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Wow, what a great day! First a rockin Cubs game in the afternoon and then an even more rockin concert!

To those of you who reported Neil being subdued during the tour, I'm happy to report he has woken up. Those two were having a great time on stage and it was such a treat to see. Other than a couple of times that Neil lost his voice (it didn't crack or anything, it just didn't happen at all), the guys sounded awesome. And I'm happy to report they looked pretty fantastic too! Wink

Sue has the full song selection so I'll let her post it, but it was heavy on Split Enz faves, which was great fun. I'm also glad that they played Part of Me Part of You, which is so far my fave off the new album. I am just simply in awe of the talent Neil and Tim possess. They are amazing. Elroy was on stage as well, as cute as a bug with a haircut matching his dad's (awwwww) Smiler Sharon's birdcage-like chandeliers were lovely.

I will have tons of pictures soon, and will post a link. To those going to the Friday Vic show, they were being absolutely fanatic about searching bags. We were allowed disposable cameras, but no digital and no 35mm. Mine is digital but luckily I have an extra secret pocket in my bookbag, so I snuck it in. Julie was not so lucky, and the security women were very nasty. Just FYI. I got some great shots and even a little movie or two. I want to thank the gentleman standing between Sue and I who is a professional photographer. Not only did he put up with Sue and I leaning over him to talk (she wanted to be close to Tim and I wanted to be close to Neil) but he also reconfigured the settings on my camera and took a bunch of great shots for me. How awesome is that? Unfortunately, when I turned to get his name and thank him after the show, I couldn't find him. I even waited out front but didn't see him. Frowner So if anyone knows who he is, or if the mystery photographer guy reads this post: THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ROCK!

Speaking of great Frenz, it was such a pleasure to meet and hang out with all the lovely folks at the show. I really had a blast in all my geeky fan glory. Sue, Nick, Cynthia, Julie, Dale, Jamie, Jeff, Michelle, so many who's names are now escaping me or I didn't hear: it was awesome to meet you! I had such a marvelous time and I can't wait for tomorrow!

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Hey all -- I'm still awake, too, having just opened the windows to cool down the house, so I'm trying to chill out after the Vic concert myself. I did find it a more subdued show than Grace, but I have the Portland concert (bouncing floor!) against which to compare. This was as close to an acoustic concert a la KCRW as one could get with the full band. In other words, no "Suffer Never", "I See Red", "I Got You".

* Coolest moment: at soundcheck, Neil was teaching bass player Tim "Bold As Brass" Eeker Would have been awesome, but looks like it could get performed later on the tour (Friday in Chicago?). "There Goes God" also appeared at soundcheck but not in the main show.

* Elroy played quietly during "Edible Flowers".

* "Poor Boy" was performed, but Neil kinda flubbed his riffin' at the end of the song.

* "Six Months" was nice vocally, but Paul played keyboards during the bridge rather than the amazing zooming guitar version in Portland. Neil played well during the outro, though.

* "One Step Ahead" was played second, between "Anything Can Happen" and "Weather With You", kinda damping down the opening emotion.

* "Homesick" and "Nothing Wrong With You" showed considerable passion, which was a surprise. NWWY has really matured.

* The Chicago audience again was in fine voice for "Four Seasons" -- even though the Vic was nowhere near being sold out. On the other hand, no one was pushing, shoving, or talking loudly at the bar Smiler

* Tim wasn't as manic, but he moved around a bit in any case.

* WXRT recorded the show for later broadcast. No, I don't know when.

* "Disembodied Voices" was added near the midpoint of the setlist

* Sharon's lights, and indeed the whole lighting setup, was considerably improved over Portland.

* Opening act Angela again did great, and although the exact same set (and shoes!) as Portland was played, a bass player was on stage for about half the about half-hour set.

* Peter Green again is a god, and not only is he feeling healthier (though skinny), he's in a pretty damn good mood.

* No paper airplanes!

* Show started at 7.30pm, with doors opening at 6.30. Finns on stage not long around 8.20, and off (after one encore) just after 10pm. Very early night! We were all hoping to catch Neil and Tim after the show outdoors (security practically threw us out promptly after house lights went on!), but they escaped in a cab rather quickly and with great stealth. We should have gone down the street to the Paul Kelly concert, as it likely still was going on ...

* Hey, wait, they started in on "Suffer Never" during soundcheck, now that I think about it!

Most touching -- all the people who either wished Pharmgirl and me a happy anniversary, asked how she was in Sydney, or wanted her to be in Chicago to share some of the vocal duties. Thank you *all* and I'll see you Friday in only a few hours, I guess Red Face Must go sleep now ....
True that while the show wasn't a flat out rocker, the brothers as well as the band were obviously having fun, and the audience was too.

I was just to my left of Tim, and Grace was just to her right of Neil and we were both as happy as clams.

Set list:

Anything Can Happen
One Step Ahead
Weather With You
Won't Give In
Angel's Heap
Disembodied Voices
Where Is My Soul
Part Of Me, Part Of You
All God's Children
Poor Boy
All The Colours
Edible Flowers
It's Only Natural
History Never Repeats

6 Months In A Leaky Boat
Nothing Wrong With You
Four Seasons
It looks like it was a shortened show, too...they played about 2 or 3 songs fewer than they have been....there wasn't a curfew at the Vic was there? Maybe it was their own self-imposed curfew, huh? So they could get home to bed early so that they can rock out tonight!

Still haven't heard anything about them showing up at XRT today. Yesterday XRT played "There Goes God" from the Double Door show for the "Live from the Archives" feature. Maybe they will show up today.

See you guys tonight!
Okay, I guess my feeling that it was rockin' was more due to the fact that I kept hearing the word "subdued" come up in other reviews of Neil. Tim always seems to be plenty active, but I thought Neil looked like he was having a good time, which I was worried I would miss in the Finn shows.

I think tonight is really going to be something, I just have a feeling. Wink
Oh, and Nick, I'm sorry I forgot it was your anniversary. Happy Anniversary! I also wanted to add Tracy to the list of wonderful people I met. Hi Tracy!

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention as well was that the Vic put up a metal barrier about two+ feet in front of the stage. I don't know if it was specifically for this show or it's just a common thing now. In general the Vic was just much more unfriendly than in years past. I don't know why. It also was rather unfair the way they searched people because guys at the end of the line were getting in before girls that had waited for hours. It was okay if you came with a guy who could hold a spot for you but sucked if, like us, you were with a group of girls. That coupled with the security women's nasty attitude really changed my opinion of the venue. Mad
A great show last night!
First time I had ever seen Tim, having seen Neil at Park West 7/02 & the Vic 2/03.

