I used to own a live CH video, from the TA era, before it got lost in one of my many moves. It was an outdoor gig, I'm thinking somewhere in NZ.
It's been a while, but I remember the log drummers coming on for "Private Universe" and something Neil(?) said near the beginning. It was along the lines of "Look at these big security guards! Do you want them, girls? Cos I'll have'em if you don't want them!"
I think it was Neil, though it sounds more like something Paul Hester would say. Because of that remark, I actually thought Neil was gay, right up until I saw him introduce Liam in a SE docco (LOL!)
I figured someone round here must have the video/DVD. Maybe someone here was at the concert. I'm wanting to know the name of the video, where it was shot and was was it Neil or Hessie  who made the security guard remark?

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I was at this show and remember it vividly - slowpogo is absolutely correct - it was the Fleadh Festival at Finsbury Park in London, June 1994. I'm pretty sure the Maori choir and log drummers were London-based and only joined Crowded House at a portion of the U.K. leg of the Together Alone tour that summer.

Peter Jones was on drums so although it was Hester-esue, it was actually Neil's comment during some banter that had arisen on several occasion that night due to the large line of security personnel stationed in the pit between the band and front rows of the audience.

There was actually some choice banter throughout the night actually, relating to the security, the heckler who told them "get on with it", Ireland's fortunes in the soccer World Cup which was going on at the time, CH's eligibility to headline an Irish festival - all funny stuff.

Also notable for a nice acapella performance of "The Parting Glass" and the slowed down acoustic version of "Locked Out" as it was originally written.

Hard to fathom that it was almost 20 years ago!!

It's all out there - the show was broadcast live on radio, highlights were shown on an ITV TV show presented by Gary Crowley not long after the event, and of course there's a fan club disc.

Funny to think that a not dissimilar scenario with security played out when the reformed Crowded House played the Glastonbury festival.

Thanks everyone! I had a quick look and it doesn't seem to have been released on DVD. Shame, it was a good concert. 

I think it's interesting, 2 songs that are kick-a$$ rockers, "I See Red" and "Locked Out" both started out as slowies. I remember my dad watching the video with me. He did not like "Locked Out", especially the jam in the middle of the song and kept saying "Hey! How about some music!"

I picked that video up dirt cheap at some church fair. Little did anybody know that video tapes would soon become extinct.

As for security, I remember a gig in Cairns where I couldn't even give a standing ovation, without this great hulk of a man telling me to "Siddown!" There wasn't much he could do when near the end of the gig, just about everybody rushed the front of the stage.

I still think it's pretty funny, me thinking Neil was gay all that time. I also remember watching a music video (SSS?) where 2 of the guys share a friendly hug right at the end. My youngest brother comes out with, "They're homosexuals!" Poor kid, barely 8 years old and already indoctrinated!

It was (the Fleadh) available thru FOTE about 5 years ago.  Which was the nearest it got to an official DVD release.  The video had a proper release in some territories I think or was at least was available as a promo.  There was also a cut of There Goes God which was transmitted on some UK TV show but wasn't part of the DVD or video.

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