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Originally posted by alucidor:
Yes, that was the moment that prompted me to pull the camera out Smiler Photos are not great, but I haven't come across any others of Tim with the new Crowded House, so I'd like to think I captured a little moment in history! Link is on the first page of this thread or here.

Thank You for sharing Alucidor, Excellent photos.

Now to me the two Finn brothers together are the ultimate, i meen C.H. are GR8 as is Tim solo.

But i meen it all began with Split Enz, and the Enz ARE coming 'home' is the ultimate for me. Cool Big Grin Smiler
I am sure you devoted fans have the CD already but in case you don't, the band signed their latest CD for us to auction off to raise money for the Greyhounds as Pets charity. It is listed on Trade Me

Maybe you can buy this one and give yours to a friend who really should hear how good the album is.

Have pity on me - the fan who didn't get anything signed for herself and is having to part with this........!

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