I thought the first half of the show was smoking. The brothers came out firing with the first few songs, "Weather" and "Angels" were great with both of them, Where is My Soul a pleasant surprise (although it did mean no Suffer Never). Of the new tunes, I particularly liked Anything Can Happen, Disembodied Voices, and of course Won't Give In.

There was, however, a bit of a lull midway through the show, with a few non-descript new tunes surrounding a great reading of Poor Boy. I didn't much care for Edible Flowers on 7 Worlds and last night it reconfirmed my opinion - the song literally sucked the life right out of the show and I regretted not being able to puch NEXT on my DVD player. Neil tried to sing it with everything he had, but the tune is just a downer. Thankfully, the Finns righted the
ship with a great version of It's Only Natural and then closed with some spirited Enz tunes and 4 seasons.

I was a bit disappointed in the Crowded House selections, as Neil had ignored the trio of classics Fall at Your Feet/Private Universe/Distant Sun at the two solo Chicago shows and of course with Tim around we get Weather/4 Seasons yet again (not surprising, but still...). I am hoping tonight for at least How Will You Go & There Goes God.

I also think they could drop Edible, All The Colours and maybe Homesick or All God's Children and insert another Finn tune (Talking Sense, Suffer Never, or PARADISE!) or a rarity like Sweet Dreams, Persuasion or Catherine Wheels.

All in all a very competent show, great musicianship, and the usual humorous banter between songs. Looking fwd to tonight!

- J.
They did practice There Goes God at the soundcheck yesterday so that might be a selection this evening. Maybe others will know this and I could be wrong (I often am), but I thought when Tim and Neil play together you don't really hear any non-Woodface CH, solo Neil or solo Tim tunes. So I didn't really expect anything but Woodface CH selections.

I kinda agree about Edible Flowers though not as strongly. I thought the live version at least picked up the dirge-like pace a little. I was so pleased to hear POMPOY (was that one of the non-descript songs you were talking about Karekare?) I forgot about that. Paradise would be awesome, wouldn't it? I don't think they've sung that at all though. Too bad.
I actually loved Edible Flowers last night. I didn't feel a lull during that song. I thought better than 7 Worlds.

I had a great time!!!, drinking Guinness and watching the Finns. Just got back from Ireland for a month, and the imported Guinness in a can is not quite the same, but the Finns seem to import quite well.

I wish I would have known about the sound check, that would have been fun to see.

One thing I wish, and I know this is a Finn Brothers Concert..etc, etc.

But I got 5 people to go last night that don't know Split Enz, or Post Crowded House Stuff. It would be nice if they would throw in Don't Dream it's Over, just for all the people us super fans have brought along. I know Tim had nothing to do with this song, but it would make newbies have a very memorable moment during the concert, which can translate to a CD sale. They all said it was a great concert though.

As far as sound. The Vic's tower of speakers on each side of the stage have some edgy distortion to them, which you hear even when a single acoustic guitar or a solo voice is playing. But the Finn's shine through this.

Looking forward to tonight, and then New York.

Thanks for mentioning the barriers, Grace. They were unwelcome, and although the up-front security were quite cool (Sam and I kept our bags on the security side of that barrier during the entire show, and I didn't see the guys-in-orange harass anyone), the subdued (there's that word again!) mood was partly caused by the four foot gap between audience and stage as well as the five or so extra feet from the stage edge to just behind the monitors where the brothers planted themselves. I really wanted to invite them down to the front to play in our faces! Frowner

Vic policy on separating genders for door searches is typical, but I had no idea the ladies' line moved so slowly. Punk-ass chumps (shout-out to Grace!) Mad At least there were so few folks outside the Vic Thursday that I doubt anyone could be disappointed with the spot at which they decided to plant for the night. Really, we all were commenting on how few folks were inside within that first twenty minutes after doors opened. I am hoping for a packed crowd tonight, loud as hell, and ready to help the band make a holy racket. But we'll still be singing, of course Red Face

Sue, get in my face tonight!

Romer, now that I've put in mucho floor time wearing my small red nilfun shirt, you are authorized to be the officially designated bearer of the apparel tonight Big Grin

Tracy, claiming that you somehow look better in the winter (in reference to yesterday's heat) didn't seem to hold, as you looked just fine yesterday. Enjoy some more comfort today (man, it is gorgeous outside right now).

It was great seeing Mary Ann, Nancy, Jeff, Michelle (possibly the most energetic person in the audience this show!), Marck, and Tony -- hell, all of you! Looking forward to seeing Heidi and Jason tonight, too, as well as all the younger fans (10 and fewer years) planning to attend. Dammit, Pharmgirl, I really wish you were here tonight!

Oh, and now that I've heard some Enz obscurity, may I voice my hope that either of the Before and After brotherly tunes (especially "Strangeness and Charm") get played?

Peter posted the setlist at the News Board, and apparently he quite liked the show, too. The sound of this concert may have been quiet, but it almost certainly has made for a good recording, so stand by for that WXRT show.
In response to the question above, I did like Part of Me, Part of You. I hope they keep that in the mix. I could go without Homesick or All God's Children, but the most obvious chomping block songs for me would be Edible Flowers and All The Colours (which was only a 2 minute ditty anyways).

I understand they are going to do only Woodface CH songs, the ones written with Tim (although Catherine Wheels is a Finn tune, I'd die to hear that one), but even amongst Woodface I'd prefer How Will You Go or She Goes On or, especially, Fall At Your Feet. It's not like Tim never performed these songs, even if he didn't have a writing credit on it.

Basically, I hope they shift the set drastically tonight and go beyond the familiar with regard to the old ones.
The verse of Edible Flowers is what makes the transition to the chorus so cool. I think the song would be perceived as much stronger if they would have kept the first verse length the same as the second verse. That last line of the first verse definitely drags a bit. I am beggin on my knees for the chorus by that point.

Good to meet some of you for the first time and reaccquaint with old friends... It's nice when waiting in line can be almost as enjoyable as the show.

