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Having a clear out. Plenty of hard to find singles, rarities and an unofficial/bootleg.

  • Seductive and Emotional (unofficial/bootleg)
  • Songs from Neil Finn promo disc from The Independent  
  • Private Universe (single)
  • Distant Sun (single)
  • Distant Sun (max CD single)
  • Nails in my Feet (single, 2 CDs)
  • After Glow including promo poster
  • Instinct
  • Everything is good for you (CD single)
  • Triple M, Cordless CD, (includes 2 Crowded House songs, not shown in photos)
  • Special Edition Live Edition & Very Best of
  • DVD - Farewell to the World. 2 DVDs
  • VHS - I like to watch
  • 7 Worlds Collide, Live at the St James.
  • Together alone
  • Farewell to the World 2CDs
  • Woodface
  • Temple of low men.
  • Neil Finn- try whistling this.
  • Finn
  • Tim Finn- Before &After
  • Neil Finn- One Nil
  • The Finn Brothers - Everyone is here.

I know this forum is not for auctions and that's not my intention. There are no bids so far and just looking for a good home. Happy to put a buy now Hope you can find something you are looking for in hear!

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Some more details:

Seductive and Emotional Unofficial is Nov '93 live at the Hammersmith Apollo + BBC Live acoustic session 1993. It's a great high quality recording.

Songs from Neil Finn is a promo CD for One Nil track listing is Last to Know, Don't Dream Its Over Live at Palace Theatre, She will Have Her Way, Wherever You Are (VH! Special Live), Weather With You, Rest of The Day CD ROM enhanced video

Everything is good for you track listing History Never Repeats live with Pearl Jam, Chocolate Cake live Newcastle '96, Into Temptation live Sheffield '92.

Distant Sun track listing Distant Sun, Walking on the Spot, When You Come & Weather With You live at the town and country club Nov 9-18 '91, Skin Feeling.

Distant Sun Maxi Single track listing Distant Sun, & live Munich 12 Dec '93 Pineapple Head & Locked Out.

Nails in My Feet has unreleased studio tracks. CD 1 listing is Nails in My Feet, Zen Roxy, You Can Touch. CD 2 listing is Nails in my Fee, I am in Love, Four Seasons in One Day live.

Instinct track listing is Instinct (Alt Mix), World Where you live Newcastle 20.3.92, In the Lowlands live LA 6.4.89, Into Temptation Shefflied 21.6.92

Triple M Cordless has unplugged versions 20 Aussie rock songs  such as Hunters & Collectors, Paul Kelly,... and includes Fall At Your Feet & Its Only Natural recorded at Triple M Perth .


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