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I'll paste my thoughts from the other thread: 


For the first time, possibly ever, my thoughts are suspended. Not in a bad, or a repulsed way. But, it's just a strangely whimsical piece of music. It definitely doesn't register as a song you'd release as a first single, but maybe that's what's provoking me to think about the song so much. It's like a collage of ideas within a continuum of sound. Sorry if that sounds pretentious. Again, i've never reacted to a Finn song like this before. This is a good thing because it's definitely not boring.  


But, I just don't have any thoughts so far. Even by Pajama Club standards, this is a real departure from anything he has done, especially since we're discussing a lead single. 

Originally Posted by Paināporo:

I'm sure the rest of the album isn't like this


You're correct, it's not. If you follow the iTunes pre-order link you can preview samples from the album. Mind you, the entire album doesn't reflect either of his solo albums and is pretty different from anything Crowded House has released. Think...Pajama Club, meets Try Whistling This with a whole lot of new stuff thrown in. 

Originally Posted by brownie:
Originally Posted by TryWhistlingThis:
Think...Pajama Club, meets Try Whistling This with a whole lot of new stuff thrown in.




Ahah - to be honest I think I was putting it pretty mildly. Frankly, it leans more toward a grander, more eccentric Pajama Club but there's some of the darker undertones of TWT there too. Sonically it's just...BOOOM! Yeah, that's about as articulate as I can get for now. 

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