Hi Everyone,

Back many moons ago (something like 15 years ago), there was a email distribution list (listserv) service that had quite a few Crowded House fans on it. It was a lot of fun and VERY active at times.

Anyway, from time to time, someone would come up with the idea of making a Crowded House shirt or something. I happen to still have several of these momentos, and I took a picture of one of them for everyone to see. I think its pretty cool if you ask me.

Now of course, the internet is much more sophisticated with this cool forum as well as access to awesome Crowded House stuff on Cafepress (not eBay's french fries - haha).

-Mike in SoCal

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Can you please move this post back to where I had it in the Crowded House forum. It is not a topic about crafts or anything like that.

It is to have people who might have been around in the past chime in about the CH listserve which was the entry point of Crowded House (and Neil Finn) into the internet.

Can you please move it back?

Mike, the Crowded House forum is meant for discussion of the actual music. Discussion about a CH on the internet and a historic email list (i.e. one which is no longer in existence) belongs elsewhere, and as the bulk of your post concerns a fan made t-shirt design, then 'Original Creations' is where that fits.
What is it with Marck Bailey's list, anyway? I cannot resubscribe, so I must assume it has ceased to exist or moved elsewhere?

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