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Rightly or wrongly I always remember Fingers of Love as an abortive single rather like Twice if your Lucky.  There was no proper video for it and although it did chart it was very much one of those singles that following it's limited success was never heard of again in terms of radio play.

I don't know about you but when I remember the promotion of TA, it is for the frenetic Locked Out video, the pseudo-religous Nails video and the surreal Private Universe video.  I also recall many live performances of Private Universe both accoustic and electric but nothing of prominence for Fingers of Love.  You can disagree, it's just my view that's all.

I think I would (politely, of course) disagree with you there


I would think CH would be delighted today if any of of their singles charted at 25, as did FOL


I remember an epic version of Finger Of Love on Jools Holland, at around the time of the Fleadh Festival was Broadcast on Radio 1(which also featured another great version).


In fact, if memory serves me correctly, wasn't the CH episode of Jools broadcast on the same Saturday evening as Fleadh?  What coverage!!  Them were the days

I heard DDIO on local radio and was surprised. But yesterday this took the cake;  On local sports show I never listen to, they end their show with a "song to take us out". Which is a joke, because they ramble on so much there's only about three measures of music.


And you know I was on pins a needles when I heard "taking us out today is CROWDED HOUSE, ...    with WWYL"      What an unexpected delight.

Listening to podcast "Stuck in the 80s" yesterday, and they got to the mystery song part of the show where they play a second or two of a tune and listeners write in and list the artist and song.  Heard about 6 beats of World Where You Live.  yay.


They also have an "Oz in the 80s" segment and I'm waiting for them to cover our favorite artist(s). It's a pretty good podcast- Look it up and you'll find hundreds of old episodes covering various topics, something you're sure to enjoy. Great nostalgia factor.

The neighbours are doing some renovations and so the builders had the radio on... We live quite close and so I would occassionally tune in and I heard Better Be Home Soon playing at one point! If that wasn't good enough, one of them decided to turn the radio up for it not exactly a rare song or an unusual place but quite a nice thought

Paul H, I have friends and family who watch that show on Foxtel here in Oz and they're often telling me about this song or that song that is featured. Wouldn't put it past the producers of Coronation Street to sneak a Crowded House song in there somewhere at some stage. But you're right about the program itself!  Even for Crowdie, its NOT worth suffering through an entire episode just waiting for that song.

On a recent trip to the US, heard 'World Where You Live' in a Starbucks on Wall St in NYC, and 'Something So Strong' coming out of a casino on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Not to mention hearing 'Chocolate Cake' during Neil's solo show in Washington DC... 


Shocked me at the time, but reading through a bit of this thread, I know realise there are fans outside of Australia and NZ, haha. 

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