Has anyone else noticed that in the original recording of Distant Sun, the first few times Neil sings "will shower over everyone" he doesn't really enunciate the "v" in "over" so it really sounds like "shower o'er everyone" ? After hearing the song hundreds of times I just noticed this.

He does finally say "over" right before the bridge, though, which sort of foreshadows the bridge and the climax of the song somehow...
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I had noticed that actually
Having heard the song once or twice now (how is that for an understatement), you tend to notice these things. A friend of mine came up with a hypothesis that all good singers have some obvious speech impediment, like a lisp or something. Neil seems to drop letters out, and it would seem that it is the letters missing that make a good song just sound that little bit special. Can't put my finger on it.
Anyways...that was my rambling response. Someone mentioned Distant Sun and I had to say something.

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"I don't pretend to know what you want, but I offer love"
I heard an early live version of the song recently, and though the lyrics were different I like it better in some ways.

The verses were all the same (tell me all the things you would change...) and the choruses were different.

I'll travel to the moon
but I'll be coming back real soon
Dust from a distant sun
will shower over everyone

The first chorus I can't decipher.

Neil also makes his d's sound more like t's. (Whenever I am by your "site")
There is also a differing version of the final released song - a US single remix which highlights the free flow of words at the end - something about 'any where you want' (I'm guessing). The guitars at the start sound a bit more prominent too.

That last bit (and it took me ages to hear it) I think is "Let your mind go...anywhere you want...". I would love to get a hol dof the remix version. Anyone?
Tommy - that early version is quite interesting. The first chorus section IS hard to decipher. I thought it was:
"Your words will reap and fill (?)
Suffering without will (?)
Dust from..."
In this early version (sung in Feb 92 I believe), the entire verse is sung in the same style as the first two lines of the song, and thne second verse begins "Tell me all the things you would HAVE..." before repeating the rest of the lines from the first verse. It then slides into the "travel to the moon" chorus.
The bridge is still unformed at this point and goes:
"I don't pretend to know what you want (you want)/I'll take away the things you could change/Guess it will be somebodies game (gain?)/Ooohhh..."

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"I don't pretend to know what you want, but I offer love"
I love what Neil adds to the end (or start) of his songs at the concerts - just BRILLIANT:

for DSun, at the end he goes:

and I crash a plane
with my window (or widow) on your post
and I feel the shame
just like everybody else
and I fell asleep
as the dust lay on the ground

In BBHSoon, in the middle, he adds:

when the lights go down
when you've had you fill
when there's nothing there

In one live version of Weather, towards the end he goes

on the other side of the world
the strawberry's about to be picked
on the other side of the world
you are homewards

There was one during his TWT 1998/9 tour, when he opened with Dream Date (so appropiate) and he did some bonus lyric in that song that took my breath away. If anyone has heard it, please comment.

Finally, whether they are spontaneous or not, I adore them and think they are worthy additional segments and tunes.
It's not normally in my nature to post, but I felt obligated to point out that "with my window (or widow) on your post" might actually be "with your finger on my pulse". At least in all the versions I've heard that is how it goes.
I could be wrong of course. Is this a call for a fresh batch of "misheard lyrics" posts?
Yeah, they do vary, and it's wonderful. I'm pretty sure I've heard the Distant Sun lyrics from a couple of shows go something like:

"I catch the plane,
with your finger on my pulse,
and I face the day,
just like everybody else,
and I fell asleep,
as the dust lay on the ground...."

But then I've also heard him change these around a bit, with a few differences here and there, or whole lines added/deleted. Amazing how his mind works, isn't it?

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