I hadn't heard any of the new Finn Bros. songs before this show, and was really impressed with how well they came off, and that the lyrics were able to be heard... I am totally excited for the album now, and even more excited at the promise they made to return in 6-8 months (how specific was that?!), which will put it in the dead of winter, but we can all huddle next time right?

hope everyone had a great time Friday nite while I was working my booty off... let's not take as long to see each other again next time! Cool
Friday night was a better night for the band, but the audience dynamic had a different energy. There were a lot more casual fans on Friday who did not see anything wrong with blathering through the new songs, where on Thursday there was respectful quiet at the least, and more like genuine interest for all the new songs. My husband had gone to the bar for the opener, and he came back at the start of the Finns, and he tells me that several people tapped him on the shoulder and gave him the evil eye and the "move back" thumb over their shoulders, so he moved. Luckily, some folks at the back invited him to sit with them at that last row of seats. I would say that overall, the audience Thursday were more hardcore fans. I was so glad to meet Jenn and Heidi and Jason and Romer and see Grace and Tracy and Sarah and Nick and I am forgetting others...

Neil seemed to be in a really good mood last night, smiling at folks in the crowd, and laughing at Elroy when he forgot to plug in his lead. During Dirty Creature, when Tim was whistling, he had his arms folded over his guitar and was "aping" Tim doing the whistle. Very amusing.
I went to both shows, and I posted rather long and somewhat opinionated recaps to the list... if you would like, I can email them to you. Just let me know.

In general, I was disappointed at the lack of variety. They played 10 songs both nights. No "I Got You" or "She Goes On" or ANY really recognizable songs for those who aren't SuperFans. Tim sounded bettter on Friday than on Thursday, and I am shocked at how different Neil is with Tim than in his solo gigs.

Of course, I had a great time, and the show was solid... I just have high expectations. :)

I don't think you can really complain that 10 songs were the same both nights - presumably they did two shows there not so that everyone could go twice but so that everyone could have a chance to go..
Word was that they'd rehearsed 30 songs - to not have repeats you'd get 15 each night, which would make for a pretty short night and plenty of complaints. Think about the cities that only got one show - at most they're gonna get 20 or so tracks and miss the other 10.

I would've thought "Weather with You" and "I See Red" to be relatively recognisable..
The show on Thursday was excellent...I am a fairly recent fan of their (Finn Bros) work and not so much of their previous bands (probably because my mother played Split Enz all the time when I was young)...didn't come early enough to get right up front but I snapped some pictures.

Their encore was unbelievable...I was glad to hear 6 Mos. as opposed to I Got You...

Nice show, I dunno about the unreactive crowd though...screw the barriers, a la punk rock...

Until next time!
Wow...I am surprised at some of the comments. I am a hardcore fan from the original Enz days (when I was 10 years old!!!) and have gone to every single Finn-related concert since 1986 (when I was allowed by my parents to go, tee-hee!). We didn't make it to Thursday show because we just moved into a new house...but I thought Friday's show was great! Especially for Tim fans...he was in great voice and full energy. Maybe people were disappointed because there was less audience interaction (no passing out candy/calling people up to stage, etc) like in the past...but I was on the stage to the right and I didn't think the crowd was really talking too much...of course, I had a 102 fever last night and almost passed out twice!

I agree with the post that they did 2 shows so people could see them versus go twice...and I think they leaned heavily on Tim songs, but that I think was due to his large fan base in Chicago. I can remember in 1993 at the Riv when Sheryl Crow opened for CH everyone was yelling for Tim and Neil tried to sing "Dirty Creature" but forgot the lyrics. Great stuff! But Tim singing "I see Red" was amazing!

The best part was when Neil said, "We'll be back soon with the new album."
chigirl, don't get me wrong, I thought that the show on Friday was great, as did my husband. The Finns were great, the show was a higher energy show than was Thursday. I really like the new songs, and I loved the funky version of Dirty Creature and I See Red just was so great. Maybe because I wasn't right by the stage I had more casual fans by me. Thursday I was right in front of Tim, and was perhaps so distracted by the fact that Tim looked so damn good and sounded so damn good, that I didn't notice anything else Wink .

As far as the song selection, I agree with Pete, you know that they are only doing Finn Brothers/ Split Enz and Woodface Crowded House songs, no solo Tim or Neil and nothing from the other 3 CH albums, so not only does that limit their choices, but also, since the band has only been together a short time, they don't know more than 25-30 songs. I am sure that if this band is together a while, they will learn a bunch more songs. So, while there was a lot of duplication, I can live with that.
Hi everyone -- having crawled out of bed, roasting some almonds, and making a big pot of chai to try to comfort myself after two days of Finnmania (I'm not old!), I think I can collect my thoughts on the final of the three shows (and second in Chicago) to which I've been happy to attend on this portion of the tour. Ah, now only six to eight months until the US return of the Finns!

The energy level, crowd size and enthusiasm, and overall volume were much higher Friday than Thursday, and while there was little surprise in the songlist, there certainly was enough drama to go around inside the Vic Friday. As I didn't get any photos from this show, please please please feel free to post links to your online archives of photos from the concert or the extended after-show meetups with the Finns and the whole band.

Hope you enjoy all the details I mustered:

