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For anyone in Australia, the above says it all.

I've just heard Mel state that Molly has a major announcement to make in relation to CH.

No hint as to what - I'm hoping it'll be in the next half hour, otherwise I'll miss it.

Hopefully someone will see this and can let us know what the announcement is. Smiler


PS. It is on after 7:00 am Frowner
Texas Rose
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Great news! I CAN'T WAIT to see that video! Big Grin

I wonder if that was the "major announcement" or whether they are referring to something else...I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Wouldn't it be nice to hear that the guys have agreed to a live appearance on Sunrise in July? Either that, or perhaps we will be lucky enough to find out the long awaited tour dates?

Time will tell I guess. At least we will have the new video! Wink
I feel bad now... I had to get up early today to do an interview in town and Sunrise was on in the background before I left. My flatmate and I were absolutely bagging out the show. (I'm not a morning person and argued that no one could be that condescending and annoying that early in the morning... I was obviously wrong) but I take that all back now. I'm getting up early again to see this! There is no way in the world that I'm going to miss this. I think I'll get up for the start of the show and watch right through so that I don't miss anything. And liz, I'm the same... This is just for a video... Imagine if they actually had the guys on there... or I met them in person.
Thanks for the news everyone, I would have definatly missed it! I'm not one to watch TV before work, but I will be putting a tape in tomorrow Big Grin Big Grin
One of the best things (other than us getting to see the vid) will be the exposure they get, sunrise is a popular show!

It would DEFINATELY be a dream to have them live on the show.....oh my fingers and toes are crossed!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by 7 worlds:
I received an email from my cousin telling me it was between 7.30 and 8am, so I'm happy to have a more definate time....QUOTE]

hey 7 worlds,
they mentioned this morning that it would be on at 7:50am and from my limited experience watching the show, it's pretty punctual. Hope that helps.
YAY! We finally got to see it! Wink

I was a little surprised by the animated background but I have to say I love that little red car!

It was also great to see Matt looking so very energetic. Great stuff!

Sounds like Sunrise is a show to keep an eye on as they indicated they would keep us informed
about all things Crowded House...
Well, that was worth the wait. Great clip, really brings the cover art to life.

Nice touch with the dressmaker's mannequin in the background, I'm taking this as a nod to Neil's muse. Look at Sharon's sharondelier website and see if you agree.

All the boys look great, Neil having a lot of fun and grinning from ear to ear. Nick is probably the only guy on the planet who can wear a white suit and look great. Matt was having a ball. Nice shots of Mark on piano.

*runs out door to catch train to work*
WOW! That was great!
I was willing them to play it again... or at least let the ad break play out with it.
I absolutely loved it! All the boys are looking great and I loved the animation. And Neil's hair was so cool Big Grin
Nick has some of the best Bass player moves I've seen Smiler
Mark looked great too, as did Matt. Can't wait for more!
I wonder how long this will take to appear somewhere on the web for those who might have missed it.
Loved the little red car as well! It was so cute.

I LOVED it, I thought the same thing about the mannequin as soon as I saw it.

Neil is looking fantastic (I loved that little look he gave the camera)they all looked so good !!!

And stay tuned to Sunrise for more Crowdies news...... I wonder, Koshie did look kinda cryptic when he said it don't you think Wink
Hmm, I wonder if there will be more on todays show? I'd love to stay and check it out but really should be getting ready to head off to uni, what with it being the last week before exam stuff starts

Exams!! I know, it's so hard to study for finals during all this hype! Smiler Very clever film clip. I loved Mark playing piano inside the serphants stomach Big Grin

"all the flickering lights"
Yup enjoyed it, had to wait around at work, willing a union meeting to end in time, it was worth it.
Can someone fatten Mark up a bit please? I know he'd been crook, but geez boy !
Couldn't miss Matt with that white tie! hmmmm
Quite enjoyed the artwork animation in the vid, still don't like the album cover though.
Liked the silhouettes, and flashing lighting at one stage, that was good.

Be interesting to see how this song does.
oh no, I take back everything I said about Sunrise usually running on time Red Face Big Grin

Anyway I loved it! Did get to see it this morning but haven't had a chance to post until now. Just watched it again thanks to the VCR. I really like the animation, especially where the lyrics pop up as Neil's singing them. And the tornado whirling around.

I hadn't really heard until now, how much the piano riffs sound like those in Chocolate Cake.

And stay tuned to Sunrise for more Crowdies news...... I wonder, Koshie did look kinda cryptic when he said it don't you think

Yep Finngirl, that's the first thing I thought when I heard that. Maybe I'll send them another email about a concert, just to remind them that us Frenz are still here Smiler
Boy does it pay to keep checking the forum for news as Sunrise is not what i normally watch in the morning.So before i set off for work this morning i set the timer on my hard drive & recorded from 7.00 to 9.ooam.

Being a sales rep i can come home during the day & have lunch,so today i made sure i did that.

I have got to say i love it,the guys look great & i noticed all the little smiles they gave each other as well.The video suited the song to a tee.Have just got home from my last call & its on again,I just love it & am soo pleased the Crowdies are back.

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