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Well I just got in now and am dead tired after driving back from San Felipe Mexico which is where I left for right after the gig.Good to see old friends from past shows in line and the Boy's walking right by us as we stood in there was a neat touch. Brief comments:Cool small venue.WAY over booked show.Not that I mind too much but it was kinda redic.The new songs were awesome.I dont know which ones they were but 2 of the few they played I really liked..alot. Black and White Boy...Why? Not only are there many,many other far better songs to choose from but, it was really bad. Not punky or whatever someone else said,it just want sloppy and didnt come off at all. For sure the fellas were rusty and I'm looking forward to seeing them here in San Diego after they tighten it up. Mark's solo on "Fingers" had it moment's both good and not so but, overall it was great to see that live again. Now for my biggest dissapointment which had nothing at all to do with the band but the Bass and Drums were mixed so freaking loud that torward the end of the show it just was drowning out everything else. I'm sure that had to be the house guy mixing cause it was as someone else pointed out as if they were mixing a punk band. Aside from that I loved seeing them in a small venue with folk's like me who adore them. The Neil meltdown over the stage volume was classic too.Good time was had by all and alot of us went to any lengths to see the show.All in all much better than seeing them with a kazzillion others for 50 min in the Desert. thanks to everyone from those who pointed out the onsale to anyone there who helped make it a memorable evening.
mark n san deigo
For Canadian fans, Neil confirmed gigs in Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary

Ooooooh, I can only hope that HAMILTON also gets added to that list in addition to, (or rather than-wishful thinking) Toronto *fingers crossed, squeeee! Big Grin

Originally posted by Half-Full:
Did somebody say.........EDMONTON????? Big Grin

Awesome HF! I knew your day would finally come! Wooo Hooo! Big Grin
Steve's comment about the security guys actually reminded me that they asked someone standing near me (possibly even Hexed or BAB I think) who the band was tonight and, surprise, surprise, had never heard of them. They did seem surprised at the level of enthusiasm including those who queued for several hours beforehand to secure a good position, so I suppose perhaps they were afraid that level of enthusiasm could become unwieldy, not knowing that Frenz are not like that.
The security guards right in front of me in Pomona were whispering and laughing during Liam's set. I'm sure they didn't get it. And Neil's comment about the guys was great, I remember at the Fleadh festival he made a similar comment and got no response, but then that was a huge festival and those guys wouldn't have moved. I think the comment at Fleadh had to do with all their backs to the band and how rude it was etc. I noticed that one of the guards moved with no problem but the other one didn't budge for a few seconds and when he did, he didn't move far. I know they are just doing their jobs, but we are so tame. Enthusiastic, but tame!

Oh, and hey, to Mark, I'm a fellow San Diegan. I do hope they play here in the fall.
Hey all, I've been a lurker here for the past couple of years. I just had to re-register because I have completely forgotten my previous login info (even the email that I used!).

The Pomona show was my very very 1st time seeing CH (I've seen Neil solo a few times) and it was an amazing experience. I'd been waiting for that show since I was 9 yrs old Smiler. My camera sucks, but here's a half-decent shot I got of Nick:

I'm looking forward to participating more in the frenz forums.

- Viv
Originally posted by daryln:
Also, when I got to my car after the show, I turned on the radio to the local classic rock station, 93.1 Jack FM and the next song that came on was none other than "Born to Be Alive". No kidding! Eeker

we heard that on the way home, too! so random.

I just read the Coachella thread and I'm so glad that the band played to a roomful of true fans on Friday night. I remember at one point Neil said something like "you know us well, and we know you well, and that's a good thing, I think" (I can't remember his exact words, but they were sweet). I hope the good feeling from the Friday show well overshadows the unpleasantness of some of the crowd at Coachella.
Originally posted by Romer:
Thanks to Martine for pointing out the link, here's the band performing an inspired version of "Locked Out" via cell phone audio/video capture:

