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Looks ok up to maybe Nobody Wants To....did they play Whispers and Moans, if so I must have been in a coma at that point. I don't remember being in a coma. Confused

No one ever does, mate. Wink

help me out you reckon they played Whispers and Moans ??

Just got home from the city (we stayed overnight) and have to say it was a brilliant show. I didn't think the Split Enz show could be topped but it was. There was an incredible vibe and the audience really kicked into gear pretty early with strong sing alongs to favorite songs.

I only really wished to hear one specific song and that was Private Universe. Having read the setlists for other shows, I was hopeful that it continue to be included here. It different to other versions I've heard but beautiful as always. All the other songs were just as wonderful though and the mood continued to improve as the night wore on.

With regard to the setlist, I don't know everything they did but I am pretty sure they didn't play Whispers and Moans. They did play Walked her Way Down. Also at the third encore, I think, they also played World Where You Live just before Pineapple Head. It was all just brilliant.

I was really pleased to hear Don't Stop Now sounding better than I've heard on any other live versions. It's the only song where I've preferred the album version. I think I would have loved You are the One to Make Me Cry but didn't get to hear it properly due to constant chatter for the first half of the song by a few nearby people. I did enjoy the part I got to hear properly though.

Although I wasn't at soundcheck, we did get to hear the last part of it as we approached the venue. It was very soothing even when we couldn't quite hear the words properly.

Overall, highlights for me were Private Universe (obviously), Pineapple Head, Fingers of Love, well all really but those are probably the favorite favorites.

I'm off for an afternoon nap. Didn't get much sleep in the noisy hotel last night and it's just catching up to me right now.
Originally posted by ljswa:
I was really pleased to hear Don't Stop Now sounding better than I've heard on any other live versions. It's the only song where I've preferred the album version.

I absolutely agree with you ljswa.

I thought it was odd, given that Matt and Mark were involved on the album version. Yet, last night's effort was a tad disappointing for me when compared to the album version which I know back to front.

Glad to hear you didn't hear Whispers and Moans either Smiler
Nah, beatworld, Whispers and Moans was definitely not played Smiler

I too missed the banter...kinda like it when controlled anarchy happens in a Crowdies gig. Hoping that tonight, as final night in Australia, will have more banter. And I agree with you, beatworld, about the middle of the set being a bit of a flat point - the PYTs next to us definitely upped their chatter and texting during those few songs. Geez, I'm old Roll Eyes
I think you must have been in the same area as me, lol. I don't mind the texting so much
but I wish they didn't chatter through songs. I felt like such an oldie when I glared at some of them while they were loudly chattering during You're the One To Make Me Cry. To be fair, I've run across some not so PYTs, who weren't much better (although not last night).

I had a bit of a nap this arvo and now I am feeling post-concert blues. Even without the financial aspect, hubby and I wouldn't be able to make it two nights running since we are limited as to who can watch our kids.Frowner Next time around we'll have to figure out something better, I guess.

Meanwhile I look forward to reports from tonight's show.

I'm wondering whether anyone got any good photos last night. I checked mine earlier today and discovered most were pretty awful but there are a few I can salvage. My hubby took several really good ones but filled his memory card (forgot to remove other photos before we left)and couldn't see to find the other one in his bag. At least the batteries didn't die on him this time.
Ok, folks, just back from Perth #2. Have posted set list in setlist thread (took notes this time Smiler ). Set was quite different to last night. We got Whispers and Moans this time Big Grin. I thought the crowd was different - last night was definitely hard core fans, tonight had a lot more chatterers and people who just weren't that interested in watching the show. Kind of like they were out for a Saturday night and it just didn't matter where they happened to be. Singing was still pretty good though (but I think Friday was better). The band seemed a bit more relaxed tonight and seemed to enjoy themselves a bit more. A tad more banter tonight as well, which was fun. Neil made a comment about how we must be drinking something really good to have us singing so well, and then said that one of the trees in the Gardens looked like a chicken Eeker. Who's doing the drinking now, Neil? Big Grin

Got to see Bob Evans and Augie March this time (planned the food gathering a lot better this time) - both good sets and the crowd really got into them.

