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All credit to Rosemary Bilson !

CROWDED HOUSE - 'A day on the green'
Sirromet Wines, Mount Cotton, QLD November 5th 2022

Part 1

Distant Sun
It's Only Natural

Part 2

To The Island
Don't Stop Now

Part 3

Pineapple Head
Show Me the Way

Part 4

Locked Out

Part 5

Don't dream It's Over [partial]
Mean to Me
Something So Strong
Message to My girl
Chocolate Cake
Weather with You
Better Be Home Soon

original setlist

Notes: Locked Out was not on original setlist, Nick wanted to play this one after his stunning high-voiced Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) snippet ..
I Got You  - not on original setlist either was Neil's pick after Nick's Rocked OUT ! :-)  .. Whatever You Want was on setlist but not performed in favour of the songs above.

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