i came up with this version of bold as brass pretty quickly, but it sounds pretty much like the song Wink it's for the nokia ringtone composer found on their phones, sorry i didn't have time or patience to work out the keypress for it,

8#a1, 8b1, 16g1, 8d1, 4f1, 8e1, 4d1, 8#a1, 8b1, 16g1, 8d1, 4f1, 8e1, 4d1, 8#a1, 8b1, 16g1, 8d1, 4f1, 8e1, 4d1, 2g1

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1 = c, 2 = d, 3 = e, 4 = f, 5 = g, 6 = a, 7 = b, 8 = shorten note, 9 = lengthen note, * = Up octive by one, 0 = rests, # = sharp/flat. Smiler

Sorry, I'm still playing aound with this and haven't worked out the correct tempo yet. Smiler
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OMG G'Fox I gave this a go on my phone, and it came out sounding like the theme from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind !! LOL
Now you've got my daughter hooked on the composer thing of my phone arghhhhhhhh.

My old phone used to have the music lines, but this phone, has the number keys like you did above. Has a thing about tempo too, but all just seems really fast.

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