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It's 6 am haven't had much sleep, guess i'm overwehelm at last night concert.

I meet Jenny before the show, it's was very nice to meet you Jenny, that was the only frenz that i meet.

First of all let start with the people next to me. Brett, Stewart, Anna and my teacher flat mate Sharon. Brett thought i was in my 20's and Sharon thought i was 27 or something around their, that was very funny because i'm only 16. They asked me why i wore a name tag, my reply "why not, just to be different." They there to see Supergroove mainly. But they were very cool people, very funny to hung around. Ok enough about them. Brett brought me a beer veyr nice of him.

Phuto was the open band, people were very stiff, i guess that people did really know who they were and they were there to see Supergroove and Crowded House. Supergroove got everyone loosen up and dancing (including me) They were very good.

Ok now for the Crowded House talk. I don't where to start. While i was in 3 row, i jsut got out of my seat and went to the barrier right in front them, that so awesome. I sang every song, every word here the setlist:

Private Universe
World Where You Live
Don't Stop Now
Fall At Your Feet
This Heaven That I'm Making
Walked Her Way Down
Whispers and Moans
Silent House
Hole In The River
Don't Dream It's Over
Say That Again
Pour Le Monde
When You Come
Distant Sun

Pineapple Head
Four Season In One Day
Weather With You

Locked Out
Temptation/ She Goes On
Something So Strong
Better Be Home

They also did parts of:
Born To Be Alive
You Sexy Thing.

More details, I was right in front on Nick and somewhere in the first four song i was screaming "GO NICK!!" And i think he herd me, because he give me this smile. Someone behind me yelled out "play some of the old sh*t" and Neil misherd it can't remember what he thought he herd, but Nick corrected him. Neil goes "Ok we will play some old sh*t" and then they play Walked Her Way Down very funny. Some give me a note to give to Crowded House during Silent House, so after they play Silent House their was about 3 of use yell to Nick but he didn't hear. So we waited til Hole In the River finish, final he herd and came over and i lent over the barrier to give him the note (i'm a short person, just over 5ft), that was very cool that i got to do that. Don't know what the note said thought some along the lines of "Please..." thats all i know.
Neil and Nick did a little groove it went like this "i'm to sexy for my suit" and they Neil handed it over to Nick "I'm to sexy for my black suit".

I grey hounds came on between the first and second encore. The atmosphere was great and the audience was awesome. I loved my first concert. Got lots of photos. I did stay to meet the guys, because i was going back with some teachers, maybe next time i'll be able to meet them. Thanks John Walsh for the setlist.

Cheers Lisa.
Two people went over the barrier and on stage during Something So Strong a guy and girl. The girl got tooking away by security and the guy was still up on stage Neil and Nick said "they felt sorry for the girl" because the security guard took her and the guy was still up there. Neil also refer to the security guard as warm frizzy and cuddly, something along the lines of that.
Here we are in Christchurch, just arrived, the afternoon off. Notice CHCH seems to be covered in Crowdies Westpac Arena posters, such good teeth they all have-big smiles in that shot!

Wellington fun, what a great crowd, a smaller venue compared to Auckland, but the crowd made up for it in voice. Sandie Shaws 'Puppet on a string' somehow jumped into the set (well partially)! Unfortunately it's stuck in some of our heads, next day we are still humming and singing 'I wonder if one day that, you say that etc etc'....

The hounds were exceptional again, thanks to all involved...especially GAP (greyhounds as pets')
Have to say the owners & dogs have been brilliant- you'd expect someone who takes in a dog to be generous of heart..the dogs seem to love their moment, very processional- snoozing up to the first encore. Though Biggles did change his mind, which is fine, refuse to force them... MO was my baby for the night...the dogs are the true stars!

Set starts with Private Universe (followed by World and Dont Stop)

Plane up today seated next to Max/Matt and he will be having a chat/interview soon with us for the next newsletter- good man! His hair today is short(er) , Neil is towards the end of his flu- singing well-he always impresses me that even with illness his voice soars !!! Nick Seymour keeping everyone out on the town till the wee hours...those 'women' really did have rather big hands Nick! Wellington the city of T.V.'s!!! (:

Had some people asking about Davey Lane, yes we have borrowed him from You Am I....(the corridors ech with his playing in the band room) for Melbourne fans You Am I are playing a show in Melb the same night as expect him to play Crowdies and flee the scene to be onstage with You Am I.

