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Hi all,

Now that my Fan Club CDs have found a good home, time for the next collection to go.  I have all of the Kufala Crowded House CDs for sale - again I'd like to just send the complete collection to someone instead of selling them piecemeal.  The box includes all concerts from the Crowdies 2007 tour.  How about $300 US for the lot? Honestly I don't remember how much they cost, make me an offer. Here are the shows:

Mashantucket CT

Northampton MA

Boston MA

New York NY (2)

Philadelphia PA

Montreal QC

Toronto ON

Ann Arbor MI

Grand Rapids MI

Chicago IL (2)

Kansas City MO

Denver CO

San Diego CA

Santa Barbara CA

Oakland CA

Los Angeles CA

Saratoga CA (2)

Seattle WA

Portland OR

Vancouver BC

Calgary AB

Edmonton AB

Winnipeg MB

Minneapolis MN

Atlanta GA

Perth AUS

There are two bonus CDs from Kufala as well, Boston Tea Party Live and a sampler disk.  The CDs are in the Kufala box with Nick's artwork on it.

cheers, Dina

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