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hello all

I have just inherited some mega rare crowded house cd's and wanted to know the best way to sell them on here to other fans

if people are interested I will take photos of them and post but just wanted to know of any interest before I do this

look forward to your replies

regards Jeff

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Hi Jeremy 

thanks for trying to put my name in a bad light

i have told you that I did this for a good reason and that I wanted the best price for the seller

i understood the rules but I thought this was an exceptional circumstance 

I apologise for doing what I did but no need for my name to be dragged in the mud

i have not sold one cd to someone on here so I have done nothing wrong 

I apologise I’m not the biggest crowded house fan etc but like I said I did it for a good cause

I will be longer posting on here as if I have to meet people like you then I’d rather not be here 

It would be good to get clarification on the rules around selling club CDs on the Forum given the club no longer exists. I think it would be nice if the rationale behind the rules still applies (giving true fans the option of obtaining the items at a fair price and preventing them getting into the hands of those just seeking to on sell for profit).

But it is now impossible to only sell to a club member as there is no such thing anymore! It would also be wrong to say only previous club members could buy as that rules out new fans who have never had the opportunity to join the club.

I would like to think those of us who were members of the club would act in the spirit in which we joined the club and bought the CDs originally, but given the club no longer exists and it’s over 20 years since they were first issued, it’s hard to expect others to accept/understand/adhere to the spirit in which the CDs were released, especially when they have inherited the CDs and have never been a member of the club themselves.

Sadly, I think the genie has already been released from the bottle anyway, a quick look at eBay and Discogs shows the going market rate for club CDs is now well over NZ$100. Somebody in Ireland is currently trying to sell the Homebrew CDR (yup not even the original) for 500 pounds (basically NZ$1000)!!

I was having a messenger conversation with Peter Green about this this afternoon. He basically said that club CDs can be traded or sold by and to people who were club members for the same price they paid. He's resigned to the fact that it won't always happen.

You could argue that as the club no longer exists why stick to that rule? Well it's still stated in this forum. It's still PG's wish. And it would just seem to be the decent thing to do. 

Again. Just my opinion.

I don’t disagree and I would hope that anybody who has been in the club would want to respect PGs wishes.

However i do think there needs to be a mechanism for the CDs to pass on to a new generation of fans who never had the chance to be part of FOTE. My hope is that CH will continue to grow its fanbase well into the future and us old timers can’t hog all the cool stuff forever! 😀

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