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While I certainly think that musically, the guys had at least one more album in them, all indications point to the fact that things had run their course. Neil has said he feels there'd be no point to a CH reunion, since they're now all involved in their own successful projects. And you know, they made incredible music while together, but if they were ready to end the band, then continuing it now could cheapen the music and legacy they left. I'm not sure I'd really want that.

Recommended reading on this one: the "Something So Strong" biography. Recommended viewing on this one: the UK-MTV's "Most Wanted" episode to promote "Together Alone" with Neil and Mark unwillingly cooking chicken satay, while Paul and Nick did something called the "Bingo Wall of Death." If you see/read this stuff and still think the band should have stayed together, then I'm not sure what to tell you. They're human beings, and it's painful to watch/read about a time when they were so obviously unhappy. The very tone of "Together Alone" is friction, frustration, repression. It wasn't healthy anymore, interpersonally or spiritually, and I can't blame the guys for doing what they had to do.

I think the only one genuinely upset that the band ended was Nick, who has offered some pretty bitter quotes since...but...Neil was clearly going in a different direction, and Paul had reached his saturation point with touring and being away from his family. I think Mark Hart was just like....OK, whatever dude. Wink I'm sure Neil still has some sort of relationship with the other guys (if only with regard to royalties and band artifacts), and while I'm not certain it could NEVER happen, I don't think we'll see it in the near future.
Well, I do not know one of these guys personally, but I stated it before in an equivalent topic: A reunion (or how ever you will call it) would be an interesting possibility. Time runs fast and as the years go by (do you remember this song of Neil?) personal feelings can change from frustration to humour.

Haven't you never made this experience: At the moment you're going through bad emotions, a few years later, you're laughing about it and have one (or more) beer(s) with your mate.

So there is always a chance. 2005 will be the 20th anniversary of CH, so you never know.

btw: There are still a few nice unreleased songs, which CH have recorded, so before a reunion, WHAT ABOUT AN AFTERGLOW II ????
I'm going to be quite blunt here and say that i'm relieved that they called it a day when they did. Jon Stevens - formerly of Noiseworks, now with INXS and a friend and idol of mine - once likened band reunions to getting back together with old girlfriends...If you keep going back, the rot starts to set in. There is only so long you can be with a person or a project before you feel restricted or burnt out, not to mention bored. Paul was clearly fed up with it, Neil wanted to stretch his wings and Nick...well, i'm not so sure about Nick. I think he would've been happy for the game to go on a little longer, but they knew, they all knew, that they could only push themselves and the band so far. If they continued, i'd imagine that they wouldn't part amicably. So in splitting when they did they may well have saved their creative and personal relationships.

They may have had one more good album in them, but would they have felt satisfied with it, I mean really happy with their efforts, or would they be repeating themselves?
Hmm Paul seems pretty fine around the Crowded House experience these days and depending on the size and how it was done I could imagine Hessie doing it (tour)...hopefully he'd last the distance and it would be a good experience. Nick ditto, if it was done right i could imagine that. Not sure about Mark as I haven seen him for awhile.
Neil just loves doing something new and without speaking for him, I could imagine a return to Crowded House not being something that would spark him with passion.However after the Enz Holmes experience when the cameras were turned off and the band played brilliantly, I know how much a really good "gig" can ignite Neil's passions.Catch 22- Neil wanting to do a show with the other Crowdies and then getting the vibe....but if they p[layed a few shows who knows it might be good, it might be crap and destroy their good good name....
I know the current USA shows with the people Neil is playing with, are fun, exciting and he is having a good Crowded House is possibly the last thing on his mind.
But never say never.....but for the moment it sits in the way too soon basket. There have been some very big offers between you me and forum people so it's not a money issue....
I don't think anyone is going through any bad emotions though, I'm sure everyone looks back at the countless good moments , and there were many, with joy.
No more news on Afterglow II, Neil lit that fire so he has to tell me yes or no.....if nothing else as a club release (as per his interview disc).

P.s.- my feelings on INXs they simply should of broken up after Michael died. If the music means so much they should of formed a new band with Jon ....I'm sure they have the talent
it just works against them this way ...they should of been a new group, new name....
aka-Foo Fighters/Nirvana.
To be honest, Peter, I agree. (I'm not going to be biased towards Jon.) As thrilled as I am that Jon has got another high-profile role, the work that they're doing now doesn't create nearly as many tremours on the scale, so to speak, as they did with Michael. I admire them for trying to carry on but the INXS name will perpetually be connected with the late Mr. Hutchence. That's not a good thing when every person they bring in as frontman is going to be compared to Michael. As it is Jon is constantly under public scrutiny - "Is he good enough to take the reigns from Michael?"

A name is just that - a name. "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." They could be called the Cunny Funts for all I care, as long as the material is strong.

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