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I found a website run by a true anorak who managed to build a chart history of one very influential weekly radio chart show on HR3 called "Hitparade International", on the air for nearly 40 years. This was the show that brought Crowded House to my ears for the first time, so I browsed through the site. A rather impressive database.

The charts in that show were built after calculating weekly mail-in voting postcards from listeners. The two hour show offered a run through of the Top 20 hits as well as about 10 suggestions each week that the listeners could vote in. Each song that had been in the Top 10 for five weeks would drop out automatically in the sixth, each song that had been in the Top 20 for ten weeks would drop out in the eleventh.

Why do I mention this? "Don't dream it's over" had an odd, or should I say rather unique, way up and down these charts. After being submitted for consideration by the show team in late March, DDIO entered the charts at #20 on April 2. The next week it jumped up to #7. The week after, it dropped to #9, then to #14, then to #16. So in early May, it appeared to be on its way OUT of that chart show again, given that the votes for any song would need to come floating in each weeks on postcards.

But then something strange happened: on May 7 it went back up to #14. Then to #11, then to #5, then to #3, and in its final week of electability, namely its 10th week in the Top 20 and 5th week in the Top 10, it made one final step up on June 4 and landed at #2 before having to bow out.

No other CH song ever came close to that chart performance in this show.

If you want to see for yourselves ...


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