  • Greatest Frenz moment: Lance, who we met at previous Chicago shows, managed to bring along pictures of Pharmgirl singing with Neil at the February 2003 concert, saying he'd had them for the past 18 months. What an angel, and I was proud to get Neil's signature on one of the photos after the show. Lance and wife Laura will get private thanks from us, but here's one genuine example of how nice this community can be in its best moments. Must be the music we all enjoy Smiler
  • Natty Neil -- red collared shirt, mostly not tucked in, but he arrived on stage wearing a plaid (!) sportcoat over it (and the shirt tucked in). For all of those outside the Vic claiming that red would not be the colour of the night, his shirt proved otherwise, along with a thundering performance of "I See Red" in the encore.
  • What was that effect/sound coming from Paul's guitar during "Won't Give In"? Whatever it was, it was rather unique and even elicited some curious glances from Neil to see just how Paul was doing it. Sounded quite good.
  • "Six Months" improved quite a bit from Thursday, too, with a lovely guitar part from Neil after the bridge, Neil's posing with akimbo arms while Tim handled the whistling duties (note, not during "Dirty Creature" as Sue mentioned previously), and who'd have guessed a "Suffer Never"-style crescendo during the outro of the song? It just kept building up and up in sound, that latter a beneficial change to the regular expectations of the tune.
  • Lessons in etiquette 1: up front in line, I zoomed down to just in front of Neil upon getting into the Vic. Lookin' large, I held the position until Chicago regular Gina and her friend from Madison could venture down front, at which point I called her over to take over the spots. You see, the shorter people enjoy being down front, and as I had been there for two previous shows, it was time to give it to someone else. Her thankful smile made my effort worth it. Karma then rewarded me with lovely Tracy reserving a seat for me in the front row center of the balcony to share the concert with her mom. I even sat next to a 4.5-year-old clearly happy to be at his first concert, but he did take a nap during the show Smiler Tracy, thank you so much! Big Grin
  • "Homesick" was beautiful again, and following it up with "Only Talking Sense" was a nice surprise, if only because its energy and mood matched the moment well. More obscure choices could have been made to satisfy us, tour geeks that we are, but I felt it was just the right song for the moment.
  • "Angel's Heap" was treated briefly to the same patter as Portland concerning cultural replacements for the term "heap" (beat-errrr -- must emphasize those Rs, insisted the brothers) and an extended instrumental bridge which gave some breathing room to the song not only was a surprise but a welcome addition, if brief and not obvious.
  • My god, Tim's voice was exceptionally expressive, and the music lithe and funky, for "Dirty Creature"! Tim sang every syllable and couplet as if this was direct, pained insight into his own psyche.
  • Similar high drama ensued at mid-concert with the next song when Neil & Tim turned the microphones toward each other and sang the lyrics of "Life Between Us" with more biographical realism. Very moving, though by the end they were bouncing off each other's backs during a loud outro.
  • "Nothing Wrong With You", like Paul Stacy himself, continues to be a secret weapon of their shows. The song just keeps sounding better as the tour progresses, so if you felt uncomfortable with it from previous versions, maybe even the actual album version, you're going to be pleasantly surprised with the graceful ease the live version is starting to sport.
  • "There Goes God" sounded great, with a bit of explanation from Tim about his recollections about the genesis of the song, particularly Neil's lyrics.
  • Coolest moment of the evening -- while it wasn't the best performance I've heard of the song (that honor still goes to Portland), "Luckiest Man Alive" was dedicated to Peter and Mark, celebrating their 25th anniversary on the day (and a 30th anniversary that night in show business -- can anyone clarify that comment?). Peter was blushing visibly after the concert, flattered to an extreme but not happy being the center of attention, but there was universal happiness at the ability to share in celebrating that particular milestone. Congratulations, indeed! I called Pharmgirl in Sydney right away to share that moment (hope Tracy didn't mind me making a couple phone calls to my wife so that she could hear "Edible Flowers" and "Anything Can Happen"). Following this with "Edible Flowers" nearly had me in tears by this quiet one-two punch of emotion.
  • Lessons in etiquette 2: remember my comment from Thursday that security were keeping it cool? They lost that cool on several occasions Friday. First, someone down front was either drunk/disorderly or just annoying (I don't think it was because they were shooting too many photos), drawing the attention of the security behind the front barriers about mid-show. Whatever happened, it was noticeable from up in the balcony and the person roamed around the floor the rest of the night clearly pissed off. I noticed during the encore that on a couple moments the person roamed over to the security guy and snapped a few flash photos directly at his face. Security guy remained cool. On that score, I think security acted right, but note, they eventually do perform their job.

    Second note -- security acted majorly non-cool by denying a few friends with All Access passes the ability to go back stage after the show. What are those passes for, anyway? Admittedly, the pass-holders were cool enough to accept their fate and just hang with Peter at the end, but why the hell would security escort them out, just like the rest of the crowd who were being shoo-ed out of the venue very quickly? Shoddy treatment, Vic security. Mad
  • If, like the 4.5 year old next to me, folks were starting to snooze after the quieter tunes, they were about to be brought back to life with unforced, energetic performances of "It's Only Natural", "History Never Repeats" and "I See Red" (the latter at the start of the encore). The audience reacted with joy to these songs! Speaking of life, note that two of the Thursday encore songs, "NWWY" and "Six Months", were moved into the main set, allowing a more consistent mood during the Friday performance. Things only got quiet after "I See Red", which makes sense!
  • Lessons in etiquette 3: kids at shows. Yes, it really was kids' night on Friday, with a large number of youngsters in the audience. Lots of single-digit kids (two girls getting autographs from the Stacy brothers after the concert was adorable to witness). Kendra's son Cort, ten years old, was a bundle of energy in front of the Vic, waiting relatively patiently to be able to see these guys for the first time. Claiming not to know a single Britney Spears tune, he mostly wanted to hear "I See Red" and sure got his wish, rewarding the patience with a manic jumping performance. Even Cort considered Tim's manic energy release to be a little wacky, though Smiler It was a pleasure to help him have a great night.

    Heidi and Jason brought "the bean" -- no, not the new sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park, but their three-month-old son Ian, about whom some of you have read. He's a gorgeous and engaging little kid, with a "always take the weather with you" jumper and a great smile. Hey, I'm biased, as he responded well to me when I held him. Anyway, the McDs were conscientious in doing all they could to enjoy the concert as a family and protect little Ian's comfort and hearing, on the latter point bringing along tiny hearing protectors and taking lots of time to ensure they were installed correctly and comfortably. Yes, it's a decision with which some disagreed, but what was the point of harassing the parents as being abusive and charging endangering their infant? Clearly clueless, these people simply could have addressed their concerns with a more engaging conversation rather than just being bitchy. Sorry, folks, but if any of you know H&J, you'll know that they're the nurturing, careful and thoughtful type, not reckless. I'm going to love hearing how Ian's world got rocked at the age of three months, and even if he doesn't remember the event explicitly, he's absorbed more good Kiwi mojo than many of us already. His smiles and gregarious nature after the concert proved he was doing just fine.
  • Yeah, OK, the humming by the audience wasn't very good, but the band's reading of "Gentle Hum" was a winner, carefully working the pace to keep it from sagging. Likewise, "How Will You Go" was absolutely gorgeous, fulfilling my wish for a great way to finish my attendance at concerts during this part of the tour. For me it was an emotional way to complete the show, but the song itself was performed very well.
  • Alright, if you want a critique, I'll admit that "Homesick" didn't sound as good as it did Thursday or at KCRW. But that's as negative as I'll get about the music on Friday!
  • I talked briefly with Marie after the concert -- what a sweet demeanor! She was flattered that we'd seen her dancing during the concert offstage and had noticed her even during the KCRW broadcast.
  • Neither Neil nor Tim looked tired after the concert when they strolled down the alley to sign autographs, talk with fans, pose for photos, and share tour memories. Neil even came out twice, but there wasn't a huge crush of folks. It was all rather orderly. Made up for the quick escape on Thursday, but they were so sweet taking the time to talk with all of us.