Other moments:

  • We got to sing like a guitar (for the guitar intro riff in Pineapple Head)
  • Nick giving us a few lines from You Sexy Thing
  • Chocolate Cake segueing into Age of Aquarius (now that tested the younger people in the audience).
  • Davey Lane played with the band tonight (I don't think he was there last night, unless I am so short that I couldn't see him...). He really rocked out (well, as much as you can do on acoustic guitar).
  • Mojitos are apparently the drink of choice for the Crowdies this tour.

    Sorry, can't remember much more - am exhausted now - off to bed. But it's been a great two nights. And I'm almost over my hatred of general admission venues Wink
  • Good to see some comments on tonight's show. I was so tempted to go down and just listen from outside but I'd have had to go it alone and wasn't too keen on that. I saw there were still tickets being sold as late as this afternoon so maybe I should have just gone alone. Sigh...Next time, I will make it to the second show if there is one.

    No, Davey Lane was definitely not there last night. I only noticed somebody came on during Fingers of Love, for keyboards I think.

    I'm glad the crowd got into the support acts tonight. I really enjoyed them yesterday but didn't think the crowd was paying very much attention aside from those right at the very front.
    Just got home from 2nd Perth concert.
    It's 1am, I can't sleep from all the excitement!
    I need to wind down.
    The concert was soooo wonderful !!!!
    We got up near the front when they came on, and stood for the entire night, just taking it all in and singing along as per Neil's request!
    Neil was very happy, his voice was incredible.
    Every song they did brought tears to my eyes.
    Next tour I may consider going interstate to see more shows.
    I'm sure lots of people do this?
    I was thrilled to hear Neil say they liked Perth and they would always come here! yay!
    Where was Davey?
    With You Am I.

    "They’re happy to announce, in between various projects from TR solo (nice record Tim), to drums for Radio Birdman, to guitar for Crowded House, to digging, the guys will get together, for the first time in Australia in a year and for the foreseeable future to play 4 special shows. "

    HiFi bar, Melbourne VIC: Friday 9th Nov

    Torquay Hotel, Torquay VIC: Saturday 10th Nov
    Capricorn music , Geelong

    The ZOO, Fortitude Valley QLD: Thursday 15th Nov

    Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW: Friday 16th Nov

    Hope he's having a lie in today.

    Mysterious Alchemy: A Review of Crowded House in Concert - 5 November 2007
    (with Augie March and the Walls)
    by Susan Harris Rimmer, Canberra

    There were questions in the hearts of devoted Crowded House fans as they
    poured into the sold-out Sydney Entertainment Centre. It had been 11 years
    since the Sydney Opera House 'Farewell to the World' concert, 13 years since
    'Together Alone' and one year since the death of Paul Hester. Sure, Live
    Earth and Wave Aid, the Split Enz reunion and various Finn projects had been
    and gone in the meantime to keep us happy. But Crowded House are more than
    a band for most of us 30-somethings there on an unseasonably cold Sydney
    night. They are the soundtrack to our youth, the music we dreamed to on our
    high school mix-tape, sang to in uni bars, took overseas with us to remind
    us of home on our overseas travels, included in our wedding music. When I
    hear a Crowded House song, there is a beauty and warmth and familiarity that
    genuinely feels like home.

    Would it feel the same? Would we feel old? I still remember those acoustic
    gigs with the 3 Crowdies in small venues with Neil bringing the genius, Nick
    the dry wit and Paul the unpredictable fun. Music so brilliant it sounds so
    simple, self-deprecating wit, unpretentious technical mastery of all kinds
    of instruments, inclusive fellowship with the audience - that was Crowded
    House live. Even on the grand scale of the Opera House concert, it was still
    that basic dynamic. Could there be that magic on stage without Paul?

    The opening act Augie March settled everyone down as they played their
    shimmering song 'One Crowded Hour'. Everyone sang and the sound of sweet
    harmony filled the hall. I relaxed. The songs are beautiful enough. Neil
    could sing them offstage facing a wall and it would still be a good night.
    They could play all of the new album and the final chorus of 'don't dream
    its over' and everyone would have gone home happy. You knew the band is
    still going to be quirky and unpretentious because the merchandising stalls
    in the foyer are selling limited edition tour tea-towelsfeaturing calendars
    and pink caravans.

