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Hopefully more than one gig - new album maybe ?

That was my first thought, too, and then I stopped myself. But clearly something's been happening... 

Before hopes get up in any particular direction, it may be nothing more than - Neil's currently on a big successful arena/stadium tour of Australia/NZ, promoters have noticed this and decided gigs with his other group might also be successful.

But I am with you in hoping it's more than that  


It does seem like a logical time to get the band back together. As mentioned, Neil’s profile is raised and CH is his most successful project, so from a business perspective it makes sense. But I wouldn’t doubt Neil has a hankering to be with his own band again. One more CH album is all I dare hope for, but I’m cautiously optimistic this might be the start of it

I do think he has come full circle after working in various projects. And also, yes, thousands more have heard him with Fleetwood and may come out to see him for that reason. Now after a possible Crowded House album, hoping for a tour, a stop in Winnipeg and then a Pajama Club  album/tour. Looks like a logical order to me. 

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I do think he has come full circle after working in various projects. And also, yes, thousands more have heard him with Fleetwood and may come out to see him for that reason. Now after a possible Crowded House album, hoping for a tour, a stop in Winnipeg and then a Pajama Club  album/tour. Looks like a logical order to me. 

Back in the Peg!

Still my favorite to listen to from the ‘07 tour.

So exciting! I am cautiously optimistic that this will trigger an album and tour. As noted, he's done the solo thing, the family thing, and the FM thing. Time to go back to CH. After seeing the too-scripted FM arena spectacle, maybe he's wistful for the looseness of playing with his old mates.

Oh dear, it's sooooooo hard not to hope for a full CH "we're back!" thing with this!  And I've tried. 

Like Steve says, he's done what I imagine was on his to-do list, except for an album with Tim, plus FM. He's had the proper band experience again, liked it, and can have that now with people who are less "two private jets, except for the crew" high-maintenance and more "hybrid bus for everyone" relaxed life-long friends.

Maybe we'll get more info once the Fangradio thing starts? He wants Skype questions, he'll have a hard time avoiding this elephant in the room. 

Yes Thom, the Winnipeg show was great. I think he was extra pumped because the audiences here are fantastic to performers (very enthusiastic compared to most places...and very into the arts here so they know there stuff quite deep) and also he was in Neil Young’s city of Winnipeg (where he grew up and wrote a lot of the famous early stuff). I think Neil Finn said before that Young is his idol. I saw Young a few months ago early and his voice is still great and wow what a show. As a couple of pieces of info: when Dylan was in Winnipeg , he dropped by the house Young grew up in. He asked the current owner if he could see his room. He stood in amazement and said “so this is where greatness was created”...something like that. The other thing, I live down the street (2 blocks away) from where Neil went to school up to grade 7. So I feel his greatness around here. 

Next time Neil comes, I want to offer him a tour of all the music sites and former homes of the great former music ikons of Winnipeg. (Neil did that tour a few months ago....swore I saw his limo drive in the area when they said he was touring the city)

I don't have my hopes up too high, but consider it to be a very promising sign. Of what, I'm not sure, but I'm very happy that the band will work together again. Even if it's just the one-off concert, which I can't go to, that will be a brilliant thing to happen. 

I’m 100% willing to believe Neil just really wanted to play with Mitchell - which is fine! - but don’t call it CH and kick Mark out. 

Neil plus Mitchell plus Nick is a hell of a night out! That would have been a good choice under any circumstance. There was no need to make a mess.


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That doesn't mean Mark will never be a part of Crowded House again. 

I think Mark's tweet makes it quite clear. 



Mark may think it's a final decision but I highly suspect that Neil simply told him that he won't be a part of the lineup for the upcoming festival/tour. Things like this can change on a dime.


Hopefully, there will be a little more news soon about whether this is just a 'one off', whether there will be more shows in the northern hemisphere where festival season starts a couple of months after Byron Bay? Will there be a record even?

Does Byron Bay get broadcast or streamed on the net? 


My guess would be Froom on keys and Mike Campbell recruited to play lead guitar.

With Neil and Mike getting on well on the FM tour I'm guessing Neil wants to see what he'd add to CH.

If I'm right, or even if I'm wrong, dick move by Neil has to be said. Mark may not be an founding member but he was made a permanent member and has clearly proved his worth over the years. Brilliant musician and a key contributer to the CH sound.

I recall seeing them in 2007 and they played Pour Le Monde and Mark played a brilliant solo. 3 years later they played it again, had an awkward pause in the middle of the song so Neil could move from piano to guitar to play the solo. I always thought that was a lame move and rather ego driven by Neil it certainly wasn't for the good of the song, Mark is a far superior lead player.

Hopefully this is not the end of our Mark with the Crowdies but it looks like it is.

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Every time Mitchell gets involved, Mark gets booted. Bah!

When did it happen before? 

As it was described in Something So Strong, Neil was set to bring Mark into the band for Woodface and Mitchell dissuaded him, then for the Recurring Dream sessions (ie the new tracks for that record) Mitchell sidelined Mark.

I’m sorry, but all I can say right now is WHAT?!?!

This is terrible news. 

I did not get to listen to Fangradio last night, so have not yet heard what Neil said, but Mark’s tweet comes across loud and clear.

I struggled to think of Neil’s band as Crowded House without Paul.  Now no Mark as well?  This is not Crowded House and shouldn’t be called Crowded House.  I’m sure the band will sound good or even great, but it’s not Crowded House.

What the heck?? (Not the exact phrase I want to use here, but it’s a family forum. )


One could say the move could be seen as being informed by the way Fleetwood Mac has reinvigorated the playing roster. Neil has seen it in action and is moving the brand forward with CH. That said Froom is hardly going to bring youthful energy to the mix. In fact he and neil are guilty of some astonishing over polishing over the years.

But If CH 2020, aka CH 3.0, has more than one Finn in it I will be very dark. i do not want any pajama club masquerading as CH.

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