Tick! Tick! Tick! Crowded House segment on this Sundays (18-9-16)
60 MINUTES. Australia. Nine Network 8.30 PM.
Parts filmed in Los Angeles 10 days ago. Tick! Tick! Tick!

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and what were they doing in Los Angeles?!?!?!  RECORDING??

That doesn't make sense actually, Neil has his own awesome studio! But I can't think of any other reason that Crowded House would be filmed in LA. If it's true maybe next you'll be telling us they were there to reunite with Mitchell Froom...

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Is there any chance that this will be posted online eventually so that those of us outside of Auz or NZ can view it?  This will certainly be interesting to view.

We're getting the band back together

So jealous of all  the frenz with access to this film.

But the joy, the joy of knowing my favourite band are back is beyond words.

I expect reviews of this, in detail please.


I am hoping that we will see some new CH music and somehow there's been some secret recording taking place somewhere!

As much as I would like a new Crowded House record, I'm not going to hold my breath - a heavy promotional 'best of' style tour to promote the aria's, the vinyl reissues, the box set stuff with some jools holland and invited audience type sessions would be more than enough for me. 

But who knows, maybe Nick, Mark, Matt and Liam were also around for the recording stuff earlier this year with Mick Fleetwood perhaps adding a few more songs to those recorded some time ago.... maybe... :-)


Came here after few days and see this!!! Great news, whatever that means; new CH album with or without M. Froom or promoting new rarities box with or without some new song(s). Cheers!

Wow,  just home from the beatles eight days a week movie and now this!!! 

Today didn't start well - but it's ended superbly! �� 

amjfrenz posted:

Is there any chance that this will be posted online eventually so that those of us outside of Auz or NZ can view it?  This will certainly be interesting to view.

For Australian Fans only: The official online archive will be on the 9NOW app & website after the broadcast on Sunday. You will need a 9Now account to watch the episode. I'm assuming it will go live AFTER 60Mins has been broadcast in Perth.

If you are not in Australia, then you cannot view it via 9Now because it is GEO-LOCKED. 9Now accounts are also location locked. People in Sydney cannot change their location to read "Perth" for instance. 

Outside of Aust/NZ, the only way other frenz can see it is if someone rips it YT. 


What does this all mean???

They're saying Crowded House (not Neil Finn & Nick Seymour formerly of Crowded House)...

Folks this band is VERY MUCH alive!!!


This was advertised on Channel 9 Adelaide during the 6pm News tonight. They're definitely totting it as Crowded House - not ex-Crowded House. Apparently if Neil's FB post about it plus the 60mins promo on TV is anything to go by Neil & Nick return to the original house in L.A. where the group were living while recording their first album 30 years ago + interviews with Neil & Nick. Also spotted a bit of Neil's guitar playing in the promo.

It's definitely got something to do with the ARIA HoF induction. 

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Seems Neil and Liam have a record release in 2017 so that should shut down the CH reforming rumors 

For those that asked, the 60 Minutes segment will be on 60 Minutes You Tube area - for 3 weeks, after the show has gone to air. (or soon after.. some things are never instant). Good news & thanks 60 Minutes people.

Steve Shealy posted:

Will that be watchable in the States?

gryphon just answered that, look directly above your post. It will be on Youtube.

Just because it's may end up on youtube doesn't necessarily mean it will be viewable everywhere.  I have noticed videos posted on youtube that I couldn't watch because of my location.  But I am hoping I will be able to see it.

Fans outside of Australia can try the "60 Minutes Australia" YT page on Monday (Sunday night USA/Canada). If it works, well good. 

If not, you're just going to have to hope either Gryphon can get some sort of Fanclub release or someone from here in Oz/NZ rips it to their YT.


Its become a real pain that YT now blocks content from certain countries for copyright purposes. 

Here is the link to the official "60 Minutes Australia" YT page.


More than likely, if the Crowdie's 60 Minutes footage goes on YT within the next 24-48 hours, you'll find it at the link above. 

Australian fans: Remember, if you miss it live on Channel 9, this can be viewed later on from tonight either via the 9Now app on your smartphone/iPhone/tablet/iPad or at the 9Now website. 

Knowing 60 Minutes, there *might* even be extras turning up on the 9Now website/app. Sometimes they upload *more* footage online that had to be cut for time-constraints on TV.

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Well that was disappointing.

Yes, fantastic to see Neil & Nick together and playing DDIO LiVE no less

But the "reunion", as I feared, is "just" the band reuniting for a single performance for the Arias - tho apparently the show will be back at the Sydney Opera House!

I was hoping to hear news of a new album / tour! 

About time surely - it`s been 6 years! Ouch.

As Neil says ,the band are still , like a car , " up on blocks" -  I believe. I better go back and check the exact quote

But this brings me to a thought I`d had for a while. The idea is Crowdies MK2 won`t break up - a la 1996 -  just take time off from the band...LOTS of time this time lol

But how are we better off with a band that takes a break from any activity for 6 years...but stays together, (keeping me, at least, dying from suspense) versus a band that just breaks up already!!?

Ah well - maybe Sydney will get things happening again...I can only live in hope!



So the 60 minutes segment was all Nick & Neil:

* Had them in "Sunset Sound" in Hollywood where they recorded their debut album. They played some of DDIO here and reminisced a little about Paul

* Had them outside their first house reminiscing about living there, and losing their $1800 bond due to "soap scum" on the shower screen. They didn't go inside

* Had them at a Japanese restaurant where they performed to the media and got their "first big break". Nick was fond of it

* Ended with mention of the ARIA hall of fame and gigs at the Opera House

No mention of the re-issues or new music. That came via separate email from Neil Finn.

We have to realize that Neil owns & drives the "car". He's immersed in other things & CH simmers on the stove. If and when new CH stuff comes out,it'll be his decision. Did they mention Mark & Matt joining them for the shows? 

It's on YT:



Aussie fans: There is extra footage on the 9Now app/website. There's a 3 minute interview of footage that was cut from the TV broadcast & a full performance of DDIO. 

The extras are exclusive to 9Now so only people in Australia with a 9Now account can access it. It's Neil talking about becoming a grandfather for the first time & touching on songwriting of classic hits.

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The  little segment was crowded house arriving in America and success, because Mark and Matt were not part of that bit of band history, it was sensible to just use Nick and Neil.   The Opera House encore shows -full band- Neil, Nick, Mark and Matt .    Noel and Sally Crombie creating the stage as well.

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