    But then Crowded House ran onto the stage and there was my first shock.
    There was Neil and Nick, and the familiar musician's-musician Mark Hart.
    Drummer Matt Sherrod from Beck looked like he'd stumbled out of the John
    Butler Trio, and was sporting a huge grin. Davey Lane was lurking in the
    background as he does. But they were all wearing suits! Neil looked like a
    Beatle (which earnt him my first girly scream of the night), albeit with
    slightly alarming Rod Stewart hair and Nick looked positively sharp in a
    white P. Diddy number. They launched into 'Private Universe' and the
    drumming was primal and beautiful, the lighting design was intricate and the
    sound was perfect, cascading like a waterfall. Then Neil launched into a
    series of gags about a mobile camera and his inadequacy around new
    technology, eventually placing the camera carefully so it filmed an
    unexplained tomato on his keyboard. 'You're in the game now Sydney!' Neil
    screams. The message was clear - we are still bloody good fun live and now
    we really rock. Neil brings the house down with his recollections of the
    Countdown music awards in the centre 20 odd years ago and how upset he was
    that the crowd went really wild for the Angels 'Do I ever want to see your
    face again' with its coarse rejoinder instead of his finely crafted lyrics.
    There are running gags about Australian birds. This is more chat from Neil
    in the first half hour than I have ever heard in seven odd previous gigs
    I've been to combined plus the Denton interview, and he is really enjoying

    Next was 'Whispers and moans' and more funnies - Nick's pristine
    environmentally-friendly home in Melbourne, complete with worm farm, is
    right next to the proposed site for a huge desalination plant. He looks down
    the barrel of the big camera and says 'I'm going to have a word with Garrett
    when he gains power'. Huge grin, huge applause. Straight into 'Better be
    home soon'. The Crowdies crowd is officially over the moon and in the palm
    of their hand, so it is time to play the new album. First the gentle first
    single 'Don't stop now' and then Neil brings out Liam Finn, his son and
    mini-musical-me. Neil takes his jacket off to wild screams from the female
    members of the audience and looks quietly chuffed whilst Liam looks a bit
    horrified and everyone laughs and feels old again.

    At first I thought Liam's presence was helping him build a profile because
    Liam has just put out his debut album (which is pretty damn good), but then
    I realised Neil needs Liam's voice for the delicate close harmonies of the
    songs on the new album. They start with the tribute to Paul Hester 'English
    Trees' and it is a touching moment. They do 'Say that again' and Liam runs
    off, and it is a shame b/c although the Tim Finn years of Crowded House were
    fraught, hearing those glorious harmonies live, so the vibrations bury deep
    into your marrow is a special experience. Without Liam, Neil is basically on
    his own for vocal beauty and the backing has been pumped up, so the songs
    that work best are the ones where he is on his own, or where the audience
    brings the depth with their singing. Although 'Silent House' is a beautiful
    song, the vocal line feels overwhelmed by the backing and you miss the Dixie
    Chick's harmonies. Well I did.

    The highlight of songs from the new album was definitely 'Pour le monde'.
    The song had a wildly interrupted introduction as Neil moved to the piano.
    In a scripted piece of mayhem, Nick finally gives in to his 'rampant disco
    gene' and they all launch into a droll version of the disco classic 'born to
    be alive'. But then Neil whispers 'pour le monde pas pour la guerre' (for
    the world not the war), earns himself another girlie scream and launches
    into the song with a passion totally absent from the recorded version. His
    performance turned a pretty song into an epic, and would send us all
    scurrying back to the new album that all the hardcore fans had bought, but
    until then has not been transported by. They play several more tunes from
    the new album which definitely sound better live but puzzlingly not 'she
    called up' which is one of the best and the second single.

