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Our 2-month appointment was yesterday afternoon. Everything is still going great, bloodwoork, blood pressure, only gained one pound...the doctor was very pleased with me.

We were very disappointed because we were expecting to get a sonogram but it didn't happen. So no pictures yet! We have been scheduled to have a sonogram in another two months, and it's a "level 12 sonogram" that will examine the baby's the gender thing will be pretty unmistake-able by then and we will be finding out. Wink

There was oddness, though. I am only eight weeks and change, but showing already. With my other 2, I didn't show until 4 and a half, 5 months. Also, eight weeks is a tad early to be able to hear a heartbeat, but we heard it loud, clear, and fast. I also knew exactly where the baby was, before the doctor found's low and on the left (because my back, on the lower left side, is already pretty uncomfortable). I'm really hoping it's not another one of these kids who sits on my sciatic nerve. Simon did that, and it was an agonizing 9 months after which my back was never the same.

Anyway, Jason's joke when he found out the baby's on the left: "Oh, great. Another liberal Democrat at our house...." Big Grin (Mommy silently cheers to herself and wonders how the name "Howard Dean McDonald" sounds...)

We're wondering, is this a really big baby (since Jay and I were both pretty big), or is there more than one? It would certainly serve us right for having our favorite band be Crowded House... I guess we'll see. One thing's for sure...if we somehow ended up with twin boys, all other name choices but Brian and Neil would suddenly fly out the window.... Wink

My paranoia because of what happened last time will finally disappear in about 3 weeks (or, 12th week). But, we've already made it further than last time, are into the third month, and have no indications that things are amiss (as we had several indications last time). Everyone knock on wood that I didn't just jinx myself by saying that...

I'm still appropriately ill and incredibly exhausted, and some days can't even wear a bra they hurt so bad. Those are all good signs, you have it, all the news that's fit to print. Thanks guys for your PM's and e-mails, they really make me feel special and cared about. I just haven't been as online anymore because I've spent more time on the couch and in the bathroom!!!
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Glad to here that things are going well for you Heidi. I wouldn't worry about showing so early, with my last pregnancy I was showing at 8 weeks. At that point the bump was mainly caused by hormonal changes and amniotic fluid rather than baby. But I had quite a bump non the less! I was pretty huge, but my youngest was only 8lb 3 oz (compared to my eldests 10lb!) So the bump size didn't really convey how big my babies were.

I am glad the 12 week mark is looming...hopefully you may start to relax a little. I know after my miscarriage, getting to the 12 week mark was a huge milestone and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Wishing you so much happiness and hope that you pregnancy runs as smoothly as it can.

Viv x
My third pregnancy had me showing much quicker too. I also knew the position of the baby pretty early as when I lay down I could actually see and feel his tiny little head.

We have multiple births in our family so it was always in the back of my mind until the scan!

Hope the sickness and exaustion disappear sooner rather than later. Thanks for keeping us up to date xxx
Ok, Heidi - can't resist this! As a fellow all-day-sickness sufferer, when my son was on the way two very dear old ladies who came into our pizza shop in Seaside every morning for coffee and frozen yogurt used to dispense "sure" cures for me. Their "most effective" remedy was a good stiff shot of sauerkraut juice first thing in the a.m. and that would "fix me right up". Each day when I'd again be green and woozy they'd cluck and say "haven't had your sauerkraut juice, have you?" takes me back! Wink
K...13-week update...

The doctor is still happy with my weight gain or lack thereof. My vitals look good but my ankles were the slightest bit puffy.

My migraines have doubled in frequency and there's little that can be done that's safe. (Which is doctorese for, "lay there and hurt, sister!") He says we should expect that to change after 14 weeks.

Baby still firmly implanted low and to the left, except it is already causing shooting pains down my left leg. Another critter on my sciatic nerve! I worry because if it hurts this badly already, what will happen when I get to like February? EEK!!!!! They say I may have to do physical therapy, which imho is a joke (along with the textbook suggestion of "go exercise") because when you hurt too much to move, the LAST thing you feel like doing is moving!

Baby's heartbeat still loud and clear, at 159 beats per minute. (>160 usually indicates BOY, but we realize there could be enough error to make it 160 or even 161. That said, my daughter's was usually over 170.) So we have our first "boy clue" and I have to confess some disappointment (which is silly really because I'm primarily happy to get a healthy child at all).

Oddly, I guess I didn't realize how badly I wanted this baby to be a girl. It could still be a girl, pertinent to next month's sonogram, but I need to make peace with the idea of a boy baby now and then if it's a girl, I can be surprised. I've also started preparing my daughter, because I know she will be disappointed. My son, of course, is thrilled beyond belief but I have prepared him for the fact that things could change at the sonogram.
OK...good news at the 17-week checkup...

1. The triple-screen test came back looking good, which means the baby does not have Downs Syndrome or other similar defects!

2. Overall, I have gained only 5 pounds so far, and the doctor is thrilled with me!

3. Blood pressure, hormone count, sugar levels...everything well in the normal range!!!

Baby's heartbeat this time was clocked at 147. Doctor says that in her experience, it's GIRLS who are who knows! was the first time our whole family was at the appointment together, which was neat. (I wasn't in the stirrups or anything...) She had to really move the Doppler around to get the heartbeat because the baby kept moving away from her! (Hide and seek, already!) She finally did find the heartbeat low, to the left, and all the way near my back (which was no surprise to me at all...)