You've all be reading this for far too long! It's taken me all day to compose these thoughts, and having had the luxury of viewing other's posts on the same topic while writing slowly, I'm happy finally to post. Now, I'll go off to roast some peppers and make some Indian food for dinner. So nice to have a meal at a regular time in my own kitchen and by my own hand. Later I'll put on a Nick Cave DVD and continue to prepare for Pharmgirl to arrive home. See ya 'round, all!
Nick has summed up everything beautifully -- there is not a thing I could add that could give you a better perspective of what the night was like, so I won't even try. We would have liked to have seen Neil and Tim after the show, but Cort had expended too much energy, and needed to be taken home.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you guys who were so nice to him, and treated him with so much respect, and not like a little kid. I think he really felt like he was among people that he could relate to, the age difference notwithstanding. I think he will never forget his first live Finn experience. Just think, in a couple of years he will be a teenager and already a veteran concert-goer! Many of you will be able to look back with him and reminisce about his first concert. I think that's fabulous.

And Nick, your dinner sounds delicious, but lay off the Espresso afterwards, eh?
I thought the Friday show was great as well. I was pleased that they played 8 songs Friday that were not on the setlist for Thurs (There Goes God, How Will You Go, Dirty Creature, I See Red, Only Talking Sense, Life Between Us, Luckiest Man Alive, and Gentle Hum). So the variety was sufficient to keep me happy, and the carryovers were worthy (except Edible Flowers, as noted above, and I missed Disembodied Voices).

My only gripe was that it looked like a 2nd encore was an absolute given - they didn't even say "thanks" or "goodnight" at the end - and I was convinced they were going to come out and do I Got You or, at worst, 4 Seasons. No such luck, which was a bummer because both concerts were slightly shorter in set length than some of the other shows. I wouldn't have minded if they didn't make it look like they might come out.

I did note the crowd seemed considerably larger on Friday, which is good - but with that came from my perspective a more casual crowd, which is not as great. But overall yet another good show from the Brothers, glad I attended (& thx for How Will You Go, wanted to hear that one live for ages!).

- J.
Awww, shucks! It's a shame my friend and I didn't wait around longer outside after the show! We waited for a while, and eventually got a tour sampler, but our feet were hurting and it was a long drive back to DeKalb, so we left without seeing the guys come out. Just like we thought, they probably came out 2 minutes after we left, right?!

Anyway... I thought it was a great show Friday night and I just have to declare that I AM A FINN SHOW VIRGIN NO MORE! LOL (Yes, this was my first Finn show of any kind!) The security ruckus near the end of the show was because of a rowdy couple behind us that were screaming at the top of their lungs, mercilessly piercing our eardrums in the process. Some people behind me either glared at the rowdies or spoke to them, and I heard one of them reply "This is a concert!" as if that could justify rudely boisterous behavior. (I mean, I'm all for enthusiastic singing, even a little shouting, but these people were just RUDE!) They even dared to shout while Neil was trying to get us to Hum, and Neil had to shush them! Eventually, a woman beside me motioned for security and spoke to them about resolving the problem. I'm not sure what happened after that, but some guy went barreling through the crowd twice, shoving people this way and that (including me) as he went. I saw Neil notice it, but he didn't say anything, as they were in mid-song when it all went down.

Anyway, that was really the only downside of the show (though I have to agree about Edible Flowers sucking the life out of the show... but then I don't care for Gentle Hum either... ). I enjoyed meeting a few Frenz (Jenn, Grace and Heidi, and briefly seeing the Bean and Jay afterwards) but sorry I didn't get to meet the Finns!
Great show on Friday! The only real disappointment was the lack of a second encore.

A number of reviews have already been posted, so I'll simply try to add or expand on some of those items.

The three hours or so prior to the doors opening was spent meeting and hanging out in line with a number of Frenz. (I think I was fifth.) I'm a bit fearful to name names, knowing I'll miss someone along the way. Anyway, those of you I met all know who you are!

Although a long time, it went relatively quickly, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone there. This forum has a lot of really great people. It was also interesting to see how far a number of people had traveled for the show.

Angela McCluskey opened. My first thought as she walked out on stage flashed to Roseanna Roseanna Danna (for the uninitiated, a character played by Gilda Radner) of Saturday Night Live fame!

Her music was much more electric than I'd anticipated, and the crowd reaction seemed very favorable. She seemed to enjoy it, taking it all in, joking quite a bit with the audience, and giving some insight into the songs. Her thirty-minute performance led into a real sense of anticipation for the Finns.

One of the reasons given for opening acts is to rev up the audience for the headliner. However, I was again reminded in this case that by the time the opening set is over, the equipment broken down/set up, the sound check completed, etc, any momentum is generally lost. A comment was made that the real reason is to sell more concessions. Sadly, that answer may be the correct one!

The Finn Brothers show then began with Paul and Jeremy Stacey and Tim Smith taking their places and Tim Smith announcing "The Fabulous Finn Brothers!", who then walked out on stage to a very warm reception. The crowd erupted as "Anything Can Happen" began the show.

The audience was really into the performance -- very animated and very vocal. The Vic was essentially a sellout and was very full. Neil complimented the Chicago crowd on a few occasions.

However, as has been implied, with a full crowd can come problems. The standing area at the front of the venue was jam-packed with people. The problems seemed to start when people who'd arrived later felt it their prerogative to rudely push their way through the crowd (many of whom had gotten there early) to stake a good place when there was little or no room.

Some of these people were just rowdy and obnoxious or had too much to drink. Unfortunately, I'm sure these people ruined the evening for those they were annoying and trying to intimidate. Fortunately, these people aren't the true Finn fans, nor do they represent them.

For me, several of the Split Enz songs were highlights (and this is coming from someone much more familiar and appreciative of the Crowded House and Neil Finn solo material). My biggest surprise and personal favorite for the evening was actually a blistering "History Never Repeats". "I See Red", "Dirty Creature", and "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" also shone.

Early on in the set, there seemed to be some sound problems. Tim could be seen gesturing to the side of the stage and even ran off to one side at one point to make his point to the technicians.