    But just as I am wondering about this Neil starts chatting again, this time
    about Tim, and how his real name is Brian (ah, that sibling rivalry) and how
    he was always telling Neil tall stories, including that he had been stolen
    by aliens and replaced by an impostor called Soupy. 'Which I believed for
    years' Neil says ruefully. 'But then I've never forgotten, he also told me
    that the world moves on a woman's hips. [pause, girlie screams] It has taken
    all these years to make that idea into a song'. They slide into 'She walked
    her way down' from the new album and then 'Fall at your feet' and finally
    'When you come'. It is seriously sexy stuff - Neil has always endured the
    lusty screams of fans with bashful smiles and the odd bit of gentle mockery,
    and he often indulges his inner rock god, especially with his solo work, but
    this was different. There was a confidence and sexuality to the music that
    was not your usual Crowded House style. Partly it was the drums, partly
    Neil seemed more confident with the role as he's aged and mostly it was the
    rawness in the way he was singing the lyrics. Whatever it was, hoochy mama,
    it was hot. Then it was straight into a sublime rendition of 'Distant Sun',
    my favourite song (if tortured and made to choose). That's it. Rapture. I'm
    in a state of complete bliss.

    Then the lights shift and Neil says 'This is in memory of Paul Hester' and
    they sing 'Italian Plastic' and although it is a funny little song, it is
    made majestic that night and the chorus soars and 12 000 people get a bit
    misty. The new drummer does some panto and juggles fruit to cheer us up -
    he is incredibly talented and genuinely funny, but we miss Paul Hester like
    an ache. You get the feeling that this concert is exactly the tribute he
    would want.

    They run off stage and we are all in agony again - it has been 2 and a half
    hours of brilliance but there are so many songs we still want to hear. You
    know they will do 'Don't Dream Its Over', 'Four seasons' and 'Weather with
    you' or face a lynching but what about all the others?

    There are two encores and it is sing-along time and everyone is up in their
    seats - first 'Locked Out' and 'Something so strong' with some beautiful
    singing from the crowd while Neil closes his eyes to listen with a beatific
    smile. Then they run off again, the big teases, and then finally
    'weather','four seasons' and 'don't dream its over'. The 12 000-strong
    singing is unexpectedly beautiful and moving, more like a church choir than
    a crowd - presumably crowdie fans are musical types b/c I can hear many
    trained voices around me. Neil has all the lights turned off to encourage
    even greater vocal heights. People wave their phones and it looks and feels
    like fireflies in a giant cavern with a sacred ritual going on. You can
    feel Neil beaming through the darkness and when he says 'thank you' to the
    crowd he means it and we all beam back. And then it is over and we are
    pushed out into a cold dark street in Haymarket and everyone is humming and
    singing and smiling childish smiles at each other and feeling blessed.

    You have to live up to the responsibility of the name," said Neil in a
    recent interview. "There's a mysterious alchemy of sorts that the name is
    part of and the personalities as well. It brought out good things in us."
    Crowded House still feel like home to me. Mysterious alchemy indeed.
    Originally posted by The Cyclist and the Manager:
    Ok, folks, just back from Perth #2. Have posted set list in setlist thread (took notes this time Smiler ). Set was quite different to last night. We got Whispers and Moans this time Big Grin. I thought the crowd was different - last night was definitely hard core fans, tonight had a lot more chatterers and people who just weren't that interested in watching the show. Kind of like they were out for a Saturday night and it just didn't matter where they happened to be. Singing was still pretty good though (but I think Friday was better).

    Whereabouts were you sitting on each night? I think that may have been an important variable Smiler. On Friday, the people around us (up the front, stage right) were yelling out what they probably thought was a melody but really wasn't, and swaying and staggering and falling over everyone. We moved, but found more of the same. Last night though, the people around us were great, much more tuneful, less drunk but still dancing enthusiastically. That was in front of the sound desk.

