Crowded House back on the road
| January 21, 2007

CROWDED House, one of Australia's biggest musical exports, is re-forming for a world tour.

Former frontman Neil Finn and bassist Nick Seymour have held auditions in Auckland and Los Angeles and will continue their search for a replacement for founding drummer Paul Hester in Melbourne this week.

Hester committed suicide two years ago.

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CROWDED House, one of Australia's biggest musical exports, is re-forming for a world tour.
Former frontman Neil Finn and bassist Nick Seymour have held auditions in Auckland and Los Angeles and will continue their search for a replacement for founding drummer Paul Hester in Melbourne this week.
Hester committed suicide two years ago.
Finn has regularly dismissed notions of re-forming Crowded House. But Hester's tragic death shook that resolve.
Sources say Finn will commit 12 months to a world tour by Crowded House.
Finn's British-based management group will make an announcement this week.
The reunion comes 10 years after the band's emotional farewell performance on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
Last year, Finn toured with his former band Split Enz. In March, he will release a solo album and, later, tour with Crowded House.
Seymour played bass on Finn's forthcoming solo album.
"In the shadow of Paul's passing, we had more than enough reason to seek each other out and take a bit of comfort from each other," Finn said last month.
"But we've reconnected musically, too. I've really enjoyed him playing bass. There's something instinctive that we've got together and it's pretty undeniable."
Finn is expected in Melbourne today. But road-testing a new drummer will be a difficult task.
Two years ago, Finn said Hester's talent as a beatkeeper was almost irreplaceable and that he truly appreciated Hester's musical talent after the drummer left Crowded House in 1994.
"I never knew how great Paul was for me, how much he gave me, how incredibly important the chemistry was, until much later, when I was trying to show drummer after drummer how to play the brushes properly on Four Seasons in One Day," Finn said.
"Not one bugger got it. I realised how professional Paul's groove was, how genetically in synch we were.
"It was an accident, but a beautiful one. A fate that drew us all together."
Melbourne-born and bred, the Crowdies conquered the US with the 1987 hit, Don't Dream It's Over. Subsequent hits included Better Be Home Soon, Weather With You and Fall At Your Feet.
Crowded House split in June, 1996, and played the Opera House show five months later.
Finn said the band had achieved success in Britain and the US and he was sick of living on the road.
He has had a successful solo career, occasionally performing with brother Tim as the Finn Brothers.
Seymour runs a recording studio in Dublin and plays bass in a local band, Tarmac Adam.
Is this real? Or is it press speculation yet again because Nick is in Neil's touring band? Obviously, they have to find a drummer for Neil's tour so I can't help thinking the press are reading into this too much. Would Crowded House tour when Neil is in the final stages of mixing his new album which would require a tour too? And if it's true, how come there is no mention of Mark Hart or more to the fact Peter Jones???
here's a thread

Is Neil Finn planning a Crowded House reunion?

The Age reported Friday (July 20) that Neil Finn was recording a new Crowded House album in Auckland with drummer Ricky Gooch replacing the late Paul Hester. Gooch is from Wellington’s Trinity Roots.

However fans at frenz.com, the official site for all things Finn think the idea, aren’t buying it.

“I'm sure Neil and co are giggling in the studio over this one”, wrote one fan. “Perhaps it's a long talked about project with Nick and another drummer....maybe not necessarily Crowded House as such”, said another.

Neil Finn recently repeatedly stated on the Split Enz tour that he would never do a Crowded House reunion because of the death of Paul Hester. However, as the Crowdie fans know, Hester had left the band 2 years before they broke up.

The best evidence that the rumours are false comes from Frenz webguy Peter Green who simply says it isn’t true.
I hope it's true! Apart from the CH discussion that we had earlier, I think it would be great to see Neil and Nick, and who knows who else, on stage together.

I have seen them play together twice last year, three times if you count Nick's guest appearance in Dublin. There is so much chemistry between them still, I'd love to see that again!
Actually, I think we have had this discussion several times before.... I don't think this topic should be about whether there is a CH without Paul or not. There are at least two other topics about that...so maybe we can bump one of those if we want to have that discussion again.

I for one am really looking forward to this! Smiler
If it turns out to be true, Mark Hart AT LEAST has to be there. He played with them for a long time and towards the end, was made a fully-bonafide member of Crowded House. If it was to happen, 3 original members and a guest drummer would be pretty much acceptable to most people who never saw them at a live show...or even to most casual fans who did...

- Just hit the net and I said I would have a quick check on the Sundaytelegraph -one of my bookmarks.
Oh my God - I'm sure some people have mixed feelings about this. I wont rush to judge. Split Enz reunion was great and maybe now the time is right for Crowded House -hope Tim Finn etc. included. Paul will never be forgotten.
Originally posted by Tracy:
Originally posted by lee rutle:
well I'm not

So you've said, several times. There's no need for you to participate in the thread if you're not interested.

On the contrary, I think dissenting points of view are good. And healthy.