One of the problems seemed to involve the keyboard Tim generally used. When Neil took his seat there for the following song, things seemed to have been worked out.

As an aside, I have to admit I vastly prefer the piano to the keyboard when a piano sound is required. The sound just isn't as warm with the keyboard, and I think the performance suffers to some extent.

Harmonies were excellent throughout the show. We were treated to "How Will You Go" to close it out. "Weather with You" and "It's Only Natural" were very good, as well as "Edible Flowers".

I'd been hoping for "Only Talking Sense", which to my delight, did end up making the cut. "There Goes God" also made it and was furiously played.

A number of cuts from the upcoming album (beyond "Anything Can Happen" and "Edible Flowers") were included: "Won't Give In", "Homesick", "A Life Between Us", "Nothing Wrong with You", "Luckiest Man Alive", and "Gentle Hum". "Gentle Hum" is obviously slower-paced, but was perfectly placed after the raucous "I See Red".

Anyway, what a great evening of music. Unfortunate it had to eventually end . . .

For the exact setlist, you can go to Kendra's post at:;f=10;t=000485
Hehehe... Yeah Nick, I don't know why I typed Dirty Creature there. Lack of sleep or caffiene I guess.

It was rather amusing.

I too forgot your & Pharmgirl's anniversary, so happy belated! And to Peter & Mark as well.

What a treat for us all, 2 lovely back to back shows. Complete with promises to return again after the album is out.
Okay, I was forced into Finn exile yesterday when my husband decided that I needed a break from my Finn Holiday Observance. Big Grin

So I'm back (he's out at the gym) and I just want to say I had a blast and meeting so many people from the forum was even more awesome than I thought it would be. Heidi, Jason, the Bean, Sue, Jenn, Romer, Gina, Eric, Nick, both Kendras (and Cort, who was awesome), Rain, Eilujenna, Jeff, Mary Ann, Sandy, Cynthia, Andrew, Eve, Tracy, Jamie, the list goes on, I know I'm forgetting some, I'm sorry... it was so cool meeting all of you!

Well, all the the reviews so far have been excellent. I want to add just a few comments and I also want to say that I will post a link to my photos asap.

�I think that the experience was different depending on where you were Friday night. I was front row center for this show and I was oblivious to most of the antics going on with one exception (Romer you touched on this). Kendra Ro and her gorgeous son Cort were right behind me. Right behind her was the other Kendra and some lovely people who's names are now escaping me (it's age people, not lack of affection Wink ). When Kendra and Cort took a quick bathroom break after Angela's set, this tall, nasty super-hipster couple decided that they were better than all of us who stood in line for hours and barged their way in front to Kendra and Cort's spot. When we started arguing with them, they seemed to think it was perfectly okay what they were doing and refused to budge. Eventually we shamed the guy into moving back but the girl was apparently shameless. Kendra and Cort were able to get in front of her, but she completely blocked the view of the others. It was so rude and so out of character for Finn fans. It was bad enough to do it to us, but to not be ashamed of doing it to a little kid just really showed that woman's true colors. What a bee-yatch. Mad

�My husband, who was about half-way up in the balcony on the south side, said that there was a huge group of Split Enz fans in front of him that was really obnoxious. He said it seemed like they were only interested in hearing Split Enz tunes and during every non-SE tune they yelled out rude comments, screamed during quiet moments, talked, made up new lyrics, and even mooed and bleated loudly during Gentle Hum (which may be why the humming sounded so bad Nick). He said it was so obnoxious he really couldn't enjoy the show. The fact that it came from supposed fans made it that much more bizarre that they would ruin everyone else's night. I mean, they played a few songs that weren't my favorites either, but it's extremely disrespectful of not only other fans but to Tim and Neil to behave so poorly. I was glad that I didn't hear too much of that because I would have been livid, to be honest. I can't help but wonder if that's why we missed out on their second encore, because it really seemed like they were going to do one. At the very least, Neil looked like he was going to perform a second song at the keyboard towards the end of the show (I think it was after Gentle Hum) and then changed his mind. Maybe he didn't want to hear any more comments during a slow song.

�I second Nick's comments about people telling Jason and Heidi what they should and shouldn't be doing with their baby. They were very careful to make sure the experience wouldn't harm Ian and Jason would've removed him from the situation if he became agitated. I was next to Heidi for the whole show and she was worrying about Jason and Ian the entire time, even though I tried to convince her to just relax and enjoy the show. She deserves it! The child is an angel and clearly is loved beyond description, so those comments were especially hurtful. Shame on all those self-appointed know-it-alls!

�Sorry, the above comments may have made it sound like I didn't enjoy the show, but I actually had a blast. I just wanted to make sure I mentioned those points. The music was even better Friday than Thursday. I wasn't disappointed at the song overlap too much (although I did giggle at hearing History Never Repeats...repeated Smiler ), I was actually hoping to hear POMPOY again and maybe avoid Luckiest Man Alive. I'm glad the fans of the song got to hear it but I'm just not one of them (even though the dedication of and inspiration for the song were very sweet). How Will You Go was awesome, and I See Red blew my mind! And they could sing It's Only Natural one hundred times and I'd still swoon like a teenager at the "read me like a book..." line. Jenn cracked me up at that point because she grabbed my shoulder and yelled "Neil looked right at you when he sang that!" Wink I felt like a kid again, hanging out with my high-school girlfriends and dreaming about boys! Thanks for that Jenn. The funny part was that Neil did seem to look at me a couple of times when the lights weren't in his eyes, but I think he may have seen the glowing orange and white "F" on my shirt and wondered if I had been making my own tour shirts (it actually refers to the F train in New York City).

�Having had a few days to mull it over, I did see the way Neil was definitely more subdued on this tour. And while I missed the audience interaction a lot (that f-ing barrier and the security guards didn't help matters), I was happy to see Neil enjoying himself. I had interpreted "subdued" as "quiet and sad" but he seemed actually quite happy, especially Friday. Maybe having an wacky brother to entertain the crowd made it more relaxing for Neil to not have to be the front-man. In any case, I don't think either one of them will be giving up on this any time soon. They shined onstage.

