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Hey there. Just a quick note that the forum software people (Hoop.LA) just enabled a new feature, which I just turned on.

Members are now able to deactivate their profiles here. Of course, we hope you won't go! But we know sometimes people want to deactivate from online forums. You can just go to your Update Your Profile page to see the choice to deactivate.

When members deactivate, they will no longer have an active profile here (though their accounts will not be deleted... we don't delete accounts).  All posts made by such users will no longer be linked to their accounts.  Only the deactivated member can reactivate his/her own account; admins can not do it on their behalf.

So if that appeals to you temporarily or permanently, you can take care of it without requesting that mods or admins help out. Note that we can't UNDO it. You have to log in and undo it when you're ready to return.

Another tip!

Once in a while, someone will msg us and say UGH I put my email address or phone number in a post when I was hoping to buy or sell tickets, merch, collectibles, etc... Please go edit that message to remove that info.

Our forum is public! Google might index this stuff. Please do NOT publish your personal contact details. Instead, I suggest using a temporary email address (Google "temporary email address" to see some services that will give you an address you won't mind putting out there). Good way to stay anonymous and not worry later you put too much info out there.

As for phone number, I suggest VOIP numbers. Here in the USA we have an app called Burner. Not sure if it's available everywhere. But it gives you a temporary REAL phone number that can make calls, receive calls, and send and receive SMS messages. You can "burn" the number when you're done with it. That can also help keep you anonymous. No reason to give out your real number!

Thanks and may 2018 be full of Frenz-ly music! Happiness and success to all!

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