Repertoire Records ( has released a number of CD/DVD combos with live recordings from Rockpalast, the german music television show that broadcasts live on German television station WDR.

Crowded House played live at Rockpalast 09.12.1993 (

How about persuading Neil and Repertoire Records to release the december 1993 concert on CD/DVD?

You can contact Repertoire Records at and

Make it happen!

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As the Frenz forum is very active at the moment, I would like to take the opportunity to re-activate this thread.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear and see a 1993 concert?

Jaffaman: Could this perhaps be a future project?

Perhaps Repertoire Records may want to benefit from the present hoopla related to all things CH/Finn?


It would be pretty rad, but unlikely, I don't think it would a case of Repertoire not wanting to do it, but it likely costing too much to license the release.  Have you considered looking for traders wit the show and requesting a burn and post? Or trading for it? 

If you could find someone with the show and you have something they want (like a show on a dvd) you could request a trade.  I have a few shows and a trade list, I could give it a crack.  Quality would either be a VHS to DVD rip or they have been re-broadcasting and someone might have captured a digital broadcast whoch would be similar to a DVD release.

Thanks for taking an interest in the rockpalast subject. A traded copy would be nice, but a commercial release would be even better. Jaffaman?

It will be your best chance to get a decent copy of the show. It appears it was re-broadcast so there are digital copies out there. I have a Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Rockpalast (all the way back from 1985) and the quality is on par with an official like DVD release - only a TV watermark in the corner.  No response yet, but I'll let you know! 

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