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Was just wondering if anyone knows if the intro piece to Time For A Change (studio version, begins with Fminor; not the bit in E that Tim plays in concerts) is by Phil also. I know the entire song is credited to Phil but that piano intro sounds like it could be Timbo. Such a pretty piece.

Also, does anyone know if there is a recording of PJ singing it to his accoustic guitar? For some reason I remember hearing an early NZ radio documentary on the Enz and there was an interview being played over what sounded like Phil singing TFAC on accoustic. I could be dreaming on that one though. But if it did exist, it would be great if it could one day see the light of day.
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The recording of "Time For a Change" that featured in that 1976 radio doco "The Split Ended Wireless Special" sounds like a 1973 demo with just Phil on guitar and Miles on violin. I've asked Phil, Miles and others about it but no one remembers recording it let alone still having the tape. The doco only featured the end instrumental section of the song, plus Miles' intro to "Stranger Than Fiction". No Phil vocals aired.

Maybe one day someone will uncover it.

Originally posted by Camus:
[qb] Interesting question, if it was by Tim, why does he never play it live? [/qb]
I don't know, maybe for brevity? I guess I'll never know but it always sounds like a Tim piece to me. It's one of my favourite things to play on the piano (plus the intro to Carve You Into Marble).

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