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Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere but I couldn't see the original thread anywhere...

Thanks to Mark from TITM for this:

By Kathy McCabe, Music Editor, in California
April 30, 2007 12:00

CROWDED House will launch a new album and perform at Sydney's Live Earth concert in July, it was announced today.

The beloved Australasian band kicked off their comeback campaign with a spirited performance on the last night of the famed Coachella festival this afternoon.

Playing on the final day of the event in the middle of the Californian desert, the band delivered a greatest hits set and introduced two new songs from their new album, Time On Earth.

Frontman Neil Finn also confirmed the band will return to Australia to launch the album, and perform at Live Earth, at Aussie Stadium, on July 7.

It all ended there with a big show so it will be good to do another big show there, he said.

Finn and band co-founder Nick Seymour decided to reform the internationally successful act 11 years after calling it quits with a mammoth farewell concert at the Sydney Opera House.

The pair - who were brought together again by the tragic death of original drummer Paul Hester - rekindled their working relationship while recording songs for what was supposed to be Finn’s third solo record, but during the recording session in England late last year their innate chemistry and strong friendship inspired them to give the band another go.

Multi instrumentalist Mark Hart, Finn's eldest son Liam, and former set drummer Matt Sherrod complete the line up which has been playing warm-up gigs throughout last week.

Liam displayed some of the crazy dance antics of his uncle Tim, also a former member of the band, when he leapt to the front of the stage during Locked Out and threw himself around his bandmates and on the floor.

A sizeable contingent of the 70,000 strong crowd were there to experience the reunion and fall in love again with classics such as Something So Strong, Don't Dream It's Over and Better Be Home Soon.

Does this mean we can FINALLY get excited?

WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Crowdies ARE coming at last! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

______________________ "We aim to please!" Neil Finn, Melbourne, 3/12/08

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Look what I just found in the Herald Sun...... Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Crowded House rocks again
by Cameron Adams, May 01, 2007 12:00

Rock greats Crowded House returned in front of a full house at an American music festival at the weekend.

The reformation tour in front of 70,000 fans was the first major public show for the band since reuniting after the death of drummer Paul Hester. Neil Finn, Nick Seymour and Mark Hart were joined at California's Coachella festival by new drummer Matt Sherrod - who has played with US singer Beck -- as well as Finn's son Liam.

The band has dedicated its new album Time On Earth to Hester's memory. "Just through making the album we remembered so much about him," Finn told the Herald Sun yesterday. "Our venacular is laced with his humour. There's so many things we still say that came from him. That's a good way to remember him and pay him some respect. But the record isn't meant as a memorial to him -- it's the new and improved Crowded House."

The reformation was a contentious issue among fans, who argued on internet sites about getting the million-selling band, who split in 1996, back together. "It's touching that people care enough to debate that issue," Finn said. "Obviously there's a great deal of affection for what was. People are the ultimate arbiters of whether it's a good idea. They'll either come and like it or they won't. That's their right. We knew we were doing it for the right reasons."

Their Coachella set was littered with Crowded House classics - Better Be Home Soon, Don't Dream It's Over, Fall At Your Feet, Something So Strong, When You Come, World Where You Live and Private Universe. The band also premiered new single Don't Stop Now.

Crowded House will perform at the Live Earth concert for global warming awareness in Sydney on July 7, their first Australian live show since their farewell at the Opera House in 1996. "As with everything else with Crowded House this year, it's all been leaked out," Finn said of the poorly kept secret. "We're excited about playing a very timely concert. It'll be a big open-air event in Sydney, much like the way we bowed out last time. There's something appropriate about that." However Finn hints that Melbourne, where the band formed, shouldn't feel too left out. "We might sneak a little quiet show in Melbourne while we're there."

OMG...did I really just read THAT?

I guess we'll find out soon enough if they intend to do a proper tour at that time...I'd say anything's possible at the moment.

