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Well it was great to see them on Later again - though I missed the first song. The musicianship was excellent. A couple of things did come to mind about their performance. Neil sounded like he was getting over a cold, he was pretty croaky. They seemed to also have changed the lyrics in "Pour le monde" from "pas pour la guerre" to "contre la guerre". Wonder if Neil's French was corrected/improved by someone? Not that mine is better than high school...
It's been changed from "not for the war" to "against the war". Whether it's a reference to the Parisian fashion wars, or the current war on style, i am not sure. They did look a little tour weary, but then war is hell.

Funny to see Richard Thompson groovin' to Distant Sun. The old folk-rocker was really getting in to it. Big Grin
Couldn't agree more, tonguetied. Neil's voice wasn't top notch, if I compare it with, say, the Brussels concert. Don't stop now wasn't a good choice as a starter, especially when you can do just 3 songs.

The nice thing about Jools Holland is the range of musicians that perform. Well, then you start comparing appearances. Roisin Murphy sounded much clearer than Neil. But I guess it's just fatigue... we know he can do better!
Originally posted by lazarus:
Neil sounded OK to me too, and when I saw CH in Barcelona I thought he was singing really well. I think we have to take our chances with stuff like this. It's a long, intense tour and the human voice is not a machine. Having said that, fingers firmly crossed for Manchester and RAH!
woooooo MEN iam sooooooooooo excited i have to say his voice wasnt his best but like its been said could have cold Just hope he is ok himself i love him anyways Smiler BUT HAVE TO SAY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED HIS HAIR phew looked damn sexy Smiler
OK, watched the performances a couple of times now. Am i right in thinking that this was the first live performance on UK TV since CH reformed?

Couple of things I noticed that others might want to comment on
- DSN : noticed they dropped the backing vocals under the spoken "Restless, Hopeful...etc". Deliberate?
- Pour Le Monde - shortened intro, guitar solo and no piano finish. Time constraints on the show or a potential Single version?

Thank God for Sky+ - other than the interview with Michael Stipe, all other artists got "zapped" after max. of a minute. Just goes to highlight what a brilliant band they are.....or how biased I am?
We got a few songs from Live Earth over here, so not quite their first UK TV appearance since reforming, though I guess the first in the UK...

I didn't think that the band were on top form , to be honest, what with the truncated Pour le Monde and the first track not being one of their best (albeit the version, vocal aside, was better than the album version). Not a patch on the epic performances from c. 1994, log drummers and all.

The show was a pretty poor one, overall, I thought, a few acts being almost totally unlistenable. Still, nice to see CH get any TV time these days.
appearances on Jools's show are always a let down for me, simply because they play so few songs, and so spread out over the hour, with often totally different artists in between

the song choices seemed a bit random to me, and neil's voice was, by his usual standards, awful, to be honest - not a great advert for the band ahead of their tour, which is a bit disappointing
The boys left the Paris gig around 12.30am and were heading to the UK on the 4am ferry for the recording of Later. If it was all same day, that may explain why Neil's voice was a tad off. It certainly wasn't sounding that croaky at Paris...

Also, Neil missed a line or two from Pour Le Monde, still unsure if it was meant to be shorter or not, perhaps Neil was just taken aback from the size of the keyboard he was playing and lost concentration... Big Grin
Hi all,

Like one or two others, I am surprised at the negative reception the Later performance (and show as a whole) is gettig here.

I thought Crowded House were great and really enjoyed Don't Stop Now in particular. I really wasn't sure this was anything special to begin with, but it's fast becoming a classic to my ears now.

(I couldn't sleep last night and found the phrase 'God knows where the satellite's taking us' going round in my head... annoying at 4.00am, but it's a great line.)

I also enjoyed Distant Sun very much and Pour Le Monde was ok. Sure Neil's voice was a little croaky, but still pretty wonderful I thought, and the performance was never going to match the log drummers classic of a few years ago.

I thought Richard Thompson was fantastic too, with a great drummer and Danny Thompson on bass. Also, though maybe not to everyone's taste, I though Battles were pretty good fun too.

To my mind Later's always worth the price of admission, as you're sure to find something great - or at least interesting - on each show.

All the best,

I won't add much more to the voice issue. Neils voice has been better, but it didn't spoil the show for me, they still sounded reasonably good to me. Regarding the fact that they had just finished the European leg of their very spiritful tour, that's a great achievement.
I like the eclectic mix of the Later show, but there were a couple of acts that made me zapp to other channels.
Originally posted by sculduggery:

I thought Crowded House were great and really enjoyed Don't Stop Now in particular. I really wasn't sure this was anything special to begin with, but it's fast becoming a classic to my ears now.

