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Ok well i didnt get much but i dint mind i got 2 cds and a t shirt the cds were

team New Zealand Loyal compilation
heres a link for whats on it and some samples

and one called natures best volume 2
heres a link for whats on it and some samples
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got lots of great music (i'm counting my parents' gifts and my sister's gifts in this list):

Coldplay - parachutes (don't have to listen to it on mp3s anymore.)
Moby - 18
George Harrison - Brainwashed
Radiohead - OK Computer on vinyl. (sounds ten times better. didnt know what i was missing. same goes with all radiohead albums.)

also my avatar is an Edirol digital audio recording interface.
Stepinmyshoes, I got "Brainwashed" too. I haven't had a good chance to listen yet--what do you think of it?
I also got:
-"A Hard Days Night" on DVD
-A very cool Simpsons hooded sweatshirt, and a knitted hat that features Otto the busdriver
-A Liverpool Reds towel, and bottle set for the baby (very cute), as I am a Liverpool football fan
-"Young Frankenstein" on DVD and a 12" doll of Peter Boyle as the monster!
I got one of those crazy striped scarves from The Gap (narrow stripes in pastels)from Number 2 son, and a CD holder for my car visor from Number 1 son, and a gift certificate for a half-day at a spa from Rick. He bought it online, and somehow he must have checked a wrong box someplace, because the little gift card reads, "Happy Hanukah!". LOL (I'm not Jewish) Too funny. He also bought me Counting Crows new CD "Hard Candy", which is excellent (almost as good as August & Everything After) and a DVD of "Sleepless In Seattle". Oh, and a DVD player that is for the family. Now I don't have to use the PS-2 to watch DVDs on, and the kids won't complain because they can't play their games.

So I made out pretty good!



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