Wow - thanks for posting that. That was great! And great pics posted in the thread as well. I tried taking some from my cellphone, but I was far back, and none of them came out. Oh well. I hadn't seen the band since... the 80s I believe, so it had been a while. Was getting pumped up for the show the last couple of weeks. Loved the bantering between Neil & Nick, etc. Was a lot of fun. And the sing-alongs. I was so happy when Fall At Your Feet began, and from my position, behind two six foot gentlemen (and I'm a 5'4" female) I could still see Neil (I could see him most of the night between the two guys). Then Neil apparently took his guitar off and proceeded to play keyboards, and then I couldn't see him at all Frowner Oh well. And according to the Tempe show setlist, we got 3 more songs total I believe, and 4 different ones to their show. No way I could catch them in Coachella, but watched the webcast the best I could (buffering = Mad )

Hope they make it back to S.Calif. soon!
Finally getting around to posting my review of Pomona! It was great. They played for AGES - over 2 1/2 hours I think. MK, BaB and myself were all right down the front for the whole show. The suits were back, but sadly, no sequins on Neil, just a creme-colored shirt. The lads were having a lot of fun, there was early banter about staying hydrated, continuing the thread from the night before where Nick was talking about looking for Diarolytes (sp?) The set was very loose, featuring tangents to Leslie Gore covers, Beatles covers, Born to Be Alive and probably some I'm forgetting.

They played Black and White Boy, and Neil totally hit the wrong fret while playing, which sounded horrible, then he looked over at Mark with a huge goofy grin that said, "hey, did you hear that? That was a REAL ****-up, eh?" There was no blaming THAT on Nick! Someone in the audience wanted to hear Recurring Dream, so Neil started playing it acoustically with a comment that it would only be a tease, but he kept going, the band picked it up as he played, and they ROCKED it!

There was a request from Neil to Mark to play the first thing he ever learned on piano, and he played some ragtime piece (which, of course, was not the first thing he ever played!) Then there was some ragging on how Mark's old stuff was better than his new, which drew boos from the audience (all in fun of course.) Later on, Mark came out and said he'd remembered his first song after all, and played a very simple progression, which the band then turned into 2 different jams.

Neil got the audience singing along a lot. The best was at the end of 4 Seasons when he started slowly playing the chords to the chorus and inviting people to sing notes that went with the chords. We got to practice as he kept going through those chords, then he went back into the song. The audience really did sound great. He complimented them on being the most musical one they'd heard!

DDIO was a little rough, they were playing along, but the loudness of the mix finally got to Neil, so he stopped everything abruptly and we got a very small tantrum aimed at the sound guys (there was some stomping and cursing away from the mike) but he pulled out of it quickly and engaged the audience to see if we thought it was too loud. Of course, everyone said no, and someone shouted out "if it's too loud, you're too old." To which Neil replied that if your hearing's gone, it can never be loud enough. Well, it was a bit loud, I couldn't really hear properly after the gig, but then, I can never hear properly anyway these days!

Got to hear a couple of new songs in both gigs (meaning songs I hadn't already heard from the webcast.) I immediately fell in love with Walked Her Way Down. People are Like Suns is a good one, too - I'm glad I finally got to hear that one.

There were surly security guys in the space between the stage and the barricade for most of the show, but Neil finally asked them to move about 3/4 of the way through the show, saying that this crowd was SO not dangerous. Thank you Neil! I was so tired of looking at this one guy in front of me, though they were good about passing water out to the crowd, and they didn't hassle me about the huge camera I had with me.

You know, I had a lot of doubts about this "reformation" but after Neil walked out on stage in Tempe, those doubts melted away. He looks 10 years younger, and it's not just the suits or the haircut, it's like he's found some inner happiness he's been looking for in the past few years. He was positively radiant!
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Wow my first day of posting on this site and here is post #2. I was at the Pomona show with my fiance, and I have to say that CH seem to have picked up where they left off in 1996. The band sounded great, not perfect, but really outstanding for only a few weeks of practice. I thought Matt sounded great and seems to have the personality to integrate well with the band. I was suprised to hear Recurring Dream as well, but it sounded so good once it got going. Those are the little moments that make CH shows so memorable. The 'do you want to know a secret' and all the good vibes back and forth from the crowd and band. Kind of a shame that this show couldn't have happened after the letdown of Coachella. I think it would have left everyone feeling a lot better about the band. Hopefully Neil and Co. know how much their fans freaking adore them.
That was fabulous, thank you so much! I'd love to hear more from Matt on why it's more nervewracking...maybe it's that he's realizing the subtlety and brilliance of the music--maybe more Americans will realize it this time around too. (I'm American, so I can say that Smiler)