At least with Live Earth, there'll only be the one stage and it sure sounds like the Crowdies will be either one of or THE headline act! Big Grin

It'll be interesting to hear who else will be playing there - at least we will find out soon on May 8th. Let's just hope that there is a sensible order to the event line-up.....PLEASE?
According to this, our Crowdies ARE headlining Big Grin


LATEST: Reformed rockers CROWDED HOUSE have bumped JACK JOHNSON from the headlining spot at Sydney. Australia's Live Earth concert after confirming they'll perform at the eco-friendly fundraiser. Surf rocker Johnson confirmed he'd perform at the Sydney show this July (07) with another reunited Antipodean act, Midnight Oil, last month (Apr07), but he has been forced to step down from headlining. Crowded House announced they'd headline the event yesterday (01May07) - just two days after a triumphant comeback performance at California's Coachella Festival. The Aussie Stadium Live Earth show will be a return of sorts for the Don't Dream It's Over hitmakers, who performed their last show in Sydney before splitting in 1986. Frontman Neil Finn says, "It all ended there with a big show so it will be good to do another big show there."
I'm extremely jealous of all of you who will be able to see CH at Live Earth. Looks like a fantastic lineup! On the flip side, it's a big relief to me that they'll be in Australia 7/7. I'll be in Boston that week (a month before they're playing there!) and I was afraid they'd be playing Chicago while I was in Boston and I'd miss both shows.
For those of us nowhere near Sydney on the date of Live Earth - I found this on the Live Earth website...

Exclusive online media partner MSN is helping Live Earth reach people in every corner of the globe. The concerts will be streamed live on 7/7/07 at MSN’s 39 localized web portals worldwide attract 465 million monthly users. The concerts will also be broadcast worldwide on television and radio.

Phew! I had enough trouble with Live 8 when all my favourites were playing in Paris...! Though at this rate we'll be seeing the whole of the Crowdie tour via webcast!!!! Big Grin
oh goddam i am loving nick in a suit!

and thanks davoiii for that vid - it was fantastic - the kiwi accent is so cute - when the news reader says missy higgins heheeh will there be a kiwi website for missy called mussy huggins??? te he

i wish i could be there for it Frowner

and Blue King Brown are gonna be there! wow thats a great gig for them to be getting - they are awesome live!!!
Has anybody heard what happened to Silverchair? If my memory serves me correctly, they were on the original band list and now they've simply disappeared. That's a shame because I was really looking forward to seeing them..... Frowner

I wonder if there's any chance they might reappear on the bill?

On a brighter note, there's only 57 days until our Crowdies head-line Live Earth!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Hmmm not sure on that ash, sorry

meanwhile lets hope we can get tickets, no doubt aswell as the people who DO want to go to LE there will be the usual scalpers out to make a buck re-selling the tickets too.

I've just booked my flight home for July 8th, I am going to just die if there is a fan club gig a day or so Live Earth in OZ.

If we are blessed with a warm up show,PLEASE do it before Live Earth PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Looks like this might be the one and only date down here in the near future. At least we've only got 53 days to go now.

When on earth do they plan on telling us the Australian and NZ dates? Confused The rest of July appears to be free guys..... *HINT, HINT* Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Just make sure you give us enough time to get home from Live Earth!
I'm not going to Live Earth Frowner but recieved my Ticketek members email today.

The link in the email takes you to the info page.

They are also running a competition:

As a special offer to My Ticketek members, book tickets online to Live Earth Australia before Friday 25 May 2007, and go into the draw to win the latest CD from each Live Earth Australia artist.

Good Luck with that one everyone
Originally posted by ash1296:
Looks like this might be the one and only date down here in the near future. At least we've only got 53 days to go now.

When on earth do they plan on telling us the Australian and NZ dates? Confused The rest of July appears to be free guys..... *HINT, HINT* Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Just make sure you give us enough time to get home from Live Earth!

And please don't be doing extra shows in OZ while I'm in NZ and then fly into NZ as I land back here Eeker

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