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Hi all,
Got a question.

Regarding Chrysalis's use of the Enz Masters (for Second Thoughts\Mental Notes Mk.2 & Dizrythmia).
Did anyone else notice that they've sped them up somewhat.

I thought my turntable was gone a bit mad when I played the vinyl release of Mental Notes (US Pressing), but now have the US Cassette Tape versions of Mental Notes (Mk. 2) & Dizrythmia, and they both seem to have the speed up too. Having tested the tapes on several machines. I've not noticed it on the UK Vinyl version of Dizrythmia.

PS - Anyone who has a first pressing of MN (on White Cloud or Mushroom) and a second pressing (from 1979) - Is there much of a difference in the quality?

Sorry to be all nerdy and that - Just comes with the sound engineer territory.
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