Opening up our archives here in the office for fans to enjoy. Crowded House Archive page now up on FB. Trying to put a few things of interest up every day- from original stage jackets, to artwork, and video footage.  It may well be a pop up page and only exist for 6 months (or till we run out of fun stuff!). Anyway one for the fans and hope you enjoy it.

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At this stage just this FB page. I'm kind of liking that it may just be up for a short time. Adding new items every day. Thanks everyone for the fantastic feedback so far.

PG - these have been magical to watch as you have added them - thanks so much for doing this, your hard work is very much appreciated! Cheers J

Thanks Jamie, a lot more coming up, just have to make time to go through the endless on tour stuff I've filmed, hoping some excellent moments in that.  Since it's been up, a mere 2 weeks, the email and PM's have doubled - all exceptionally positive so that's pretty good. 

Please keep the posts coming Peter. Fantastic to see the early jackets and Nick's album/backdrop artworks especially. Would be great to see a full exhibition one day like The Making of Midnight Oil. Visited that last year and it was so good I went a second time.  A Finn-related one would be brilliant but I know they take so much work to be realised.  Fingers crossed, one day.  For now, great job.


Yes it was always a pity that the Arts Museum exhibit (many years ago now, I know) didn't travel, it was nearly double the Oils exhibit  as far as size/content.  Lets hope it happens again one day not too soon... and thanks for the kind words too.

Latest bit of video up on Crowded House Archives page.  It's filmed on one of our old cameras-so a bit rough- FOUR SEASONS from Melbourne City Square September 1990. 

Filmed on the ancient camera- so a bit rough-NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE from the Crowded House play at Your House party (B105 Brisbane). March 1992. Mow up on Crowded House Archives. 

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