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Same here, Dedunn!
Last show I saw was at the Palace, London, Feb.2000....a lifetime ago!
I had tickets for DC last year, but had to stay home and shoot a wedding, the couple said that they would attach me and my camera to themselves, if necessary to keep me there!
So, needless to say that I was watching this site very closely for any comments!
And thanks to the wonderful Heidi, I have a lasting record of the evening.... Big Grin (I haven't forgotten..I'm working on something for you!)
Plus, I send my 2 best friends to the show instead, who were not fans, (yet), and they loved every minute!

Well, I am sorry that you can't make a show.....but you know what comes to those who wait!! Smiler
Jury's still out, but leaning toward a no on DC because we're going to both Philly and Boston (both over a weekend). Scrambling to get sitter coverage and doggie kennel for that whole weekend was tough enough...not sure we can swing the weekday scene without using up our babysitting chits for the whole year, lol! (Plus, we'd have to leave work early, get back to Pittsburgh around 2am, and then get up for work....sheesh!!! Doable moreso if we weren't gearing up for the weekend trip at that point, or didn't have to shirk any work.)

Jay was INCREDIBLY disappointed he missed DC, and I've since decided that we'll only be going to shows together from now on (in case I miss him getting onstage or something).

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    All times London, UK.

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