they lost my chart. Then, when they called to tell me my 1st glucose test was high, I naturally had questions about what the numbers meant, and what a diagnosis could mean to me and my baby. The nurse told me to hold on, then without pushing any kind of hold button (I could hear the following exchange), proceeded to tell someone else near her that I was "freaking out" and basically that my questions were a pain in the butt...then another nurse took the phone.

Wednesday when I went in, even though I presented my appointment card, they not only "forgot" that I was supposed to be there, but they confused my chart with someone else's AND hassled me about a form I needed to have filled out for my husband's workplace (I was forced to fill out THREE full pages of paperwork just to get the doctor to certify on my husband's ONE form that yes, I'm really pregnant). When I explained to the doctor that sometimes I'm hurting so bad I can barely walk, and that I cry when I have to climb steps, he in so many words told me to suck it up and deal with it, showed no sympathy or concern whatsoever.

Later that evening when I was having sharp stomach pains and throwing up even water, we called the doctor once my temperature reached over 100, like the baby book says we should. The doctor said it was up to me whether to get checked out to see if I was in labor, but certainly, if I were still nauseated the next day, I should come in and be checked for dehydration. Well...I knew I wasn't in labor and that it was probably just the flu. HOWEVER, in the morning, after my husband had taken the day off work so he could take me to the doctor...we called in as the doctor had told us to the night before, for an appointment. It took them an hour to call us back, and when they did, a second doctor had said I was to stay home because they didn't want me infecting the rest of their patients.

Never mind that it's now FRIDAY, and I haven't gotten my test results from Tuesday yet (which should have shown up on Wednesday).

Until two weeks ago, we've been treated very well by everyone at their practice. It is NOT comforting at all to have this stuff now starting to occur, as we're nearing the end of our process. It's not like we can now change doctors or hospitals...but we're TOTALLY angry enough to! I don't even know who I would complain to about this stuff! (Other than you kind people...thanks for letting me vent...AGAIN...I'm clearly turning into Momzilla...)
OH NO, there goes Pittsburgh-O, go go MOMZILLA!

Heidi, I am so sorry that things have been rough the last few weeks with all that has come up. It is hard enough to have a "normal" pregnancy, without having additional concerns. I am hoping things get better and am thinking good thoughts for you and J and all three kids.

Many psychic gentle hugs and soothing back rubs.
I second the hugs and back rubs. I think you have every right to be angry, but try not to let it affect you physically. I think the nurse who talked about you on the phone behaved deplorably, and should be told so. I think the doctors should be more sympathetic. And I think they should be especially nice if they're going to drop the ball on getting your test results. Maybe you should write a letter to the head of the practice and tell them about these incidents. You may decide not to even send it (or maybe send it later after the baby's born so they don't pass it off as hormonal hysterics), but it will feel good to say it. I'm a big advocate for giving feedback to businesses. If you are paying money for something, you have a right to be treated with respect by those providing the goods or services. Doctors are no exception.

People mistreating my friends make me REALLY angry. grrrrrrr. Mad
Good singing Sue!!!

I agree with Grace.....I'm also a huge advocate for giving feedback to businesses. Here's the deal though.....I think healthcare professionals should be held to a higher standard than someone that gets my order wrong at Burger King. We ENTRUST our well-being to them, and they should be held responsible if they forget that.

I was/am extrememly lucky with my doctor is great, and all the staff know Maisie and I on a first-name basis. The whole office practically stops when I bring Maisie in, just so they can catch up on what she's doing! The point is, I would not stand still for the treatment you've received. There is no excuse for it. It's not too much to ask for to have your doctor investigate your concerns. EVEN IF there is no physical evidence that something is amiss, your doctor should've taken enough psychology to realize that your concern over your situation, at this stage, could negatively affect your health. Grrrrr....I hate doctors in general....

Here's what I would do....I would schedule an appointment with the person in charge. The head of the group, chief of whatever. Explain your frustration (as calmly as possible). Politely ask for your test results. At this point, Dr. Whoever should be able to see that you're a reasonable person. I would then request an apology from the nurse who treated you so badly on the phone. Her behavior was deplorable, and if not checked will continue to hurt others.

But hey, that's just me. I like resolution!


After I had my son, the hospital gave me a feedback form with all the other "new mom" literature they gave me... and I filled it out and sent it back. Fortunately, I had a good hospital experience and even highly complimented one of the L&D nurses that was so understanding and sympathetic when I continually called in while I was in labor, before being admitted.

In any event, Heidi, I do hope you get your voice heard somehow, even if you could manage to switch doctors right now. They should definitely know better.
You know, I'm sure funeral directors crack jokes about dead bodies all the time and people in the service industry comment and joke about customers--especially complaining ones--and to this nurse that didnt even have the BRAINS to realize that although you are pregnant, apparently still possess the faculty of hearing and could hear her insult you to her colleague---because she is a nurse in a OB/Gyn office---the tendency would almost be to say that pregnant women--are automatically considered 'hysterical' or 'high maintenance'--but that would be insulting to these wonderful nurses world wise. I think she was just an unempathetic tasteless clod who should maybe consider getting out of the field if she can't remember to be KIND

I really like Gen's suggestion of following through with some one in charge, but that's really up to you Heidi if you feel there's any point in it.

