By Geraldine Wyckoff

Louisiana Weekly

“It’s not really pop anymore when Deacon John do it,” vocalist/guitarist Deacon John Moore declares with a laugh referring to his brand new video and recording. The much loved New Orleans icon, who built his reputation primarily on jump blues, blues and rhythm and blues, has stepped out of those zones to dig into the songbook of the Australian band Crowded House for a “CD single” that includes two tunes, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Something So Strong.” Produced by Cyril Vetter, who was responsible for Deacon John’s Jump Blues masterpiece, the package is cleverly titled Crowded Shotgun House...

Don't Dream It's Over

Something So Strong



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I'm just listening to the DDIO cover now and I'm actually really liking it.  I say "actually" because I do not like most of the covers I have heard.  This has the musical complexity of the original, good singing, real instruments well played, and doesn't feel overproduced.

The big choruses singing are a nice touch. 

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