I know that we *already* realize it in PORTLAND, guys--, you know, PORTLAND, OR -- where Johnny Marr plays with Modest Mouse? You want to visit PORTLAND, don't you? Smiler
(just had to say that--never know what threads they might read)
Thanks for the link Jaffaman, was relieved to see that I only appeared in a generic fashion after PG confirmed my worst suspicions about just what that cameraman was filming at one point. I wonder if this will make its way to a certain place, would be very cool to have a copy. It was aired much sooner than I'd anticipated.
Here's another clip I found:

The sound isn't great, but this was one of my favorite moments of the show. I just wish this clip had lasted until Neil started singing again.

Other posters have done such a good job summing up the experience that I don't have much to add. Seems like there were lots of people from Australia, Ireland and England in the crowd. I stood in front of two very tall lads with Scottish brogues (I love that burr!).

Oh, and I too heard "Born to Be Alive" on Jack-FM while driving home on the I-10. Cool
Originally posted by Cali_Girl:

The sound isn't such a good job summing up the experience that I don't have much to add. Seems like there were lots of people from Australia, Ireland and England in the crowd. I stood in front of two very tall lads with Scottish brogues (I love that burr!).

Oh, and I too heard "Born to Be Alive" on Jack-FM while driving home on the I-10. Cool

there was at least one Kiwi there, too (I stood next to him). I think I insulted him by asking if he was Australian! (for the record, I have traveled in both countries and can differentiate the accents, I swear! it was loud in there...)

and I think Nick must've rung the radio station and requested that song after the show...
I just got back home last night from L.A. and this is the first computer access I've had since the show. I don't really have anything to add to the previous reviews. It was my first CH concert and it was AMAZING! Big Grin

Everyone was so friendly and the setting was perfectly intimate. I enjoyed Liam's set (although, he could stand to lose the beard...). The guys looked dapper in their suits (Mark's was taupe, Nick's was black and Neil's was charcoal - with navy socks and brown shoes...).

I was the spaz who yelled "Come to Canada!" when Neil was talking about the tour. (I'll likely be going to the Calgary and Edmonton shows.) With apologies to the Manitoban folk, I met Matt after the show and told him they should skip Winnipeg because it's a sh*thole. Sorry, but it doesn't lend itself to outstanding concerts. I believe Neil also mentioned Vancouver and Toronto as stops.

And thanks to the poster who linked the TV3 bit - I could see myself in the crowd. Yay! I'm still coming down from that night!
Originally posted by kimmi06:
With apologies to the Manitoban folk, I met Matt after the show and told him they should skip Winnipeg because it's a sh*thole. Sorry, but it doesn't lend itself to outstanding concerts.

ooooh, I think you may have just committed slander, Kim. Red Face Be prepared for a thorough tongue lashing, and not by me.

Originally posted by kimmi06: I believe Neil also mentioned Vancouver and Toronto as stops.

If memory serves me, both of those cities were clearly *not* mentioned, but he did name Montreal as a pit stop. Based on past history, however, I'm certain Vangroovy and Toronto will have shows.

Given that Montreal was the first (and last) place I ever saw Crowded House perform, and it is a fantastic city, I would love to have a reason to visit there again. Smiler
Oops, my bad, I thought Neil did mention Vancouver and TO. I probably just assumed that since most good bands go to those two cities and skip everything in between...

Sorry we didn't get to hookup, treegrrl, but I had to run since my boyfriend and I were sharing a taxi with another guy and the taxi had arrived just as you and I met. Next show, we'll meet!

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