I will add more comments with my photo link probably but now I'm going to bask in the afterglow of two great days. I'm glad I've had a weekend to recover. You Finn fans are awesome people, I'm so glad to have met so many this time! xoxo!
Originally posted by Kendra Ro:
[qb] Nick has summed up everything beautifully -- there is not a thing I could add that could give you a better perspective of what the night was like, so I won't even try.[/qb]
Oh, do try! Even with my hideous detail, I'm sure to have made mistakes and omissions. More Frenz are filling in those blanks, offering opinions, and generally sharing their enthusiasm over the tour. My post, though long, is not complete or correct!

In fact, let's start with Friday after midnight (Thursday post-show gathering at Clarke's) ... Jeff, if you're out there (or if anyone knows how to contact him), please accept my apology:
I was thinking of Michael Hedges. Totally different guitarist and style, and more importantly, Brook is still active:
Breakdown (unofficial Web page)

And Grace, it was great sharing a few meals with you, especially on early Saturday morning with Mary Anne at that sammich shop south of Wrigley (damn spicy greazy sammich!), but in conversation I misattributed political attributions to someone, though your memory was correct. You knew correctly who was on which side of which fence. Thankfully, I didn't express this in public, but I do feel embarassed in front of you. Frowner

Originally posted by grace0418:
[qb]I want to add just a few comments and I also want to say that I will post a link to my photos asap.[/qb]
Excellent! Many will enjoy seeing them, and to all others reading who have them, please post (or you can send them along privately).

Originally posted by Kendra Ro:
[qb]And Nick, your dinner sounds delicious, but lay off the Espresso afterwards, eh? [/qb]
Espresso-free for 70 hours, alcohol-free for 40. Detox weekend. Back to caffeine tomorrow as the work week begins, and I'll have the pleasure of making Pharmgirl her big morning latte. And Pharmgirl is bringing home some wine from Australia, too Big Grin

Originally posted by Romer:
[qb]Early on in the set, there seemed to be some sound problems. Tim could be seen gesturing to the side of the stage and even ran off to one side at one point to make his point to the technicians.

One of the problems seemed to involve the keyboard Tim generally used. When Neil took his seat there for the following song, things seemed to have been worked out.[/qb]
Good call, Romer -- I think that was at the end of "Won't Give In" and basically looked like the keyboard needed a ctrl-alt-del Roll Eyes Neil then sat down at the keyboard for "Homesick" and was a little distracted on his vocals, it seemed, but it all sounded fine.

And yeah, I agree about the sound of a "real piano", as we moved Pharmgirl's family heirloom piano into our house from Australia Eeker It was worth the effort, as long as she sings, which she does, so everyone please encourage her to get out that Finn sheet music and practice Red Face Her plane just landed in SFO, so the Pacific segment is over, and she'll be enjoying dinner at home tonight. Gotta go and do some shopping, laundry, and reading ... take care, folks, and enjoy the rest of the tour!
for what it's worth, here is my not-as-detailed review of Friday night..I absolutely loved it! Those guys are the best. The energy was great. They sounded and looked awesome. (There goes God..yay, one of my favs.) I adore watching Neil jam on his guitars , looking like he is having so much fun. So cute. And the older brother/younger brother dymanic was interesting after seeing Neil perform solo last year. Plus! I was able to meet Neil and shake his hand afterwards...ahh. Great to see Sue again! and meet Grace, and Heidi, and all the others in the alley that i forget the names...see you all next time i hope!
Yay! My first Tim show. And it was excellent. I was behind the blonde woman with the backpack for a little while, but it just proved to me how truly excellent Finn fans are. When two other dudes tried to push in front of us, the guy next to me pulled me on the other side of him, and I was free of the head. I didn't catch his name, but he and his wife were so sweet as was everyone else I met.
My first post here since April...

I knew what was wrong with Tim's keyboard and was going crazy because I could tell he was frustrated, it was taking the tech WAY to long to get it looked at, and I wanted to just jump up there and fix it for him! Angela McClusky's keyboard player, who used the same board earlier, had been using the oscillator wheel as a lesley on the Hammond B-3 patch and forgot to put the wheel back into the zero position, so Tim's piano notes were coming out all jiggly. That's all it was. The didge wheel.

Tech-geek observation: I thought it was really unusual for McClusky's guitarist to be using an overdrive pedal with an acoustic guitar. At that point, most people would have just switched to an electric as it takes more energy and effort to play an acoustic...

While other reviews have been more eloquent and I agree with most of what's been said here, I noticed that Neil's guitar chops are in top form. I saw him execute some pretty crazy stuff, flawlessly. On piano, he was more flawless than on other occasions. Tim's voice is in particularly good shape, and you fans of the high note will notice that they are all intact. He pounced around a little, and with the surfer hair I wondered if he was at any point channelling Sammy Hagar.

"Nothing Wrong With You" gets my vote for the song most improved by live performance (though I'm going to duck before Grace swats me with a flyswatter, lolol...). The keyboards added a richness and beauty not evident on the studio version.

Awards I'll give, prompted by line antics:

HnP Award: Since Tim was wearing far too many clothes as usual, the best HnP of the day awarded to Peter Green for the cuffs of his shorts which depicted stick-figure doggies humping the legs of stick-figure men.

Most Oblivious Comment Heard From a Concertgoer: "I saw a grey-haired lady with a backstage pass on. Is that their mom?" (DOH!)

Funniest Quote From Line: Peter Green referring to himself, Marie and Sharon as "Bananarama."

Coolest Rocking Kid Award: Cort is the coolest kid. I hope my older two are as enthusiastic, as good-humored and as fun to be around as he was.

Funniest Thing Overheard Between Neil and Marck Bailey:
Neil: Oh, is the Tongue in the Mail still going strong?
Marck: Yes.
Neil:...because I never go there...

Loudest Noise Heard: Nick Tolli's Biological Clock. Big Grin

Biggest Bummer (other than meanies telling us our business about the baby...): the drunken kiwi's who felt obligated to rush Neil and Tim afterward, dominate them and be really obnoxious and demanding. (Wondering, Grace, if these were the same people in the balcony...) Several of us saw that and just backed off to allow the guys quicker access to the bus, to get away from those arseholes.

Quickest Reflexes: We all owe SueBee a thanks for saving Neil's life, btw...he looked the opposite direction first before trying to cross the street. Habit, as traffic comes from that way in NZ...anyway there were cars coming and Sue yelled in time. Good, Sue!

Worst Disguise: Tim, taking Elliott for a walk in the stroller and acting like nobody recognizes him if he wears big sunglasses! LOLOL....

