Was there ever an official vid made of the last Crowdies concert (ie. the Opera House one)????

Or, was it played on TV, and does anyone happen to have a taped copy?????

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Isn't this commercially available...?

I thought you even got a T-shirt with it. Unless something has changed in the last few months.

It was played on TV, just over a week after it first happened, about 8pm, a monday night... umm... can't remember which channel. But the boys all featured on Witness just before the full broadcast. Almost full broadcast make that...

Yeah there's a video avalible. Although it's very hard to find here in England, no idea about Australia. I've seen about one in the last year in the shops. Seem to remember only the first few (ie: couple of thousand) copies had the free t-shirt, but I could be wrong... I *think* that the Video edit is different to the TV broadcast one as well. Only about one song difference or something.

It was also broadcast in yet another edited form on BBC Radio 2 ages ago. Interwoven with an interview with Neil. Presented by Johnny Walker.

I have all three incarnations kicking about here somewhere.
the video is widely available throughout australia, or at least that's what i thought! perhaps try an online retailer (red eye, hmv, whammo, chaos). i've seen it selling for AU$12.95, which is quite cheap. if only it was the show...


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