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I just finished listening to See Ya Round,and does this song REALLY bother anyone else?Maybe it's just me,but it seems to disrupt the song flow.Or maybe I just hate the song because of the annoying background vocals.....Dr Dr Love.
Either way,I cringe when I hear it.Just thought I'd share..aren't you glad I did? Big Grin

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Dr. Love gets the thumbs up from me - though you're right, Hard Act To Follow should probably have been on Spellbound in its place. But then again, I would have chosen Log Cabin Fever so who knows.

Regarding the next track however, One Mouth, even though I do like the song and the performance and the arrangement, there is just one bit of it that I can't stand. That is the atmospheric bit between lines:

There must be a lot of pain (Low space sound)

For the happiness I feel today (High space sound)

It's one note the first time and then a higher one the second time, repeating invariably throughout the whole bloody thing. Its spartan elegance was wasted on my ears. Nobody beats Eddie I know but this one just bugs me.
Originally posted by Anselm:
[qb] Eeker I love 'Doctor Love'!! Just goes to show, there's no accounting for taste....

All together now.."I see cuts and bruises/broken bones, burnt fingers". I even like the silliness bits near the end, "Say aaah" etc.

Smiler [/qb]

Yeah man, dont dis the Doc. It's a great song. But then again I also rate Paul's Skin Feeling and My Telley's Gone Bung as being classics too.
Well,I like Skin Feeling and MTGB..AND even Italian Plastic.I'm also in agreement about Log Cabin Fever..that one took some getting used to,but now I 'totally dig' it.
There's so swaying me on Doctor Love however..Neil is trying WAY too hard to have the funk,and it just doesn't work.He did a much better job of 'getting down' on Your Inpiration...that easily could've replaced DL on the album.
Oh,I love One Mouth is Fed...but you're right,Eddie rules!

Brandi Smiler
No way! Eeker I don't think you can single out Doctor Love for having 'bad lyrics'. What ARE bad lyrics anyway? If they fit into the spirit and style of the track, then they're alright as far as I'm concerned. Simplistic or childlike maybe, funny definitely.

I'm not about to criticise Neil's lyrics as I've not written several multi-million selling hit singles or played sold-out concert tours to millions of happy fans over the past 20-odd years Razzer

I think this track was a bit of fun; I'd say the Enz were being a bit tongue-in-cheek with Dr. Love.
I don't mind silly or funny IP or MTGB..but they seem intentionally written that way.DL just doesn't come across that way to me..the first time I heard it I was embarrassed for them.As for the bad lyrics..I guess I DO expect better of Neil at that stage in his career than...'Doctor love will fix it..whatever is your ailment.'My main problem is with the arrangement and forced 'groove' feel than the lyrics anyway.
I didn't realise it was a song anyone besides me felt strongly way or another.Cool!

Brandi Big Grin
Well, Bitz, you have to remember that the 'See Ya 'Round'-era Enz was quite different to anything that had come before it...Neil's short tenure of leadership brought a different style to the band's music and lyrics, with his style being different to that of Tim's...of course, the roots of what was to become Crowded House were a mere year away from starting to grow, so from after Tim's departure from the band, things changed...
Originally posted by Semi-Detached:
How did this song ever end up on 'Spellbound'?...or for that matter, its parent album? sounds more like a novelty number than anything has to be the weakest selection on an album subtitled 'The Very Best Of Split Enz'.

A failed dance track experiment, very much of its day. Really, probably the only time Neil tried to sound "contemporary" (in this case, in a 1984 sense).

I think the lyrics are funny actually. The song doesn't offend me.

I have a harder time with the "ahhhh"s that are the chorus of "One Mouth is Fed," which would be more tolerable if they weren't so high up in the mix.
I'll be one of those who like the Dr. song. A musician friend of mine told me he liked it, so that's what made me listen to it and really give it a chance because I was initially not interested. That helped greatly in the way of "if you like it, it must be good."

I don't think there is necessarily a forced groove in it. Listen to Nigel's bass. Skinny, white Englishman knows the funk. You could almost call him "Bootsy".

I like the lyrics as being very Neil. What is it about "I'm always falling over. I can't use a hammer; all I can do is sing." (Not sure those are actually right lyrics as I'm not listening to te song right now.)

I miss "hard Act to Follow" from Spellbound, too, because it's one of my favorite songs. I can't put my hands on the album right now (uh-oh...) but maybe the inclusion of Dr. Love is partly to have somethign that represents that last album on the compilation.

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