    Last night's show was magic Smiler, but I've already waffled about it elsewhere, so I'll spare you guys.
    Perth was amazing, it went off totally (hi to Pez - a great tour buddy)and Andrea and to Mel, Sherrie and hubby if you are lurking Smiler. First here is the set list for the show on the 17th

    Private Universe
    It's Only Natural
    Don't Stop Now
    Fall At Your Feet
    Whispers and Moans
    Walked Her Way Down
    Say That Again
    Hole In The River/The Parting Glass
    I Will Love You Til The Day I Die
    Silent House
    Don't Dream It's Over
    People Are Like Suns (abridged)
    Chocolate Cake
    Jam of You Sexy Thing/Age Of Aquarius
    Pour Le Monde
    Weather With You/Words Of Love (The Beatles)

    Encore 1

    Locked Out
    Distant Sun
    Something So Strong

    Encore 2

    Four Seasons
    Better Be Home Soon
    Pineapple Head

    Pity some folks behind us felt the need to chatter during the set and holler for requests while the guys were playing but most of us were very happy campers, singing and dancing our hearts out and the boys looked impressed with that Smiler

    Lining up from 10am and 11 am each day was certainly worth it, the first show we were in front of Nick and the second in front of Neil, we had some nice smiles from Neil, Nick and Mark aswell and a lovely meeting with them all after the show.

    Imagine my surprise to be on the same flight as Mark and Matt today (they were transiting of course)but Matt saw me in the bag drop line and we struck up a conversation - then on board Mark and his wife were sitting next to me. What a way to end things for me.

    The Crowdies are such lovely lovely guys and we did thank them last night for such amazing shows. They are just so generous with their time and so genuine we are such lucky fans Smiler

    Abi thankyou to Peter for everything, and to John for looking after us (and the entire road crew team who really do an amazing job)
    What a night! We were at the first Sydney gig and we had the most amazing night! My gorgeous baby girl turned one a few days before so what a way to end off one amazing year for me! The vibe was so mellow yet exciting, Crowdies fans are quite special people. Loved the mix of old and new songs, wish I could have heard so many more but somehow I don't think they could cram in so much. Just hoping for many more to come! LOVED IT! BEST CONCERT EVER!
    Just a quick post to say that my wife and I went to the Friday show and had a fantastic time. The band were fantastic. The set list was brilliant ("Private Universe" - sigh, "There Goes God") and the crowd was great.

    I'm very jealous of the Adelaide audience. Message to My Girl would have been brilliant.

    Would love to have been able to go to last night's show but it just wasn't possible.

    As an aside, here's a quick story about what crowded house means to me.
    Review in today's (Novermber 18, 2007) Adelaide Sunday Mail's IE section.

    Reviewed By Elissa Doherty.

    Adelaide Entertainment Centre - 13th November 2007

    Don't Dream It's Over.


    From tears to rapturous cheers... Fans left the band in no doubt that they'd been missed when returning to the stage after an 11-year hiatus, with thunderous roars and endless applause.

    "Welcome back!", screamed one punter before the opener Private Universe. "It's grand to be here!," a greyer but gregarious Neil Finn told the crowd.

    So grand, it seemed that the gang - Finn, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart and former Beck drummer Matt Sherrod - didn't want the dream to be over.

    Delivering a powerhouse two-and-a-half-hour show in dapper black suits, they grinned all the way to the second encore, where Finn spiritedly bounded on stage and jumped into the air. The supercharged show powered through greatest hits picks like Weather With You, World Where You Live and Locked Out, with a ferocious fire that must have been buliding since the Opera House farewell all those years ago.

    It even stirred the typically polite Adelaideans out of their seats. Of course, there was a nod to their new album Time On Earth, the first collection of new material since Together Alone in 1993. But, when a band as familiar and loved as your favourite pair of slippers reforms and hits the road again, there's one thing that the audience is bursting for: to sing along to the hits. Finn clearly delighted in handing over the mic to the audience during such crowd-pleasers as Don't Dream It's Over and Fall At Your Feet.

    It was touches like this that injected the sterile, impersonal venue with a loungeroom intimacy.

    It felt like an audience of one for this Crowded House tragic. Picking a highlight was as difficult as stopping feet from tapping. Was it the hauntingly beautiful When You Come, delivered by Finn alone at the keyboard? Was it singing with gusto to Don't Dream It's Over, wondering why they ever disbanded? Whatever it was, they'd better come to our home again soon.

    Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
    Wow what an amazing Fri/Sat! Thanks to Finngirl, Pez et al for being my concert buddies Smiler

    The piece de resistance:

    It was lovely to meet all the guys after the show and not so terrifying after all! I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

    Thanks Perth for a wonderful two nights, lining up since 1pm both days wasn't so bad - being at the front for both shows and right in front of Neil last night made it all so worth it.

    Bumped into the guys from Augie March as I was leaving and said hello, 'twas almost too easy Smiler
    Yep, just been settling back into reality after the amazing few nights that I had in Melbourne. Didn't do the whole tour because of family and financial reasons. Had an absolute bawl though, having went with some good mates who actually "get it"!

    Just wanted to say more than anything:

    To the girl who helped me get my program signed by Neil after the second show in Melbourne, and very kindly offered us a lift as we were walking back toward Richmond..THANKYOU! The world would be a much better place if there were more selfless people like yourself. If you read this, please drop me a line..I would like to know who this kind stranger was!
    Originally posted by Dizrythmia:

    We decided to do the "waiting" thing & see if the guys came out for autographs & pics. It's not an expectation, but if it happens & they're good for a meet & greet then fine. Mark & Matt were real gentlemen, & as I'd never met either of them & they came out together. Neil jumped out of his van on the way out saying he couldn't just drive by. My GF hung back while people got autographs, but when she approached Neil & asked him he was in the process of getting back into the van. He looked at her as she spoke, but shut the door in her face.

    It was her first time meeting him & she was quite shocked, but I tried to explain it was probably an isolated incident as he may have been a bit overwhelmed. She said she understood if he didn't want to sign autographs at all, but she simply didn't appreciate having the door slammed in her face. I was standing offside & saw it happen, but like I said: isolated incident. I've met him twice before & he's been great. I tried to explain that he may not have heard her maybe... I dunno... Still, that's her first time & first impressions though... you know the rest. I didn't actually go near Neil, so I can't say how his mood was.


    Just got back home in Adelaide having spent the weekend in Perth. By sheer luck we managed to be staying at the same hotel as the band. We were in the foyer Friday night when each of the vans rocked up, and Neil was in a very definite rush when he arrived back. As he flew by he gave us a grin and a wave, but we sensed straight away that he didn't want us to bother him. Couldn't tell you his usual routine after gigs but that night he definitely wanted some 'Neil' time. Saw him in the bar later and he looked a lot more relaxed as did the rest of CH and Augies.

    Perhaps a little selfishly I bailed Neil up for a photo on Saturday after he'd been out getting some exercise. He was very obliging even though the timing wasn't great for him. Thanks Neil!
    Said he found the Adelaide show last week to be a "nice" one by the way, which it was.
    What a great show last night in Perth! I know some people were worried about the 'general admission' but I think it worked fine - I do love an outdoor concert, and way better there at Supreme Court Gardens than the Burswood Dome.

    Highlights for me were Pour Le Monde, Locked Out and everything else. It was all good and I didn't want it to end. Two hours has never gone so quickly!
    It's just like being at the concert again, reading all your reviews!
    I noticed some of you got to meet the guys after the Perth concerts.
    Where did you meet them and how?
    The reason I'm asking is I've been a fan for years, I've been to a few concerts but have never met them, or even seen them close up. I don't like to approach people during "their time".
    It would be so wonderful to get an autograph!
    Originally posted by CamC:
    Was at Adelaide. I don't know if it's just me but I thought the audience looked like stunned mullets for the first half of the show. No wonder many bands skip this town.

    Oh good, I wasn't the only one who noticed that! Not to mention the two girls next to us who thought it was a good time to have an incredibly loud chat...and the hordes of people still strolling to their seats three songs in. A bit of respect, people! Grrrrrrr.
    Originally posted by Mrs Horse Pants:
    Originally posted by CamC:
    Was at Adelaide. I don't know if it's just me but I thought the audience looked like stunned mullets for the first half of the show. No wonder many bands skip this town.

    Oh good, I wasn't the only one who noticed that! Not to mention the two girls next to us who thought it was a good time to have an incredibly loud chat...and the hordes of people still strolling to their seats three songs in. A bit of respect, people! Grrrrrrr.

