I can't believe that CH were asked to MIME at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. CH are a group who excel at performing live and I think it was an insult to ask them to mime. If you want to have a live performance it should all be live - you couldn't imagine Ian Thorpe being asked to mime winning a gold medal!!! I glad that CH have turned this down - I wonder which sad performers have accepted.
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I heard the reason CH turned down that spot was because not only did they have to mime the song, they were asked to pretend they were locked in a glass box, they had to pretend to walk against a strong wind a pretend that they were being invaded by ants at Finn Family picnic! The nerve hee hee
I'm glad to hear they turned down that request. It would have been good if they had done the same on Solid Gold, way back in '86. It made me sad watching them stand there as a 3-piece with all the board stuff going, and nothing plugged in. I couldn't listen to DDIO for a year after that.

I can't believe anyone would have the audacity to ask them to perform, never mind to mime it,given that Neil seems dead set against any reformation of the band, for whatever reasons. When you hear him talk, he almost seems bitter about the idea. Having said that, no one would wish it to come true more than I. (except the miming bit) I had heard a rumour of Neil playing the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (way to go Oz, by the way), and that Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel would perform Don't Give Up at the same time, but I guess that was someone's idea of a joke! I'm still looking for the unedited version of the FTTW concert.

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In a major and high circulating newspaper article in Sydney, here is an extract:

For Sydneysiders, the concept of Neil Finn doing a massive free show here has a truly sacred ring. Last time he did this, on the Opera House steps in 1996 for Crowded House's farewell concert, somewhere near 250,000 people came out to be a part of it.

There was a bit of pressure put on Finn by organisers early on to consider getting the old band back together for tonight's gig. But that idea did not sit comfortably with the singer.

"It's a really difficult thing with Crowded House because if we did nothing else with our careers, we broke up really well," he smiles.

"It would be a shame to somehow weaken that by doing another big show in Sydney. I think there's something really special about that memory and I'd like to keep intact.

"I'd be wary of bringing it back for anything other than a spontaneously good time."

The Daily Telegraph, Saturday, September 23, 2000
Page 101
On page 93 there is full page photo spread preview of that article, in relation to The Domain, Sydney gig.
Bloody Hell!

I have just sat through 4 + hours of the closing ceremonies to see Crowded House. It was mentioned that they were to be performing on some news program earlier in the week - so like a twit I sat and waited and waited and waited....... I thought to myself yesterday that I should come on line to check, oh well. I am glad they didn't perform after reading your posts but MAN those are 4 hours of my life I am not getting back! I think I'll console myself and listen to some TOLM.
Why was CH asked to mime, but other bands sang live? I think I heard somewhere that they just didn't get enough money to perform. Either that or they really didn't want to reform the band. I think if they'd did, it would take away from Neil Finn's solo career. That would be a bad thing considering his new album will be out next year. It sounds like it will be a lot more commercial than TWT was, so I guess Neil Finn's trying for more mainstream success once again. A CH reunion would completely ruin that.
I only sat thru 3.5 hrs of Olympic closing ceremony torture, on the off-chance that CH was performing after all (but also because I'm a big Midnight Oil too)... then saw my TV Guide said the broadcast was about 5 HOURS LONG... said the hell with it... put it on tape. Love that fast-forward button!

Fall in love with a redhead at least once.
Everyone here in Australia is really patriotic and loved everything about Sydney Olympics. I took a distance back from it and thought it was overrated.
My parents thought Neil Finn would have been perfect.
Savage Garden mimed (lol). My gut feeling, when watching it, was the music was not identifiable & listenable to overseas watchers, more so the athletes - really it's a hard job figuring out who to choose. I thought they would only pick Aussie artists ... and Neil's a Kiwi - either way he would have been perfect for the ceremony, what with his more universal songs. But it would have been a contradiction since Neil doesn't fit the criteria to go in the main music awards here, the ARIA's. Overall the music line up felt b-grade.

For the record Neil Finn was expected at the Sydney Paralympics opening or closing ceremonies, but for some reason (someone out there in Finn land might know why...) it didn't eventuate.

Kolin Hibbert, can you provide more info about that 1986 Solid Gold CHouse performance.
I'm not sure if Neil actually made an appearance for the Oly's but in light of Mary's pssing away, any lack of sets, gigs, appearances might be attributed to that, if she was in a slide.
Mary of the south seas, I drink to your journey.

P.S. Thea Kare, redheads are fun, but they always break your heart.

Thea Kare,
Neil doesn't fit into the ARIA's because to qualify for it you need to have lived in Australia for the last 12 months or something like that.
Obviously Neil lives in NZ.
Incidentally Neil's accent IMO is closer to the Aussie slang than the NZ twang and he would fit into the ARIA's, if the way he speaks is anything and at all to go by.

kolin hibbert,
Did you mention Neil was considering appearing with Midnight Oil ("Oly's") in the Closing Ceremony. I know he has connections with them through Jim Mognie in some sort of way but I would never have expected that to happen, especially in that sort of context - Neil and the Oils' music just don't mix.

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I think INXS, Midnight Oil & Men at Work more than made up for the absence of Crowded House at the Closing Ceremony. Plus us in Sydney were already full from a free 16 song Neil Finn concert a week previously which included 6 Crowded House songs. For all those people who didn't make it over here, you should have been here it was great! The Paralympics Opening Ceremony was also stunning.
What's wrong with miming? Isn't that what they do on videos anyway?
I wish that I could have been there to see Neil and his new band doing those two Aussie concerts. I have read and heard so much positive feedback and I am really looking forward to hearing his new solo album.

As a side note, INXS were going to have done a warm up tour in N.Z., but it was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. This was at the same time that Tim Finn was starting off his tour with Bic Runga and Dave Dobbyn. I am happy to say that all of their shows sold out and they had to add several more dates, making the tour almost twice as long as originally planned.

Are INXS still using kiwi rocker Jon Stevens as their vocalist. I think they should pack it in and retain a bit of dignity. INXS without Michael Hutchence would be like Crowded House and Split Enz without Tim and Neil.

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