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I'm betting that somewhere, there is a CD or DMX channel just for grocery stores or something. My mother heard Weather in the store yesterday and was floored that she was actually hearing and recognizing Finn music. (Does this mean I'm getting through to her? Smiler )And about a month ago, we heard the STUDIO VERSION of Leaky Boat in the same store, which was really, REALLY odd.

I'm noticing more and more that the music I like (acoustic rock), AND 80's music, are being played everywhere. I have a valid explanation, having worked in the lurid world of advertising. It's a SAD explanation, but one that works.

The golden demographic most businesses want to appeal to is age 35-49, because these are people in their peak earning years. These are the folks whose dollars are powering the economy, whose purchasing decisions make or break brands. I was born in an even decade year, 1970. As I get closer to hitting that target demographic, (which will be in 2005,) I will be hearing familiar things which I like, in more and more places. You'll start seeing 80's stations pop up on the radio. You'll start seeing loudly-colored pedal pushers - I mean capri pants. You'll start seeing more 80's reunion tours, re-releases, and 80's music being used in TV commercials.

Think about it...the return of bellbottoms around 1995 was no accident, nor was the use of Led Zeppelin and Steppenwolf in commercials, nor were the advent of "Jammin Oldies" stations. It was an attempt to cater to the people who were just then entering the target demographic. Grunge will return, around 2015.

So listen up in your elevators, your shopping malls, your convenience stores...Neil and Company will be singing their hearts out once again, maybe to get re-discovered by older folks and discovered for the first time by younger ones. At least their royalty checks will pick up again after all these years. Smiler

Peaceout, -h
Occasionally I hear WWY in the grocery store and that makes the experience that much better (I like grocery shopping anyway). Also, my fiance heard FAYF--musak style--in the elevator of the law firm where he works. He also heard SSS. I've always wanted to open a coffee shop where I could play Finn, and Beatles, and stuff like that. Probably because the last coffee shop owners I worked for had horrible taste in music (a constant flow of Styx, blues, and musak Red Face ). And I'd invite all the Frenz to the grand opening. (I daydream about this a lot). Big Grin
Here in Az, I often hear Tim's songs and sometimes CH in the mall. And I hear Tim occasionally in Safeway (grocery store). Out here, the music you hear in big stores like that tend to be from a satellite or a company like Muzak.

I am always excited to hear them and it instantly improves my outlook on the day, but it always strikes me as a little strange that for whatever reason, they are included in a soundscape for the target market in retail outlets in this area, yet they are never on the radio. Do people like to shop to the sound of the Finns?
The strangest thing happened in the middle of the desert in Arizona.....I was 19 years old in 1990, and driving the car my dad bought me back to California from New Mexico. I stopped at a gas station in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE to get gas, and on the radio came Tim's "Not Even Close". The first and ONLY time I've heard Tim on the radio. It seemed a very stange atmosphere for a Finn encounter....
I heard a really nasty muzak version of Distant Sun in a local grocery store about 1 year ago. I didn't know whether to be happy that I was hearing something somewhat related to Neil or grossed out because it was so mired in sticky muzak sweetness.

I hear DDIO all the time in stores. It's always a nice pick-me-up, but then I always think "He's written tons of other fantastic songs, you know!"
About a year ago, i was at a store managers meeting in Lafayette, LA and I was in the bathroom in the hotel and they had an instrumental version of She Will Have Her Way, now i know that is Neil solo, but it was so weird! At the store i work at we have CH on some of the tapes we play in the store. Weather With You(the one with the chorus in the wrong place!) and Pineapple Head. Its nice to be in the middle of dealing with customers and hear CH in the background! I'll take it when i can get it!

I've heard more Neil and Tim in Vons (grocery) than about anywhere. I've always thought it was a Sony music loop - some sort of lock stock and barrel purchase of music (that included luckily for Sony, Neil and Tim).

Regrettably, I think the selection's been updated and fear that neither Neil nor Tim are corporate second cousins to the music purveyors anymore.

I'm a little tempted to go in with "not even close" playing on a boom box to see who swoons!
Leboman thought of your post today...was walking down the stairs from a piercing shop (got an eyebrow ring cleaned nothing too exciting) at the bottom of the stairs is an entrance to an Adult book shop, as I walked past- they were playing Woodface....I found that very funny and have no idea why.
Maybe ITS ONLY NATURAL fits in with the inflatable goods and fun toys!!! (:
So thats an interesting place to hear CH.
(No I didn't go in).
Stop it!
It's been a while since anyone posted here but I just came back from the NA hardware big box store, Lowes, and am still laughing! I told my hubby and son they can get me to shop for tools anytime 'cause while we were there I heard Liam first-"Second Chance" and then 2 songs later his DOD and crew with "Pour Le Monde"!!!!
Well, it wasn't actually them, but on the way to see CH, I got on the plane a few weeks ago and heard the cover version of DDIO (over the loudspeaker on Delta) by I believe Sixpence None the Richer. I was so excited! And then two days after I got home I was filling out new hire paper work at my new job and the original came on the speaker at the travel agency!!! Not too odd to hear that one, but it's more than I have heard from CH out and about in normal life in a long time!
Seems like I rarely hear CH in public, but I've heard them three times in the last couple of months: She Called Up in a Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Knoxville, Something So Strong in a Publix grocery in Kissimmee, and, most delightfully, Fall At Your Feet in a little IGA grocery store in Townsend, TN in the Smokies.
Have been traveling along the west coast of the US for the last few weeks and have heard Finn songs at some surprising times - at a Starbucks, in the supermarket. In Vancouver earlier this week I heard She Called Up and I heard One Step Ahead in a bar in Seattle. But the most mysterious one happened in southern Oregon where I turned off my ipod in a small town and Only Talking Sense came out of the speakers from a local radio station. We are not alone Big Grin
I was in San Diego this week and went into a GAP Body and heard "When You Come". I just finished telling my friend about CH and then we walked into the store- talk about perfect timing!
Then couple days later we were in Ensenada, Mexico at a resturant (Mahi Mahi) and heard DDIO, then she knew who CH was.

I think I'm successfully converting her- slowly. Big Grin
Last week or so, here in Cincinnati, Ohio, good ol' USA, I walked into a Staples (office supplies) just as Pour Le Monde was beginning. I sang along a bit and figured I was the only one in the store that knew the song. Seriously. My wife might have recognized it from my constant CH NF F LF playing, but one can never be sure...when I get immersed like I've been lately she starts to ignore my music!
Went to the bank today and they were playing 'Nobody Wants To' while I was waiting.They followed this up with 'She Called Up' so that song is getting around.I love random Crowdie moments although it's hard not to sing along and jiggle around in a style reminiscent of a scene from 'The Full Monty'. Big Grin

NB No,not that one,the one where they're in the Post Office. Wink

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