there have been several times where upon listening to some of my original music, people have mentioned it had an Australian sound or like Crowded House. I actually got into Neil Finn after hearing about this and wondered if I'd been missing out on something. I've definitely enjoyed CH over the years on the radio and TV/videos but never bought albums. However i find all the Finn Solo stuff irresistable and I think Neil is a genius songwriter-- in fact all the Finns seem charmed. 


I would appreciate if some true Crowdies offered an opinion for once and for all! 


Thanks for having me on the site. 


you can find me right now by going to bandcamp.com and searching 'Dean Wolfe Can't Keep Sunshine On A Shelf' to hear my new single for my upcoming EP.. Can't wait to hear anyone's thoughts....Hope this doesn't seem like spam--I'd love to tour Australia if I knew they appreciated my music...

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Hi Mikelm

no, it's not self promotion. I really want to know. It helps me in FUTURE promotion-- because generally if someone is a big whatever xy band fan, they are generally interested in other bands that sound like them. That's my 2 cents anyways,

All feedback is appreciated. 

You know that's so true, I was realizing as I was posting do I really believe all this marketing stuff?


Its a fine line. Nowadays bands have to be mini-record companies. there's a business side that has not so much relation to the music side of things..

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