(I couldn't sleep last night and found the phrase 'God knows where the satellite's taking us' going round in my head... annoying at 4.00am, but it's a great line.)
I know what you mean lol we were in that part of the country * we are from the nrh east) and were down in Dorset( on our anual visit to MONKEY WORLD Smiler) and we have to use the gps a lot and we were all singing dont stop now Smiler thinking of the story of poor Sharon getting lost in that part of the world ( bath isnt far Smiler) and at one point the gps kept losing signal etc and keps singing "God knows where the satellite's taking us" Big Grin
Originally posted by stuartjb:
geez - i can't believe how super critcal everyone's being about neils mum and dad and my wife all watched it again today and we thought the band (and neil) sounded great - and we're all going to the gig in glasgow.long tour - live performance.if you want perfection,shove the cd on Roll Eyes

It's not about wanting the perfection of a recording. After a lot of years listening to Neil's voice you get to know when it's suffering for one reason or another and we are all naturally concerned when he has any problems Smiler. I haven't heard of any problems since Jools so it's all good news for the UK. tour
Can't believe the negative vibes on this!

People need to chill out a bit! I thought it was great, Neil had a cold for sure, but it was a good energetic perfomance. DSN & Distant Sun rocked!

But the best thing was, it was aired on the BBC HD channel in full 5.1 surround. I re-played it today when I had the house to myself, and cranked up the volume and bass - there was nothing wrong with the performance I heard. I now have it stored in my hard drive for all eternity!
Originally posted by TorpedoBaby:
Can't believe the negative vibes on this!

People need to chill out a bit! I thought it was great, Neil had a cold for sure, but it was a good energetic perfomance. DSN & Distant Sun rocked!

Well, that's your opinion. Other opinions may be different without needing to 'chill out'.

I think the criticism has been mild, mostly focusing on Neil's suffering voice (not his fault clearly!) and usually expressed along with a mention of liking the band. No one's here to slag the band, I don't think. But if it isn't perfect to our ears, surely that's worth saying too? (That's how we get debate after all - it is a forum!) If I think a given performance is great, I'll say so. This just wasn't that hot by their high standards - but still easily the best thing on the show.

I guess some of us were a little disappointed given how little airtime the band get that their one real shot at reaching a bigger potential audience wasn't as good as it could have been.
I agree with you essentially Cobardon.

What I will add though, is that a very good friend of mine at work, who has never really got CH before was totally blown away by seeing them live on Jules, and thought they were fantastic. So maybe if they were a little rough around the ages, the spark was still there, and they still have the power to win new fans!
I personally thought they did a great job.
It sounded like a strong and very typical 2007 Crowded House performance (including Nick's loveable mistakes).
I'm afraid to say it but Neil's voice just isn’t as smooth or as strong as it was 15 years ago. The years of performing and touring have taken a toll on his singing voice and it really becomes evident a few shows into each leg of the tour.
I agree it is not his fault nor should we despair. He can still sing and carry a tune like no one else.
In my opinion he became accustomed to performing his solo material which was far less demanding (still equally brilliant) than the heavier sounding live performances that Crowded House has been putting out.
I think it’s just a matter of taking better care of himself (and Mark Hart for that matter; his voice isn’t the same either). He just may need to get more rest, pay more attention to what he eats and try less smoking/drinking while on tour (if any of this is done at all).
We’re all getting older and although Neil can still write the most beautiful songs in the world and sing his heart out in a studio he just can’t reach those famous climatic notes in concert like he did in the past.
I saw Phil Collins in concert with Genesis this summer one week after seeing Crowded House. Phil has always been an amazing singer with an incredible range and he too has seen his vocal capacity diminished over the years. Not to mention other famous artists like Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Freddie Mercury and even Tim Finn who after some time just couldn’t reach those high notes like they once used to.
I think we all suffer when we listen or see Neil struggle with a verse or a chorus.
I hope he becomes more comfortable with his “mature” vocal range and decides to write his next batch of songs (Crowded House 2008) in more painless keys.
I'm afraid I disagree with you, Brando.

I saw them live in Brussels, which was only two or three days before the Jools show was recorded and Neil's voice sounded perfectly fine then. And that was near the end of the European leg of the tour. I suspect Neil simply had a cold on Jools. Kudos to Neil for singing even when he's got the flu.

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