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Hey all...

Has anyone heard anything about the 4 Crowded House studio albums being re-released on 12'' vinyl earlier in the year? (3rd April to be precise). Sanity.Com.Au list them as new products, with 3rd April being the release date, but do they mean that they are the original pressings & they have just now got them in? Or is this some big news that has somehow not made it through to the forum? Any help / information much appreciated... not that I'll be buying one in the near future when with the price tag being AU$41 (when I can pick one up from a second hand shop for less than AU$10...)

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Well Stew,
you wanted me to reply to ya little topic here so I will (finally).

I think this is cool. If only I had the $ to go out and buy them. Hopefully this will mark the return of VINYL!

I'd imagine they were the orginal pressings. I know Woodface was originally released on Vinyl because it says so on the poster in my room. Smiler

sorry, apart form that I can't help Smiler
I KNOW Woodface was actually released on vinyl, because I bought it when it first came out (as well as the digipak CD, and the ordinary CD... of course, the vinyl's all I have left now, due to the vicissitudes of living in 2 different countries and about 32 different locations since 1991, but there you are...)

And just to make the two of you jealous, Wink , I shall also add that I have the picture-disc vinyl of "Temple of Low Men", as well.

But at $41 a pop, I'm not sure how keenly I shall be hunting down "Together Alone" on the ancient format... Eeker
Yes, all 4 studio albums were released commercially on 12" vinyl in Australia, although I'm not sure about Recurring Dream (which was probably released on 12" in the USA & UK). Anyway, Australian retailers pretty much stopped selling vinyl completely in... was in 1994?

Kia Kaha - Yes, I am jelous, but I do have Self Titled and Temple Of Low Men on vinyl in incredible knick, which I think I got for AU$5.00 each... or did I rob Peter Green's office? Wink

I didn't know Woodface also came in a digipack as well as the regular Jewel case. I have never once seen a digipack copy of it, although I assume all those copies were sold by... 1992? I've seen various singles from 1991 through to 1994 (Woodface through to Together Alone) being released in digipack, but I wouldn't have thought Woodface got the royal treatment as well.

If anyone doesn't know / cares / wants to know, One Nil was released in Australia in 2001 in a digipack, as well as the regular Jewel case. I haven't got it yet, but it looks pretty cool.

Temple Of Low Men picture disk? Enlighten us!

P$) Nice addition to your signiture sacredcow11. Where did you get the idea of the symbol? Wink
Digipaks are a cardboard-and-plastic fold-out CD cover, as opposed to the actual jewel case. (And speaking of copyrights and such things, I believe the term is trademarked.)

Secret God, the Woodface digipak was rather rare, and may in fact have been an American promo from what I remember. I'm damned if I can remember how I got my hands on it, and indeed how I came to part with it (oh, yes, that's right... something about paying the 1995 winter heating bill on my flat in Richmond??? Roll Eyes )

As for enlightening you on the picture disc... erm, how? I'd nick dad's digital camera and post a picture here if I could work out how, without incurring his wrath... but basically, it's a piece of vinyl which has the picture from the TOLM cover miraculously printed into it. Hence, picture disk. Ah yes, the eighties were a wonderful decade. Smiler

Kill Eye, I sympathise with the singles dilemma - again, to pay the heating bill (or some such), I sold off an awful lot of pretty spesh Split Enz and CH 45s. I think I made a profit, but that's not really the point, is it? Then again, I do recall not being able to sell EVERYTHING, back then... I must go check in the box of 45s and see what I still have. Probably an entertaining half-hour to be spent... Big Grin
Hmm we haven't heard about any Vinyl re issues, possibly they are just UK Imports. Or old Australian stock.

The first 4 were on vinyl here and the odd import of Recurring Dream from the UK (the LP of R.D. is great). To my knowledge AFTERGLOW was never released on vinyl anywhere....someone correct me if I am wrong but we never received a copy for the office so I strongly suspect this was never the case.

The UK 10 inch singles were really cool (Fingers of Love, Pineapple Head etc etc).I think they will become great collectors pieces later on. So if you see one grab it.

Hmm we haven't heard about any Vinyl re issues, possibly they are just UK Imports. Or old Australian stock.

Yeah I thought that might have been the case, but the fact the 4 LPs were said to have been "released" in April of this year really got me wondering... Roll Eyes Thanks for the lowdown.

Pity Afterglow never got issued on LP to round out the discography Frowner - and strange too; you'd think the UK would have at least printed a few copies.

That said, wasn't Try Whistling This issued on LP in the UK back in 1998? Ah well... you can't have everything, but if anyone finds out about the Afterglow LP, do let us know Wink (please).

kia kaha - Thanks for shedding some light on the \/\/()()|)F/-\(E digipack - sounds interesting, as does your -|-E/\/\P|_E ()F |_()\/\/ /\/\E/\/ picture disk / disc.
The first album, Woodface and Together Alone were 'reissued' by boutique label Simply Vinyl as a limited run in the UK a couple of years ago. They were pressed on heavy vinyl with thick deluxe cardboard packaging/printing etc. But they didn't seem to have used the original print masters, so the covers didn't actually look as good as original pressings... I can't find them on the Simply Vinyl site so presumably they've sold out now.

They weren't cheap though - something like �20 each in HMV, so I decided my original pressings with nicer cover printing would do me, although I did get the EMI Centenary vinyl edition of Woodface a couple of years before that...

Just looking on the HMV UK website now, they appear to have stock of these vinyl reissues on sale for �12.99 each.

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