    It certainly wasn't like that in Perth, eh Mrs Horse pants Wink

    Nice to meet you briefly, last night Smiler

    Glad you managed to get the SE DVD in Perth, I'll have to go have a look for it myself now Cool

    ...and the Augie March, and Bob evans CD's Big Grin
    All I can say is both concerts were awesome!

    Would you believe, before I went to see Crowded House for the first (and second) time this weekend, I never used the word awesome in my life!

    What does that say to you Cool

    I am still on cloud nine since seeing both the Perth shows and the soundcheck Red Face

    Anyone know....What was the idea behind the greyhounds on the stage?

    I managed to capture a really funny video clip of Nick and the dogs on stage on Friday night's show Big Grin
    I agree that I really liked the general admission and the venue in Perth, even though standing for nearly four hours was a bit rough on my not so young bones. Although I was so desperate to see the second show that I nearly bought a ticket online (yes, they still were selling them late that afternoon) and went alone, I don't know if my body could have physically handled it.

    We arrived pretty much right at 5pm and we were pretty close to the stage. In hindsight, I wish we had squeezed a bit closer because of the chatterers around us. I figure the die-hards were closer and paying more attention instead of trying to carry on a conversation and would have preferred to be in there. This was especially true during the support acts.

    All I can say is I can't wait until they come around next time and I hope it's an outdoor venue again.

    Now I will go back to suffering CH withdrawal symptoms. Big Grin
    Great video, Tiawamutu! And it was very nice to meet you too, albeit briefly.

    The Perth crowds were definitely far better than Adelaide, except of course for the pissed blokes yelling and carrying on. We had a particularly obnoxious trio behind us on Friday night who couldn't sing yet insisted on doing so loudly, were heard to ask "What's the name of the singer?" (if you don't know, bugger off down the back and let someone who is actually a fan down the front) and who pushed and shoved at us in order to remove us from our spots at the barrier. Didn't work. We didn't queue from 2pm to get shoved out of the way by total morons.

    Perth's singing en masse was a glorious thing. Just goes to show how different a crowd can be when they're not forced to sit on their arses in an arena.

    If any of this doesn't make sense, you'll have to excuse me. Sleep deprivation does not sit well with me.
    Originally posted by ljswa:
    We arrived pretty much right at 5pm and we were pretty close to the stage. In hindsight, I wish we had squeezed a bit closer because of the chatterers around us. I figure the die-hards were closer and paying more attention instead of trying to carry on a conversation and would have preferred to be in there. This was especially true during the support acts.

    You'd hope that would be the case but no. We were in the second row for both support acts on Friday, and the people directly behind us were facing away from the stage, chatting to their freinds in a circle. Loudly. Couldn't believe it, I mean, if someone is performing three metres away from you, you WATCH, whether you like them or not. It's not like either support played for long, it wasn't a huge burden to carry. Don't know whether they found it in their hearts to turn and pay attention to CH, because by that time we had moved out a bit.

    We were so irked by the crowd that night that I decided to get there a bit later on Saturday and just hang back around the sound desk. It was much more fun there.
    Ah well, beclf, I guess there was no winning on the rude peope front. I would have thought that people further back would be more likely to talking so would never think to move back. To do again, I think I would still get closer.

    Mrs. Horse Pants, I so agree with you. The singing en masse really was glorious. I know I for one feel more awkward to stand up if others around me are sitting down. Friday, I didn't worry about the people behind me seeing because the whole point was to be up on our feet.
    WOW! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

    What an amazing two weeks that was! Things went way beyond my expectations and let's just say that many a dream came true. I actually still can't quite believe exactly what happened..somebody pinch me please! Smiler

    Highlights for me were Sydney, the Melbourne shows, the events in Adelaide and the unbelievable shows in Perth. Being in the front row for both those shows defied description - I guess you just had to be there to experience the extremely enthusiastic crowd. I'll be back to post more thoughts and pictures once I get my computer back...I'm currently stuck at an Internet Cafe (Grrrr!)

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