I think that it would be great if we could get as many people as possible to e-mail Muchmoremusic.com to ask for some kind of program featuring Paul and/or Crowded House. I'm sure their programming is already lined up for the next while, but perhaps if enough people bothered them...

Last year I must have sent a dozen e-mails, with only lame results. I mean c'mon, how many more shows about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears can they air?! It IS supposed to be a specialty channel for the over 30 crowd.
Original Post
I think occassionally, on MuchMoreMusic--you might see some vintage Split Enz video's--at 3 in the morning! If you're lucky!

Funnily enough though--I've seen segments of interviews that MMM must have done with the Finn Brothers summer of 2004 on two different "specials" they've put together--one special was about "Rock and Roll and Drugs" where Tim was asked what "it" was like (the drug culture in the rock world) in the 70s) and the other was "Rock 'n Roller's Pets" where Neil offered his opinion that cat lovers strike him as somewhat creepy) (apologies to cat lovers everywhere--he said it, not me!)

Other than that, I do recall that they announced Neil's leave of absence after Paul's passing on that ticker tape thing they have running along the bottom of the screen.

When you think of all the hours and hours and hours of Crowded House performances and general interview buffoonery that exists in their vaults..it does make you sad--CH was King at Much Music back in the day but life moves upwards and onwards and probably half the VJs they have there wouldn't know who CH were anymore.

I wouldn't be holding my breath for any Crowded House or anything Finn related extravaganza on Much. Confused
He really said he thinks cat lovers are creepy? *laughs*

I can see not liking cats, but not liking people who like cats? Hmmm....I wonder what his bad cat experience was? It must have been pretty bad. Wink

*ponders changing avatar* Wink
Don't change your avatar Brownie... I, for one, love it...

Maybe Neil is just more of a dog person...

Whatever... he clearly finds me creepy....

I knew that would ruck up muck and thought about editing it...but sorry, that's what he said. he was obviously thinking of people who have 15 cats in a one bedroom apartment, so don't sweat it peeps!
Nah, Alx, I won't change my avatar. I was just joking. (Hence the little winky.)

I love my cat, and I love that picture of her. I just have the one cat though. I'm not the notorious cat lady or anything. *laughs*

I know lots of people who don't like cats, but never heard of anyone who felt uncomfortable about people who like cats.

I just find Neil's comment hilarious for some reason. Smiler

But I guess I shouldn't make light of other people's phobias. Wink

Sorry, Neil! Wink

God, I'm in a weird mood today. *laughs*
Ah wouldn't worry about it Brownie, after all, didn't he fly Paul's puss to NZ to live with him in a life of comfort, sure the comfort factor works both ways.
Actually, it was one Paul's dogs that Neil took with him..... Smiler
But I really hope he didn't mean it... because I've got two cats! Roll Eyes On the other hand, I love dogs as well, so I'm probably safe...
There's also MuchMoreRetro, which might be a likely venue for such a thing. Unfortunately probably few of us have access to it. It plays old videos from the 70's, 80's and 90's. We had a free preview of it while back on Rogers and it was pretty neat to see all the old videos. There was a healthy representation of the Enz and Crowded House. I didn't subscribe after the free preview finished, but it was tempting.

It has a web site here: http://www.muchmoreretro.com/
Yup totally correct Suzanne!
quote from email.
"what has happened to Pauls 2 dogs
(Lorraine-'Lozzie', and Polly) I have managed to find a home for Lozzie, which we were a bit worried about,
a certain very kind NZ musician looks like flying her from Melbourne to
NZ...yep the Finn family have adopted her."

Found that email and re-read.

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