Wonderful about the test---you take it easy!!
Good lizards Heidi
you've had an incredible week! I'm so glad to see you are having a happy ending! I hope you do follow through with someone in charge. That nurse's behavior was uncalled for. It wouldn't have killed her to plain and simple be nice. That would never fly here. It's too small a place, but a big place is NO excuse for that scummy behavior. I agree with Gen and Martine on this one. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes really well. I'll continue to send hugs and backrubs too along with everyone here. You are one tough mother! go go momzilla! just stay away from the power lines. Smiler
Being an elected councilperson has its perks, I suppose...

Last night at a neighborhood function, the Fire Chief offered to take me for a ride on the ladder truck, in order to "get the process started." He wasn't joking...that's how he got his wife going! It's not anything I'd consider for at least another three weeks,'s an interesting offer and would likely be more pleasant than Geddy's idea (what was it, tobasco and something!!!).

If I go into labor while at home, they've promised me police/fire escort to the cool is THAT!!! Think I'll start sticking a lot closer to the house...

They say 35 weeks is the point after which "I could go anytime." That's only 2 weeks away! If I go into labor on Oscar night, I'm going to be really, really mad...though it would be kind of cool to have a baby with a February 29 birthday.
Heh, there used to be a dj here who--if you were overdue or something, you were supposed to call him (live on the air) place one hand on the radio and the other on your tummy and then he would sort of give out this really throaty rumbly deep growl that lasted anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds. I guess he thought it was 'sexy' or something or that the vibrations of his voice coming out of the radio through the pregnant woman's hand, up her arm and into her tummy would start the process.

Other than that, I've heard also, taking a long drive over a bumpy road could start you going....

Does anyone else have any home remedies for inducing labour for Heidi?? Big Grin

But getting a ride in a fire truck--that's pretty cool
Originally posted by Martine:
Does anyone else have any home remedies for inducing labour for Heidi?? Big Grin
Hmm I once heard of eating lots of beans and chilli and all this stuff should work....don't know if it was a taco bell advertising or a real remedies for labour.

And about this doctor and his nurses:
How about kicking their snobbish a**es to "pathfinder 1" on mars, where such bigheaded people belong to?

God, I hate it, when this "all knowing" bullheaded physicians behaving like they're the only intelligent creatures on earth...arrrrrrrrrrgh

Anyway, it's good to hear everything is finally going well with ya and little Ian.
hey there, i believe all will be fine, my sisters pregancy sounded pretty siimlat to yours and it sure wasn't all that easy for her and the diet but in the end there is this cute little guy that we all love like crazy and i believe in the end with the lovely baby in your arm all worries will be completely gone.
diabetes is annoying but not that bad really, i've been diabetic for years and you get very used to it as long as you take care a bit.

happy to hear your test went fine, good luck for the next few weeks heidi!
lots of love,
Ready or not, here comes the drop...

We think he might have dropped over the weekend. Friday, I had to leave work early because I felt "unusual." Couldn't explain it if I tried...I was just really off and needing to lie down. Later, at the movies, (we saw Big Fish...) I had three sets of harsh cramps, 20 minutes apart, and it was the first time we actually wondered, "is this it?" I decided to wait it out, finish the movie, walk around...not call the doctor unless my water broke or the cramps got worse and more regular. The cramps did eventually stop, and while they really hurt, they didn't go all the way across and around like they're supposed to.

What we DID notice belly suddenly looks lower (like, it used to be up near my boobs and now you can place your whole hand between under my boobs and where my belly starts), I can suddenly BREATHE again without getting breathless, and it hurts about 10x worse to walk and sometimes the pressure feels like he's going to fall out. So...we think he may have dropped. We're going to check with the doctor tomorrow afternoon to confirm this.

Has anyone else actually FELT, or sensed the drop? (not mine, I mean, yours or your spouse's...)
Heidi, I remember that awful pelvic pain! My doctor termed it "pelvic pressure pain". I had it really bad with my 1st pregnancy. The only relief I could get was by sitting on a large exercise ball and visits to the chiropractor seemed to help too. How nice it is you can breathe again though, huh? I felt both of my girls drop down and they were both breech and both 5 weeks early. I would imagine the sensation would've been stronger still, if their heads had been engaged in my pelvic floor and not their feet and butts! You must be so excited that he's almost ready to make his grand entrance!

Just back from our doctor appointment and not only HAS the baby dropped into "launch" position as suspected, but apparently, I could go anytime! According to the calendar, I am 33 weeks. However...When they measure you, the rule is generally centimetres = weeks along. I'm measuring 37 cm!!!!

Next up is another sonogram, so they can see whether he's just big, see if he's actually old enough to be born (according to how developed his internals would indicate a miscalculation in dates). In any case, they will be monitoring "our" size from now on, and either I *will* just be delivering early, or after a certain point he'll get so big, I have to be induced.