Funniest Nickname Given to a Vic Theater Security Guard: Grace calling the guy with the really long beard "ZZ Top, over there..."

Worst Body Double Award: ...goes to the Pepsi truck. Grace and I were like, look, Jenn! There's Tim! And we turned back, and suddenly there was the Pepsi truck...

Coolest Frenz Relatives Award: A Tie between Tracy's Mom (who wore her Frenz shirt and went to NZ with her...) and Nick's grandma who, upon hearing that Peter had a death in the family, made him some homemade biscotti because "aw...that man needs some cookies."
Originally posted by blueno1se:
And Grace, it was great sharing a few meals with you, especially on early Saturday morning with Mary Anne at that sammich shop south of Wrigley (damn spicy greazy sammich!), but in conversation I misattributed political attributions to someone, though your memory was correct. You knew correctly who was on which side of which fence. Thankfully, I didn't express this in public, but I do feel embarassed in front of you. Frowner
Nick, you are so sweet! First of all, I'm very ashamed of myself. I should've been thanking YOU for treating us to our lovely sammies! So thank you very much. Natalie, your husband is quite the gentleman (welcome home by the way).

And as far as the misattributed political attributions, you needn't worry. I'm actually not sure to whom you were referring. I seem to be a lightening rod for political discussion even when I don't initiate it (most likely because I'm quite outspoken about it) so you'll have to remind me (in a PM of course, don't want any trouble here!). I will in turn say "pshaw, nothing to be embarrassed about, silly!" and we'll have a good chuckle. Wink

Thanks also go to Heidi & Jason for buying me lunch (seriously, you two are the cutest couple ever), to Romer for offering to hold my spot should the security guards do a full cavity search on the women, to Sue for saving Neil's life (that would've been a tragedy of epic proportions!), and to Peter for getting me into the soundcheck on Thursday.

Oh, and Sarahbee, it was lovely meeting you too!

Originally posted by xc:
[qb] Were the Finns mad at us?? How come everyone is getting two encores? But not Chicago, either show. [/qb]
Thursday I think they were just keeping t
Originally posted by Grace:[qb]
Natalie, your husband is quite the gentleman (welcome home by the way).[/qb]
Thanks for the welcome Grace... and yes, he is quite the gentleman. Smiler It's good to be home, and it's great to read everyones' reviews of the shows. I'm really sorry to have missed them (and seeing everyone), but it was wonderful to speak to so many of you on the phone during your waits in line.

Originally posted by Heidi:[qb]
Loudest Noise Heard: Nick Tolli's Biological Clock. [/qb]
Umm... yeah, I know. Wink Mind you, had I been there, I think you'd be saying the same thing about me. The Bean just sounds adorable, how could anyone see him and not notice their biological clock?

Seriously though, the Chicago crowd rocks, and even though I was half a world away all these descriptions make me feel as though I was there.

6-8 months till they're back huh? Guess I need to put a moratorium on my work travel for that time now. Big Grin
This was my 5th Finn concert, but my first time meeting other fans and it was great! Wonderful to meet all of you and hope to hang with you all again in 6-8 months.

I don't think we'll have to worry about Beelzeblond again -- she seemed bored to tears. From History Never Repeats on she was twirling her hair like the too-cool-for-school girls in junior high and looking anywhere but the stage. Not that this made her to decide to stop obstructing the view of people who actually cared about the show. Oh well, I still enjoyed the show and next time I'll be more on guard for such behavior.

The kids at the show were a real high point -- Cort was amazing and the Bean was adorable. But after reading about the obnoxious folks at the show, I now understand why Jason looked a little guarded when I went up to admire him.

Plenty of great reviews of the show, so I'll just say that I enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to the new album. fault for waiting so long (being away from a reliable Internet connection since Thursday night) to post. You guys have just about covered everything!

To echo a theme, it was really great to meet several people in person. Grace, you were especially sweet in helping me quit hyperventilating after one of the Vic's security guards got the Unnecessary Roughness Award concerning my digital camera. (Lady, threaten not to let me into a Finn show after I've been a fan since age 14 and only seen Neil ONCE before...and I'll tell you who's seeing red!) Thanks millions to the guard on the guys' side of the fence who took pity on me and slipped me in a side door. And the very nice woman at the ticket office who babysat aforesaid camera for the evening didn't even take the naked pictures she was threatening to. I'm willing to forgive the Vic for that.

I'm kind of shy in person, so I apologize to the other folks here whom I didn't get to speak to much. Quite frankly, walking up to the Vic during the sound check and just listening to the music pounding through the doors while standing in line was enough to make me keel over on the sidewalk with bliss.

It really was a great evening. I don't have much to compare to Thursday night in terms of Neil being "subdued," but he seemed much more relaxed and happy than he was at my only other Finn experience, a show in NY last year. (NYers can be "subdued" to the point of comatose as audiences [it's not cool to acknowledge that you're impressed by a performance, I guess...?], and the lifelessness of the fans after about the fourth row at Town Hall would have discouraged anyone.) Chicago was far, far warmer, and you could read it loud and clear in the joy the band was having onstage.

Tim was hilarious! The dancing was a treat. And some of the patter really had me laughing...the story about Neil's asking a North Side cab driver about how the "Red Sox" had done that afternoon was sweet. I almost felt bad laughing when I realized I couldn't name one single NZ sports team if a gun were put to my head.

Elroy was a real cutie (in that way that my daughter is a cutie, not my husband). Maybe I can introduce the two of them. I mean, when she's legal, he'll only be...uh...35? I'm glad to see that he's at least considering following in his father's and uncle's and brother's footsteps. The world needs more Finn family musicians! (And yes about his haircut -- Grace and I were laughing about the distinct profile of Finn Family Hair as the brothers were first coming onstage before the lights came up.)

At first I was a bit bummed about the rarity of Crowded House tunes on the setlist, but it was also really fun to get to hear a lot of new stuff. Some of those songs were beautiful and complex enough that I wanted to yell, "Can you play that again about four more times?" I will definitely be CD shopping soon.

Thanks very much for all of the postings about Friday night. I deliberately chose Thursday because I figured it would be less crowded and populated by more loyal fans, and it sounds like I guessed right. O all you lucky Friday fans for getting to hear things like "Only Talking Sense"! And for getting autographs and pictures afterwards! I felt as if I were right there with you. And I will absolutely for sure be when they come back! Happy thought! Smiler

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