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A few years ago I stumbled across a video on YouTube of Neil performing DDIO acoustically - but in a lower key. He even made a comment at the start of the song that he had brought the key down to suit his voice.  I'm guessing the clip was mid-late 90s; maybe just prior to the Try Whistling This era.

Clearly he subsequently decided the change in key was unnecessary or even detrimental, because every other performance I've seen has been in the original key.

Can anyone corroborate this / point me to where I can find the video? I am worried I may have dreamt or imagined it.

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on a related note...I could swear Neil recorded an alternate version of DDIO in the studio which was largely acoustic, and I'm pretty sure it was also in D. I think it was done around that era and used for some kind of show or movie. In my memory it was very similar to the above performance but with some light production values added. Maybe I'm imagining things but I don't think so. I wonder if @Jaffaman might have a clue what I'm thinking of?

I’ve heard artists change the key of a song to better accommodate their voice in that moment. Mostly I’ve heard this happen during a morning radio show performance when an artists’ voice either hasn’t recovered from the prior night’s performance or the singer just isn’t a morning person.

I remember hearing Tim do this on several occasions with “Six Months…” I don’t think it’s particularly unusual and certainly doesn’t indicate that the artist no longer prefers the original key, unless something has permanently changed with their vocal range, due to age or maybe smoking.

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