The kicking thing has started, also. It's definitely made the shift from "fluttering sensation" to "actual limbs, hands and feet doing jujitsu."

One week from today is our sonogram, where we will learn what kind of baby we have here (a Sydney or an Ian). We intend to find out because since we already have one of each and may need to move rooms around, it's just easier to know beforehand. More info to follow, next week...
Thanks for the update, Heidi. Really glad to hear that things are running smoothly for you guys! Ian and Sydney are great names as well. All of this baby stuff on the forum has been very educational for me and really drives home the fact that I'd better take care of myself if I wanna get pregnant next year (but Halloween being a day off, wuntie helps herself to a couple of Heidi's Reese's peanut butter cups). Smiler
Congratulations Heidi - it sounds like you are well on your way to a healthy pregnancy! I hope that the baby moves a bit so that you also have a pain-free (well, as pain-free as it can be) pregnancy as well. Plus, my son's name is Iain (although you can see we spell it with the additional "i") so big thumb's up on you name choice as well!
You guys know that any child of mine and Jay's is genetically pre-disposed to being mischievious, right? Unless of course some weird double-dominant thing happens, the recessive gene takes over, and we get another one of my daughter (think: relatively humorless accountant type).

Anyhow...amusing story...I recently lunched with a friend who is also pregnant. Her baby is a boy, and she is naming him "Jakob Rain." (Uh, OK.) We hadn't absolutely chosen Ian yet, but at that point it was at least in the top three. I'm explaining that our boy name wasn't settled yet. Before I mentioned any of the ones on our list, she says "I could never name a boy Ian, for instance. Ian is a kid who eats paste and gets beat up a lot." I didn't have the heart to tell her....but you know, I already have one boy who eats paste, and what are the chances of THAT repeating? (At our school, Ian was a cute football player who everyone liked...)

We ended up with Ian because Jay's brother and best friend are both named John, and this is a way of naming the kid John without actually having to name him John. Wink (It's the Celtic inversion, and means "beloved.") Have to admit I was swayed after seeing "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." I would *love* to have a son like that character!!!!!

Sydney, we have to use because it's the first city we landed in on our honeymoon, and the site of CH's Farewell to the World show. It means "related to St. Denis," but you know...for us, it has a different and better relevance.

[oh, and one real requirement was that the name be easy to yell at the top of my lungs. Big Grin ]
An Anglo-Asian guy I nearly married (but lived with for four years) told me that he had a joke with his sister whilst they were growing up, that whoever of them first had a male child would call it Ian... simply because their (Singapore Chinese) mother could never pronounce the name. The closest she came was "Yen".

This thread just reminded me of that. Didn't mean to offend anyone. Sorry.

*crawls back into hole*
Yeah Heidi, wholehearted support of what Silke said. Smiler Pardon me for taking the thread in another direction, and congratulations on the success so far... looking good gal Smiler

No sex known as yet... does this mean we can open the betting book a la boardergurl's bub? Smiler Big Grin

Cheers and all the best to ya - from the wandering Frenzer...

kia (if it's a boy I reserve the right to smile at the name, and hell, likewise considering the girl's name!) kaha
Cheers Sandra...

I reckon it's a girl too... and I suspect that girl will be the bane of (older sister's) Annie's life forever more...

That said, whatever it may be, I know that Heidi and Jason will echo these sentiments from Neil Finn's (Spilt Enx, Conflicting Emotions) "Our Day":

"I promise you the best (the best)
That we can do
We Love (we love) we love you..."

cheers to those who have kids... you're braver than I am and I admire you greatly

Place your bets! Ultrasound is done!

Heidi deserves the honor of the full report when she wakes up from nap -- we had to get up at like 6:30am to do this -- including the big question...

In the meantime, I'll at least set all our Frenz' minds at ease that things look good -- measurements fit our due date, and we have 10 fingers, 10 toes, and no prehensile monkey tail. Big Grin

IT'S A BOY.......Ian David McDonald!!!!!

He's not showing his "stuff" in this shot, but hey...what more can a poor boy do? Big Grin

Doctor said there is NO QUESTION of his gender, in other words, unless the kid's got a tennis racket in there with him, we have confirmation of the proverbial "twig and berries."

He did wave at us, pull his ear, and rub one of his hands over his head for us. He never stopped moving. Odd, because I can't even feel half of the moves he's actually making!
Only just saw this -

Originally posted by GregInGA:
[qb] No offence taken - I think the pronunciations are hilarious! At my son's baptism, the priest mispronounced his name and his first baseball coach called him "E-yon" or something like that. The funniest is the little girl across the street who used to call him "Idian". [/qb]
People mispronounce Ian?? How is that possible? One of my best friends is called Ian. Don't think anyone's ever mispronounced his name.

[qb]At my son's baptism, the priest mispronounced his name and his first baseball coach called him "E-yon"

I know someone called Eaon. Whether his parents were having a joke or not....

Good luck with the bubs Heidi (and Jason) Smiler

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