Next appointment is the one where I have to start going up in the stirrups and going every this was the kids' last time coming with us. Wink She actually did say something to the degree of, "if you go into labor before the appointment though, call us, OK?"

So. APRIL 11, MY ASS!!!!! We have a Pisces. George Harrison was a Pisces. My mom is a Pisces. That'll totally work for me!**

**Unless it happens on Oscar night, then I'll be MAD, even though a February 29 birthday might be cool and we'd have to give him a second middle name...Oscar. Just watch...Murphy's Law...what promises to be the best Oscars show in 20 years coming up, and me "ready to go anytime." Oh DEAR....
Sonogram last Friday: He weighs 6 pounds, 6 ounces (heavier than my existing son was when he was born at 40 weeks...), measures at 37 weeks when according to the calendar I was only 33 weeks. He is in fact in position and a term baby, now. This confirms much of what we suspected.

We believe I will deliver within two weeks. I am hoping so, mostly because the pressure, fatigue/dizziness and swelling have become a lot worse, I'm having mildly painful but intermittent contractions, and mobility is painful and difficult. (I went to the grocery store yesterday and it all but wrecked me for the rest of the day.) I missed two days' work last week because I just couldn't go...I have the urge to stay at home and keep my family close to me. I felt that way today, but I'm here at work...and swelling up like a balloon. I've started conversations with Council regarding when I'm allowed to start missing meetings and how many. I'm not even going to make it until my "last day of work" on March 12, let alone April 11!

The most awesome thing at the sonogram...we saw his face. We didn't get a photo which did the moment justice, but...we saw his face and saw it very clearly. He's not the skeletal alien we saw in November...he's now an actual, real, live baby...chubby with huge cheeks like his Mommy. He still likes to rub his head with his right hand.

No more nightmares about three eyes, "elephant head" or deformed face. He's perfect, he's beautiful, and I can't begin to describe how moving that was to realize.
"Two updates in one day, lying in the depths of your imagination..."

Last night during the Oscars, my legs were swollen and blotchy, even elevated. I woke up swollen, and had my legs up at work all day, but they were still swollen and blotchy. I called the doctor to find out if we should be worried.

While I was trying to make it to March 12 at work, I was advised I need to stop NOW. So today was my last day, I'll be hanging at home until my water breaks (something I have a serious urge to do anyway). I'm relieved to not have to go to work, but mildly concerned about the financials (though I'm choosing to focus more on resting and being well). Borough Council agreed that this plus the sonogram gives me an excuse to be a member-at-large until Ian gets here...the local code says I can be removed after missing two meetings without a good reason, but everyone agrees my reasons are, well, good. Wink

They also agree I might not make it to my March 10 appointment, and want me to come in within 3 days and then to have close together appointments for the duration. So it's looking like, 3 weeks max. I won't bore people after every single weekly turn in the stirrups to say how dillated I am...but will answer private questions if there's a need. Hopefully my next post to this thread will involve a happy announcement!
"I'm still heeeeeere......I'm still heeeeeeere...."

So. 37 weeks, 1 cm dillated, not effaced at all. I'm posting this out of sheer boredom because the whole "sitting around the house unable to go anywhere or do anything because I'm either in too much pain or too tired" schtick is driving me crazy. So yes...I'm being completely self-indulgent in order to keep from going nuts...forgive me, it's the isolation.

Another sonogram yesterday confirmed what we already knew. He's big...over 9 pounds, over the 90th percentile, which is called LGA ("large for gestational age," which is higher risk). His arms and legs are normal size, but his head is big and he has a gargantuan chubby belly (which is measuring at 42 weeks). As far as how much amniotic fluid he has left, he's borderline, and I have to get that re-checked next week if he's still in there. Now we have to wait until Thursday to see what (if anything) they're going to actually DO with this information.

Our practice has 7 doctors, and since we rotate, the good news is, we know all the doctors and will have no surprises on Labor Day. The bad news is, with seven different chefs stirring the soup, we can't get a straight answer or the same opinion. One doctor told me they'd induce at 37 weeks (ie THIS WEEK) if Ian came back LGA after the sonogram. Another doctor told us their policy is to not induce anyone until 39 weeks. Eeker

I'm frustrated, to say the least. I hurt a lot, can barely walk, and am not sleeping...and can't take anything for two more weeks of this, when all it will do is make a big baby even bigger and force a C-section, is not an idea I'm happy with at all. Heck. Everything I've ever read says that 37 weeks is a term baby...I'm trying really hard to keep my eye on the prize and stay positive, but am having little luck. It was all I could do to wait these last three weeks, knowing yesterday's sonogram might be the ticket to end, I may have to wait another two, and it's incredibly hard and disappointing.

It's not ALL about *my* discomfort or inconvenience. It's much moreso about knowing my own body and my own limits, and the risks to both of us if he gets much bigger...because the one thing all the doctors HAVE agreed on is that 10 pounds is the danger point. At least if it's over I won't have to worry anymore about whether the two of us will be OK.

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