Good to meet so many, soundchecks have been fun, hope the 5 who had the car breakdown made it to the Wellington show! it's all good out here, lighting is blowing my mind...Glenn's kicking some visual goals-glad so many of you have enjoyed the colours/tones.

Stay safe...Australia is fast approaching!


remember I am email free till NOV 20th.
Ah, so many tours, so many germs. Is it just me, or does every tour seem to start off with a bout of the flu from Mr. Finn? (by which I think is really meant a cold, not true influenza, which is seriously debilitating. Seems the Finn Brothers acoustic US tour in 2005 really did start off with the bona-fide.) Anyway, Neil, more Vitamin C for you, I think!

Thanks for the updates everyone, especially Gryph from the road. Sounds like the big arenas are not interfering with people's enjoyment of the band. Also glad to hear the doggies are still digging the tour! Rescue dogs are go! I have a rescue dog myself, though not a greyhound.
Originally posted by UK Jen exiled in NZ:
The band played Lowlands (is it Into the Lowlands?) from the Temple of Low Men album at the sound check. Have not heard this live often so that was a real fan club treat. Thank you Peter for letting us come to that.

Into the Lowlands??!!

Oh how I would LOVE to hear this live, as it ranks up there as one of my favourites. Perhaps the next time they're coming through Canada...

Oh loved the snaps (thanks) remember tos end me a jpeg if you can... that would be brilliant.

The fun thing about the dogs CHCH room is that the local crew actually DO refer to it as the 'Dogs room' so you can imagine what comments we had from loaders walking by...'it REALLY IS the dogs room' (fame at any price!)

Like Auckland- the dog owners and those lovely canines truly were so nice to work with-we all had a ball- we are probably all smelling a tad doggish from all the hugs walking, and extra visits we make to see them!

Originally posted by surferlisa:
I grey hounds came on between the first and second encore. The atmosphere was great and the audience was awesome. I loved my first concert. Got lots of photos. I did stay to meet the guys, because i was going back with some teachers, maybe next time i'll be able to meet them. Thanks John Walsh for the setlist.

Cheers Lisa.

Oops I was suppose to wrote I "didn't" stay to meet the guys.

I got to pat some greyhounds after the show very nice dogs.

My apology again for all the mistake, 6am is to early to be up writing.

Cheers Lisa.
Originally posted by Anna21:

BTW--Is Halloween a "big thing" in New Zeasland as it is here in te US? Any mention of it during the show?

Their was a mention of it in the show. They did little groove about it. Neil said how it was a big thing in his days, and Nick replyed is that a christian thing.

But I don't think Halloween is a big thing in NZ.
Originally posted by Mel25:
Originally posted by Anna21:
I can't get the videos to play--anyone else having issues?

Yes I have the same issue..just a frozen picture.

Depending upon your internet connection speed, all clips work, but have been compressed from 300MB's to 148MB's to fit the upload.

I'm on cable, but even if you are on ADSL 1 or 2, or even dial-up, they will work.

Try pausing the clip at the beginning till the download bar is complete, then play.

Hope this helps. Smiler

BTW: Did all's get what Mr Neil Finn said when asked about the re-union 'Split Enz' N.Z. tour, in this clip ?.

Bring the Enz 'home'. Big Grin

P.S. Frenz in Christchurch do we have any word on last nights gig ?.
We are now all in Sydney town, day off..I headed to the 'Gong to surprise my Mum & Sis... really nice day- but about 10,000 bike readers doing a charity marathon from Sydney -Wollongong- good to see though. One did look like Mark Hart?!

Did a 'roundup' of the NZ tour on the F/16 diary site , kind of a mini version of the diary and Deb now has this (hopefully?)!!! So it covers the NZ shows..will try and do the same for Oz. Should go up whenever Deb has a spare minute.

Sydney first show tomorrow... will be huge!

Take care and enjoy
Since all the action is across the ditch at the mo.

Memories of Wellington, Stage Banter and Teasers.
Now i was hoping for the teaser of that Zager and Evans song fron the 60's 'In The Year 2525' like they did at Copenhagen Amager Bio, DK

My fav 'quote' of the night was Neil quoting Tim telling him when he was a young man "The world moves on a womens hips Neil". He mentioned this at an Aus show too. Big Grin

But teasers like 'You Sexy Thing' 'Born To Be Alive' 'I'm Too Sexy' 'Puppet On A String' and 'Ten Guitars' were GR8.

BTW Who was that guy that got up on the stage with Neil with 'the girl', and security 'the cuddly giant' took the girl away, and left the guy on stage. Confused Roll Eyes

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