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I realize that the fonts used to create the lettering on the album covers was probably not done on a computer, but it is a pleasant extra touch if one can approximate the original artwork when creating a cassette or CD. The only font I ever found to be somewhat close is Bitstream Informal011. Anybody know/have/created others that are closer?


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Hi Guys

Funny you ask. Being a graphic designer, I have always wondered myself. Most of the major CH album covers are illustrated with custom typography. For example, well known designer Margo Chase designed the Temple of Low Men type.

I think the original CH album type is Nick's handy work. Woodface "letter construction" is Timothy Eames. Together Alone is someone else. Hmmm.

The support fonts inside the CD booklets and all the covers of the CD singles are standard fonts. As a point of reference, you can email the people at FontShop. and send them a scan and most times they can tell you what it is....

BTW, The Finn Brothers type looks a little like Trade Gothic Condensed.

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