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CROWDED HOUSE - Aware Super Theatre, Sydney, Australia November 9th 2022


Walking On The Spot (partial)
When You Come
Private Universe ('Greek style' with support band)
improv - "Middle Finger"
Some Greater Plan ('Greek style' with support band)
Four Seasons In one Day ('Greek style' with support band)


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Was "Something" Something So Strong or Start Of Something?

Something So Strong.

Dissapointingly,  'Start of Something' has not featured at all in this Australian run of shows.  It's my favourite from 'Dreamers' and works much better as a live song than 'To the Island' or 'Show Me the Way' which they played last night.  There was a noticable drop in audience energy during those songs.

On the plus side Neil's voice is in the best shape I've heard it for years.  Stunning during his solo piano reditions of 'Walking on the Spot' and 'Message to My Girl'.

it was a very strong show ... CH 3.0 has gelled and is playing well.... altho i would note it is very much a classic hits setlist... that said they play them very very well...

i was lucky to sit much closer this time than last time at the superbly aware theatre (! a source of much mirth for neil each time he visits) ... and it was good to see up close how hard liam and elroy work ... if neil is the front man, then his sons are arguably doing the heavy lifting these days - elroy giving it grunt (when you come, mean to me, even sister madly on the snare up front) and liam his sonic flourishes ...

the song selection is still greatest hits territory with not much by way of deep cuts from albums passed (except maybe walking on the spot and message)  ... with such a staggering back catalog there's little wonder a little gas goes out of the room when u go from hit after hit to goodnight everyone or show me the way ... altho i have to say show me the way works very well live.

i see they are touring until the end of may but interestingly they are playing so well together now it would be good to see them record some new material in this headspace ...

thoughts and observations - don't stop now has been reworked (i'd suggest mitchell's influence), having dropped the middle 8 (in a church house ten miles out of town), and is now faster and with drums in from the start rather than the end of the first verse, and much much more poppy ... it's a short tight pop song (which i actually dont think it needed to be but is interesting in terms of where this outfit might go next time it hits the studio)... i hope a version pops up online to watch it again - it was the same song but almost a radio edit... the bridge out of the middle 8 back to the chorus (sometimes you have to turn the wrong way around, sometimes you get too close to nowhere now...) was always a fave part of the song for mine and i found myself quite lost !

neil's voice is strong but is not as strong as it has been - both piano solos (walking on the spot and message to my girl) whilst beautiful showed vocal cracks. he is a wonderful wonderful talent and we've seen him do amazing things (and he still does) ... i feel like im being picky.

jimmy barnes and wife jane were side of stage all evening having fun as was liam's wife ... all in full view of the audience with the occasional shout out to jimmy to hop up and sing a song (he didnt) ... jane started waving her phone with light on  during DDIO and soon had the whole audience waving their phones during a strong rendition and lovely moment.

a very satisfying evening ... having been very sceptical of this line-up i think they have got things to a point now where ive heard them do the classic hits stuff incredibly well and would look forward to some new material that starts from that point of melody and harmony driven pop ...

a side note - the choice of support act maistrato was a masterstroke - a greek guitar quartet (three of whom were not young!) who sang in greek and played some beautiful original tunes ... and they played on four seasons, private universe and better be home ... a really lovely and sweet addition deep into a long, oft interrupted tour ... there's not much about them online other than a reference to the finn bros meeting them in a remote part of greece on holiday and spending long hours playing and singing together ... lovely stage presence, very talented, and seemed to work for everyone.

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