I agree with Lee. I will wait to hear if this news is confirmed, but it's not making me jump for joy. It's making me think that Neil has somehow decided to live in the past (for an entire year!), which is not the Neil I know and love.

This tour would not be CH. At least, not to me.

Granted, there has been a CH without Paul before. But at that time, they were sort of forced to carry on, as Paul left them in a lurch, with an album to promote. And Neil decided, when the album promotion was finished, that it wasn't working. So what's changed?

If this news is true, I don't quite understand the motivation.
I don't quite know how to react to this! It's different, but especially if Mark is in the group, well, still I guess you could call it Crowded House. I mean, that's what it was called with Peter Jones.

Until I hear something official, I have to wonder about the motivation. I thought Neil was just doing a solo album, with Nick playing on it. It's not a band effort, it appears, since Neil was in L.A. for mixing or dusting or touching up, by himself.

Still, my wife is doing backflips, as she never got to see CH.

IF this happens, I'm really hoping Mark is with the band, or Eddie, or someone besides just Neil and Nick. Regardless of what they're called, I'm going to go see them! Still, weird...

Dave in Atlanta
Wow, my Mum woke me up this morning to shown me the article she found in the Brisbane Courier Mail. I'm only 16, and am therefore too young to have seen them when they were still together. I know Paul Hester will be missing, which leaves a big gap, but I am still excited to see Crowded House songs performed live by members of Crowded House. Now I just have to hope they play all ages shows...

I think it would be brilliant to see Neil and Nick together again, whether they call themselves Crowded House or not. And just because Neil has said in the past that he wouldn't reform CH, doesn't mean it's set in stone... Surely he's allowed to change his mind?

Here are a few bits from an interview with Neil in this month's 'the Word' magazine (UK).

Has the subject of reforming Crowded House or doing something under the Crowded House umbrella come up?

It always comes up, and every time people ask me my pat response is no, that’s done and dusted, it’s fine. But every time you do think, well how would that be? There are probably a lot more reasons at the moment why that would be almost expected. The volume of rumour has gone up considerably with Nick in the band. But to be honest, I can’t even answer definitely because we are making a record and I haven’t been thinking about it, but it is a possibility. It’s in the ether and it’s more there than it has been for a variety of reasons. It would be very wise to consider it very carefully.

Wouldn’t it be easier for the audience if you went out as Crowded House, under which umbrella you could do a wide variety of stuff, material you’ve done on your own, Crowded House stuff, stuff you’ve done with Tim?

There would be a certain expectation that people would walk into the room with if you were under that banner. Beyond that issue, I have this year felt more like being in a band than previously. As long as bands are working reasonably well, there’s company and comfort in the whole thing. Being solo is kind of lonely and a little too much me-me-me. Mind you us-us-us can be just as ego-gratifying. It’s more dull being solo. There are people who have naturally always been solo. David Bowie’s one attempt to be in a band was probably not a good idea. I grew up in a band, my whole education in Split Enz was about being in a band, so being in a band for me is a natural state and I do hanker for it….

So now you wouldn’t rule it out?

It’s tricky, it’s easy for the rumour mill to go mad, then suddenly it’s surrounded by hype. To be honest it has been in my mind, but I can’t tell you definitely.

So he's not saying yes, but he's not saying no either... Maybe we shouldn't read too much into all this, but it's hard not to get excited about it!
Hi all,

first off a big thank you to Suuz for patiently waiting for the Herald Sun website to come up, I waited till about 2.30 in the morning....so thanks (I know being in Holland it was a bit easier time wise).

OK a quick Post am in the middle of a mass of emails & you can imagine how the phones are running hot (wasn't Sunday meant to be a day of rest?). Imagine if you own the copyright on the words 'No Comment'?!!!

Yes we were aware of this 'leaking' out. Nui called a few days ago, so we were all aware of this appearing in the paper. Management and Neil knew this could happen.

One thing, yes Mark Hart IS part of the band.

Yes the album that was recently recorded IS the Crowded House album not a Neil solo release.

Over the next few weeks expect to hear a lot more. The club will have a newsletter out late Feb. Contains the 'first' Crowded House 07 Interview with Neil (during the auditions), photos of the guys in the studio and details of the new drummer (that's assuming the auditions are a success), album track listing etc.

As a friend of mine asked 'Who will replace Paul'. My reply is that 'no one will ever REPLACE Paul, but you can bet that Neil, Nick will pick someone that is an exceptional drummer and hopefully carve out his/her own niche'.

It's an instant knee jerk reaction, "no Paul no Crowded House" for some, and you know that's actually ok, simply don't see them or play the new record...but there is a good chance you might be missing out on something special, sometimes it's worth taking a leaf of faith and giving soemthing a chance....

For the moment I'm not saying much, obviously we would of all loved for this to be done with a media release, the new group photo etc, and usually in music that never happens *GRIN*.

Neil has had a hankering to play in a band again
and what better band to do this in but the one he had the most joy with. Sounds fine to me.

If nothing else it will allow for some exciting discussions over the next few months.

Take care

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