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Hi all,

Has anyone else had problems accessing either or

I am unable to view either site -- initially I get a warning message from BT (my internet provider - see attached image) saying the site is malicious, and then when i choose the 'continue any way' option it simply hangs and fails to connect. I think this may be a 'TLS handshake' issue, but as a technophobe I have no idea how to correct, despite googling possible solutions.

If anyone else has had the same problem - and been able to solve it - then i'd be really grateful for any help. Or if anybody involved in either of the sites reads this, then please drop me a line if you can help!

Hope help is coming,



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Hi Steve. I had one person say the same thing about many months ago. It's a safe site but some older browsers or firewalls might have problems with it. The Crowded House site is set up the same way and, being brand new, it might take a while to gain trusted status.

Are you using a desktop, laptop, iOS or Android device? Have you tried accessing the sites on a different device and via a different internet service provider?

Hi Jaffaman

I've tried accessing the site on my desktop, laptop and iphone and have no joy with any of them. I've also tried numerous browsers - Firefox, Safari, Chrome amd Opera.

I was able to access the fangradio page earlier this year, but now can't even get to that one either (since it's part of

Are there any potential ways to get round this?


Hi Jaffaman,

Thanks for the update. I tried again today, and while I no longer get a warning from my ISP stating that the site contains malicious content, the TLS handshake still times out and I can't connect. Is there any way to change the settings for that?

I've tried a few browsers, so I don't think the problem is at my end. I'll be interested to see if what you've done has solved the issue for anyone else.



Odd. I've checked both websites on many different browsers on various PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads on different ISPs in different places. The security certificate always comes up as valid.

Maybe some of the third party embeds on the site (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, bandsintown, Soundcloud, etc) are throwing up a flag for your browser or virus protection.

Has anyone else noticed the shapes and images which are hidden in the seemingly white background of the band’s picture on the website?

I can’t figure out how to upload a picture to this forum, bit if you play around with the brightness and contrast, you’ll definitely see something is there; or maybe it’s just my imagination, running away with me...


Solved the problem at last -- seems it was all down to having 'Web Protect' automatically installed as part of my BT broadband package. Turned it off and everything works fine. Of course I'll no longer get warned about sites that really are malicious, so an interesting trade-off. A shame the Neil Finn/Crowdies sites aren't considered safe in the first place, as I'd ideally like to keep some sort of security in place.

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